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Easter Weekend 2018

Good morning!! Happy Tuesday to you! I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend! Mine was filled with lots of family time. Family time is the best time!

I had a good weekend, and really enjoyed some time relaxing and working out (of course). These past few weeks I feel like they have just been dragging, and this weekend finally started to feel a little bit more normal than before. Now that the weekend is over it is back to work, it’s crazy how fast the weekend goes but the week days seem like the longest! If only the weekend can be 4 days instead of 2…haha! 

Let’s back up to Friday. I had the afternoon off, and Michael had the day off also. I guess we weren’t really feeling like going anywhere or doing anything, other than Starbucks and take out, because we pretty much just hung out at home and enjoyed some time together since we don’t seem to get enough of it! 😉

Saturday I woke up with a nasty migraine that I believe was coming from my neck, because the left side of the back of my head (literally it started from my neck all the way up) and right above my eyebrow was just killing me. And of course it was super sunny and bright out (so nice) which just amplified the pain with the brightness. I think I took well over the recommended amount of Excedrin and Tylenol, but that still did not seem to help at all. Regardless of the migraine, I tried to work out but it just ended up being a 35 minute incline walk on my treadmill. There was no way I was going to be running and bouncing around to only end up aggravating it more. Better than nothing, right?! I figured after eating some breakfast and drinking some coffee (and more Tylenol) I would start to feel a little better, but I had to leave work after only an hour and go back to sleep…which, if you know me, never happens. I napped for about an hour and a half, ate some lunch, took some more excedrin,  and started to feel a little bit more like myself so I went back to work. I even was able to get some Starbucks green tea once I got out at 3 and was feeling hopeful that I have conquered the devious migraine. I even came home and got in a 30 minute bodyweight workout and was feeling great. But then of course, it all went down hill from there and I was stuck in bed, nursing that pounding migraine for the rest of the night. I may have convinced myself that I had something seriously wrong because the whole left side of my face, head, and neck were hurting, and I pretty much developed an egg on my forehead over my eyebrow from rubbing it, icing it, and touching it. Actually, I can still feel it as of right now. It literally feels like a bruise or something.

Easter morning started with a 40 minute HIIT interval workout on my treadmill. I mixed in some speed running for 1 minute, then walked for 1 minute, and kept that going until about 30 minutes in. Then I switched to incline walking for 10 minutes to finish it off. It was a good and sweaty way to kick off the Easter holiday! My migraine wasn’t so bad on Sunday, but it just felt like an annoying headache still. Luckily I was still able to be human..haha. Anyways, after getting my sweat on I vacuumed our place and dusted everything. I swear dust and crumbs all over the place develops after one day. There’s something about a clean house that just makes you feel better, am I right?! Of course, Dunkin was very much needed after showering, as well as Bible reading and watching Joel Osteen.

I put in a batch of chocolate chip cookies since all of the baking that I had planned to do on Saturday went out the window with that migraine. Around noon, I went to my parent’s house where my sister, brother in law, nephews, brother (and later his girlfriend too) were all at. There were easter eggs hidden around the house for the boys to find from the Easter Bunny…they were thrilled and I think they ate more chocolate and candy in the first hour of arriving than they had in a month. 😉 The Easter Bunny also left them some presents. I got each of them a book, mini m&m’s (they love those things) and chocolate bunnies.

A little later, I drove to Michael’s work to bring him some (or more like a whole lot) food since he was there all day long until late night. It was nice to see him for a couple minutes even though I would have loved to have him around all day. I went back home at some point to just relax on the couch (and to watch something other than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, even though this girl loves herself some Mickey Mouse, hearing “Oh Toodles” from the same episode over and over again can get a little crayyyy, especially with a headache…mama’s, you feel me??). I didn’t stay away long, as I was back over my parent’s in no time for some more snuggles, and playtime. These boys are just so adorable I can’t get enough of them!


Sometimes all you ready need is a day spent with family..filled with laughter and love!

Have a great day! Xoxo ♥♥

What did you do on Easter?

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