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Adventures in Animal Kingdom

Good morning! Happy hump day to you! I’ve made it out of the third nor’easter of March.  We got about 19 inches of snow here. What about you? Did you get slammed with snow too or are you basking in sunshine? If you can believe it, it looks like it is still snowing outside right now. Yes, you read that right. Is it ever going to stop snowing?!?! Hopefully there is snow-less days ahead with plenty of sunshine. 😉

This morning started with a 3 mile run, followed by 20 minutes of core work. I haven’t really shared my workouts this week, but they pretty much looked like this: run anywhere form 2-5 miles, with some type of bodyweight workout…and today was core!

Today I am dumping all my pictures from our adventure in Animal Kingdom during our trip to Disney!

Our adventure always start at The Tree Of Life.

With pictures taken, of course:

It’s Tough To Be A Bug was our first FastPass of the day! (Confession: I keep my eyes closed when those spiders come out to play and my bum half off the seat at the end, because I hate bugs. And Michael giggles at me, of course. Haha)

We made a quick stop for Baloo and King Louie!

Dole Whip on hot days is a MUST! So yummy!!

Our next FastPass was the Safari ride! We just love seeing all the animals!

Next up was a walk to Pandora: The World of Avatar

We ate lunch at Satu’li Canteen. A quick service restaurant offering healthier food options from another world: Pandora- The World of Avatar. Ummm, I must confess, not for me. But Michael enjoyed those cheeseburger pods immensely! He got those pods along with the wood-fired grilled chicken bowl. I got some salad; which I don’t know why I thought it would look anything like a normal salad?! Silly Kayla, Pandora is a totally different world! 😉 I also got a side of grapes, which is what I mainly ate, but I did TRY that “salad”. Hahaha

Afterwards, we had a FastPass for Flight Of Passage. Now, hear me out, Michael loved that ride. Me on the other hand? N-O! So not for me!!! I immediately had a panic attack when the thing locks you into that bike seat or whatever the heck it is. I had my eyes shut the whole entire time (sorry, not sorry) and was screaming my head off. I would not compare that ride to Soarin’, because it was way more intense…and that bike thing DOES move you like a horrific roller coaster. (Ok, I may be exaggerating a little tiny bit) It is not like Soarin’ in the way that it doesn’t even move; because Soarin’ is like a swing. Flight of Passage was just not for me. If you like that ride just like Michael, I applaud you. I ‘like’ roller coasters but that was just another level for me.

I sent that picture of myself to my sister when walking out of there. (Proof I was basically traumatized…I kid, I kid.) Well wait a minute, I wasn’t walking out…I was running out. I couldn’t get out fast enough. I’m pretty sure Michael had a good laugh at me that day. You’re welcome, hunnie. 😉

I can’t log off without wishing my sweet, cute, smart, and lovable nephew Enzo a HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY! Auntie loves you so very much!!

Have a fabulous day, friends!! Xoxo ♥♥

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Animal Kingdom

  1. Love Animal Kingdom and I’m dying for another Disney vacay! I actually love Satu’li – my favorite meal at Disney actually! We ate there 2 days in a row in December and we both got the exact same thing both times. I did the bowl with the potato/onion hash, creamy dressy, and tofu on top. And it’s so sad you don’t love Flight of Passage! That ride blew my mind and we also did that twice on the last trip. But dole whips are a must and they always make my day 🙂

    1. I wish I loved it!! I was so excited to try it! Maybe next time I ride (if there ever is a next time, lol) I will have a different feeling about it. I was just too panicked I guess! Xoxo

  2. Looks like an interesting place to eat. I honestly don’t think I’d enjoy it because there are a few too many items all mixed together … I like simple food that isn’t all mixed together. Do you think that if they had something simple like grilled chicken and separate veggies you would have liked that better? I don’t think you’ve ever said whether you’re a vegan or if you have a preferred style of eating … but healthy seems to be your preference … hence why I think we’d make fast friends! 😉

    1. Lol! I usually don’t put a label on how I eat, I guess it’s vegan, but you are right on trying to eat healthy! That is mainly my preference. I am with you on liking simple food..if I got a plain “salad” (maybe some romaine?!) with veggies on the side I would have loved it! There was definitely too much going on! 😉

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