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A day of movies

Hiiiiii! Good morning! How are you today? I hope your week has started in a great way. Tuesday is here again, and I feel like it was just Friday like 5 minutes ago. Where did the weekend go? I’m kind of dragging today, and totally want a redo from the weekend, probably because it was a good one, but I really think it went by all too fast. Anyone else with me on this?img_5487As much as I could have stayed in bed ALL day, I obviously couldn’t because I have to work today. So, I got myself out of bed around 6:20 and got in my favorite 10 minute Toned Abs workout from Tone It Up, then I hopped on the treadmill for 30 minutes of intervals. I chugged my DD coffee after showering and getting ready…but I don’t think one coffee will do today. I seriously should have gotten an XL. It’s just one of those days I guess. img_5489

Anyways, let’s get into yesterday…which was still a “weekend” day for me. It definitely was a great day! I got to relax a bit on the couch with one of my books, Uninvited, in my minnie slippers for a good chunk of the late morning. (If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already knew this.) I am really enjoying this book, and seem to be favoring this one over Box of Butterflies. But, I figured when I finish this book I will dig right into that one. My mind can’t seem to multitask that well. I had also mentioned that I am also reading The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted, I am still reading that one while I run on the treadmill. img_5478

Michael and I had a day date planned to FINALLY watch Black Panther at the movie theater. I have literally been saying that we were planning on seeing it for the past month, and never actually went. I am so happy we got time to do it yesterday! The movie was excellent! Exactly what I was expecting. We actually thought that Black Panther had similarities to The Lion King….and a lot of the music made me feel like I was in the Animal Kingdom. (Which I loved, obviously.) Did you catch onto the similarities also??

We went to Oneil Cinemas, one of the newer theaters around, that have really comfy reclining seats and food. (Where we saw Fifty Shades Freed too.) Michael got a snack (well more of a “I’m starving give me all the junk, cheat meal”) that got delivered to our seats; he was amazed at the service 😉

After the movie we headed home, ate dinner, watched some of our shows on DVR, and rented Pitch Perfect 3 on RedBox. I guess it was a day of movies!

Have a great Tuesday!! XOXO ♥♥

What did your Monday look like? 

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