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RunDisney Expo & Disney’s Princess Enchanted 10K

Hello!! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did that time change mess you up like it did for me? Are you feeling the Monday blues x1000 like I am? I have been super tired, and I’m blaming the time change for it. I legit have not been able to get out of bed at my normal time these past two days. I am dragggggingggg. I even ordered our coffees wrong this morning and only ordered Michael’s, I only realized it once I got up to the DD window and they handed me a medium and not my large coffee. It’s true, I need more sleep. But, it’s still my “weekend” so I am not complaining. 😉 However, what I WILL complain about is the huge snow storm coming our way tonight into all day tomorrow. WHY?!  Seriously, isn’t it March? Isn’t spring supposed to be coming around soon?

Today I am looking back at my experience at the RunDisney Health & Wellness Expo and Disney’s Princess Enchanted 10K!! 😉 Warning: There is a lot of pictures comin’ your way!

On our first day in Disney, after breakfast at the Grand Cafe, we headed over to ESPN Wide World of Sports! I’ve only ever been here one when I was younger and I don’t really remember it that well at all, so it was pretty much a whole new world for me!

Picking up my bib felt so surreal…I couldn’t believe the time has come for my first ever 10K race!

I bumped into my sweet Disbride sister, Rachel, who I love dearly!! Without her I don’t think I could have gotten through that weekend running by myself!

There were lots of vendors at the Expo, thank God I spotted Sparkly Soul for that super cute tiara headband that I wore pretty much every day and during the race. I am obsessed with it and I definitely see more headbands from them in my future. I mean, I so wish I could wear my sparkly tiara headband around Massachusetts, but I don’t think people would call me a princess and bow down to me like they had in Disney World. What do you think?! (Bonus pictures of me in Disney World with my tiara headband from Sparkly Soul):

We also stopped at Real Time’s booth for some lotion to help repair and heal your sore muscles. Michael was all about it but I didn’t think it was all that….until the race was over and I was kidding myself. That lotion IS LIFE!!!!!! You need that in your life if you have sore muscles frequently!!

I also got lots of goodies from RunDisney merchandise. Notice how I changed my shirt in these pictures below? Well, after leaving and heading to the pool after our morning visit, we had to go back to the Expo later in the day because the sweatshirt jacket I got (that was beautiful and just for the 10K), had a stain on it. It seemed like some of the coloring from the letters ran onto the black material of the sleeve and seeing how it costs $90, I wasn’t going to let it slide and rock this sweatshirt with a blue mark on my arm. No thank you. I was really hoping and praying they had at least one xs left over, but they didn’t have any sizes left, sooooo I left without a beautiful 10K sweatshirt. Boo! I did however buy new Alex and Ani bracelets specifically for the races instead! I don’t know about you, but I’ll take bracelets over a sweatshirt any day 😉


I was ready to run!!


Race day

The morning of the race came super fast when my alarm went off at 3am. Luckily, I was full of adrenaline and wasn’t fighting it at all. I was ready for it!!28167174_10155478745572831_4681347637174124447_n

Michael drove me into Epcot since we rented a car. He is the sweetest and actually woke up super early (3am early) and stayed the whole time to help cheer me on! Thanks, babe!img_4818

When we were heading into the parking lot where all the tents were and stuff we spotted Rachel! I gave a kiss goodbye to Michael as we were off to find other Disbride sisters and venture out into the RunDisney Princess running world. Eventually we met up with our sisters for a quick chat and some pictures before heading into our corrals. I was in corral B. I had two sisters with me at the start line; Rachel and Aria! Which, I must add a big thank you, thank you to Rachel for staying behind a corral with me!! You are the best!! I don’t know how I would have ran my first 10K without you!!

We stood around in our corral and eventually made our way up to the Start line where Fairy Godmother was on stage cheering us all on. Being with Rachel & Aria made the time go by fast and kept my excitement levels high! Before we knew it, the fireworks went off and we were running!! img_4828-1

I ran for the first couple miles with Rachel (thanks for running with me, doll!) and then slowed down a bit after getting some water. Word of advice for myself for my next race: Do. Not. Drink. The. Water. until you are towards the end of the race. Lol!! My mouth was just super dry and I felt like I needed it (because when I run on the treadmill at home I usually go through 2 bottles on water), but it just wasn’t a good time after I stopped for that. What also wasn’t a good time? Not running 6.2 miles OUTSIDE prior to this race. But, I guess I just didn’t think it was a big deal. It wasn’t, but once I stopped for water my legs didn’t know wtf was happening and they were just all wobbly and crazzzyyyy. Another word of advice for myself for my next race: train your a** outside, Kayla (once it becomes warmer outside that is). I need to get my act together and think twice about treadmill running vs. outdoor running…not the same, so not the same. But, anyways, the run was super fun. The first 3 miles were kind of boring though because it was on the highway and not in the park, but once I got in the World Showcase and the music was blasting (Love is an open door, MY JAM!), I had chills all over my body as I was singing one of my favorite songs, running through Epcot! It was amazing!! I had to stop at a couple spots to take pictures of how amazing it looked to be running around Epcot during the early morning hours before park opening.

Running around the Boardwalk, Beach Club & Yacht Club was fun…but the ground was super slippery and some runners were falling on the ground around me. So, I slowed down a bit there because I wasn’t going to risk hurting myself and falling during the race. Finally, we circled around Spaceship Earth and the Finish line was nearing our way!!! YAY! PhotoPass people were on the course snapping pictures of the runners, which if I do say so myself, I love these pictures. I love that they were out there snapping these pictures! Michael makes fun of me when he sees these because in every one I am doing “spirit fingers” and looking like a “prancing fairy” floating in the air! Hahaha

I was so overcome with emotion once I crossed that Finish line. Luckily right when I was crossing it I spotted Michael! It felt so awesome to have him there to cheer me on and encourage me to run my heart out!

Getting that medal around my neck felt so good…I was proud of myself for running and completing my first RunDisney race! I did it!!

We made our way out of the race area and towards our car in the parking lot, of course having to stop for some pictures before getting there. 😉 I spotted more Disbride Sisters: Andrea and Elaina! Yay! These beautiful ladies are even stunning after running a 10K!!

It’s true what they say…you get addicted to RunDisney races after your first one! I already have signed up for the Wine & Dine 10K, and will be registering for the Princess Half Marathon for next year when registration opens! I am pumped!!!


Have a great day, loves! Xoxo ♥♥

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  1. I might try to run wine and dine but I’d probably do the half. If I get to go maybe we can connect!!

      1. I just went to look at registration for Wine & Dine and it appears to be delayed till April. Hope I still get a chance of getting in. I guess I will have to wait and see! 🙁

      2. I know 🙁 I saw that it was delayed. Hopefully they will open it up soon!

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