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A weekend of dates!

Good morning! Happy Monday!! I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was great, and was actually filled with dates with my hubs! Can you believe we are already in the last week of March? It will soon be Easter and my BIRTHDAY MONTH! 😉 Did you do any Easter activities this weekend, like visit the Easter Bunny? I saw so many cute easter bunny pictures on Facebook this weekend. I must admit I really really wanted to take a picture with him at the mall on Saturday, but Michael talked me out of it. Haha.

Anyways, let’s get into the weekend! It was a really good one and one that I absolutely needed! Michael and I had a date planned for Saturday night since he took off work and I got out at 3! We headed to Natick for dinner at one of our favorite’s: The Cheesecake Factory! I love it there, especially on Date Night!

We had to wait about an hour, so we walked around the mall and kept ourselves busy. The time seemed to go by fast and before we knew it, our buzzer went off and we were seated! (By the way, we always request a booth, because I hate those awkward small tables that are so close together, where you feel like you are dining with the strangers next to you.)

I ordered a skinny margarita off their SkinnyLicious menu, and Michael got a beer. We put in for our appetizer (Thai Lettuce Wraps), and were given their amazinggggg bread basket. Nom nom nom, give me all the bread. There’s something about that sweet oat-topped brown bread that is just SO delicious.

I LOVE their lettuce wraps and how they don’t come pre-made so you get to make them yourself. Michael got to enjoy all the chicken filled wraps while I helped myself to 2 wraps filled with cucumbers, bean sprouts, and carrots.img_5455

Michael was super hungry (he hadn’t eaten all day, silly man) and ordered two meals for dinner (but didn’t even touch one of them, so he had major leftovers. I bet you can tell by the pictures which one he didn’t eat 😉 ); the Macaroni and Cheese Burger, and the Orange Chicken. He was too excited to wait to eat his burger, so it was half eaten before I could even take a picture. Haha. I ordered their chicken, mango, and avocado salad but of course made changes to it: chicken on the side (for Michael to eat), romaine lettuce only (I am not a big fan of mixed greens), no avocado (I know, I know, what is wrong with me? I just can’t seem to jump on the avocado train, there’s something about it that totally doesn’t rock my world), and dressing on the side (because their food is just so flavorful you don’t even need dressing in their salads). It was FANTASTIC! I have to applaud our fabulous waiter for remembering my exact order (he didn’t write anything down either) and having it come out PERFECT! Yum!


We didn’t have any room for dessert (shame on us, their cheesecake is everything!), but we really just couldn’t stuff anything else in our mouths. Needless to say, we left very full, and very happy. We jammed to music on the way home, and plopped ourselves into bed when we got home around 9 to watch the latest episode of The Challenge. It was great!

Sunday morning started with another date! A breakfast date to be exact! We drove all the way to Worcester for our favorite diner, Lou Roc’s, but the wait seemed crazy long and had us waiting outside (in the freezing cold) and I wasn’t too happy about that. We got back in my car and headed back home, but headed to North End Diner instead. (I was a little grumpy, I admit, I totally needed coffee and food. Haha) We only had to wait maybe 15 minutes, and were greeted with COFFEE. Thank the Lord!

I ordered my usual breakfast: a fruit bowl with a toasted english muffin. Michael ordered steak & eggs with one pancake. The cooks knew Michael and I, and since they know he is I am in love with Disney, they made us a Mickey pancake! I got a kick out of it and couldn’t stop laughing.

After breakfast we went to the grocery store (oh yay) and bought some things we needed!

Michael had to work after that, but I greatly enjoyed and appreciated getting to have two dates with him in one weekend! We really needed that time together, and I think (well I hope) we are going to make dates happen more often…like one every week, or at least every month if we can’t do every week. It gets kind of hard because schedules change  and especially with work, it can be tough. Most of the time when he is off from work, we really just want to stay home, relax, and catch up on our DVR’d shows. But, today we are both off from work and we are going on another date later today!! Yay!

Have a great Monday! ♥♥

Do you plan date nights with your husband/fiancé/boyfriend weekly or monthly?  How do you stick to them?

4 thoughts on “A weekend of dates!

  1. Fun, fun weekend. I drove north to Minnesota on Saturday from IL and I spent an hour and a half in white out conditions and only drove 40 miles … it was crazy. So glad to be here now though because I am with my family for the week now.

    What would you say would be your biggest splurge at the Cheesecake Factory? I love going to cheesecake factory on the weekends because I LOVE their breakfasts … give me omelets and their breakfast potatoes. Do you eat eggs?

    1. That’s great! I’m happy you can be with family for the week! Definitely worth the drive, even in those crazy, scary conditions.

      I LOVE their bread basket, like I mentioned. Bread is something I normally don’t eat when I’m home…besides having Joseph’s wraps and pitas, but I try to stay away from “bread”. I will also have some cheesecake if hubs will get a slice. (But cheesecake isn’t really a friend to my tummy.) I have never been for brunch! I don’t eat eggs. Sometimes I will do egg whites, but those just turn my stomach. Something about eating eggs totally grosses me out.

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