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Weekend Happenings: The rudest Kate Spade store in all the world

Good morning friends!! Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a new week ahead! Thanks for coming by my blog today 🙂hello-monday-hand-drawn-letters-coming-out-of-a-cup-of-coffee_23-2147655180.jpgI had a good weekend, and actually I’m still “weekend-ing” over here, as you know my weekend is Sunday & Monday, so I am looking forward to another day off today definitely! I kicked off my Monday with a 30 minute run/walk on the treadmill and a quick 10 minute cardio blast at the end consisting of: jump rope (invisible), high knees, mountain climbers, and squats. I quickly showered and got ready because I brought my boo Gio to school this morning 🙂 I also have a hair appointment that I CAN’T WAIT for. It feels like I haven’t gotten my hair done in ages, probably because I didn’t get a blowout in between this time (wahh).

I haven’t posted since last week, so let’s back up a bit to Friday! My Friday started with a 45 minute run on the treadmill, Live with Kelly & Ryan (Snooki was a guest!!), coffee, and work. Guys, it was SNOWING, in April. Because snow in April is totally normal..right? I still got a Starbucks iced tea after work, and then came home to catch up on some laundry and relax. I noticed that the Hallmark Channel was playing CHRISTMAS MOVIES!! I watched a bit, and then went over to my sister’s house for some playtime with my nephews! After that, it was back to watching the Hallmark Channel! It was very fitting since it was snowing earlier that day, so why not watch Christmas movies and pretend it really is winter time?! 😉 giphy-1.gif

Saturday morning started with a 30 minute HIIT treadmill workout, and a quick 10 minute full body circuit. After working, I went to my parent’s house to fill up my time with something to do. I sometimes just drive around and end up at their house, because, well why not? As I got there, I was putting my wristlet, keys, phone, and sunglasses on the counter when…BAM!!!…my beautiful Kate Spade sunglasses (my older pair, which is my all time favorite) fell on the floor (for the millionth time) and broke. It was a sad time, I texted Michael right away informing him we needed to go buy me some new sunglasses because I cannot be without them! Anyways, I left my parent’s after a while, and did the usual: Starbucks, hangout, then go over to my sister’s house for some snuggles and playtime! You may have seen a few of these pictures on my Instagram Story Saturday night, but they are just way too cute to not share here!

Sunday was a very great day; I got to spend the whole entire day with my husband! (If you have been reading for a while now, you might know that doesn’t happen too often!) I decided to sleep in a little, but after sleeping for almost 10 hours (OMG, too much sleep…I think it messed me up and totally gave me a little headache) I got up and snuck in a quick 25 minute bodyweight workout. Side note: while I was doing some crunches on my yoga mat, I spotted a small SPIDER on the ceiling…and well, since I am not so smart, I got a paper towel to catch it and apparently it ran away. So there is a run away spider somewhere in my workout room….which is totally freaking me out and has yet to make an appearance again. After I was done my workout I even vacuumed the rug because if that spider was on the floor it totally blended into the carpet color, so now I have no idea if he is still in there or not…I am keeping a wide eye open for you, Mr. Runaway Spider. Anyways, after my quick workout session and mini spider freakout, I got ready for a breakfast date with my hubs that we had planned!! Once again, I drove all the way to Lou Roc’s, our favorite diner in Worcester, but the line was OUT to the parking lot sooooo we drove back here to try out a new (to us) diner in town: Fat Boy’s. I was just very happy to have COFFEEEEE!

We both agreed that we would much rather have eaten at Lou Roc’s, but still had a good time during breakfast. It just felt a little cramped in there, and like we were hangin’ out with the people next to us. Ummm can we please talk about those people that were sitting next to us for a second? Now, I love me some gangster rap music (all the time, people, all the time)…but you know those songs of the rappers that are speaking in another language (it sounds like) because all they do is MUMBLE and you cannot understand a word, but you like the music so you jam out hard, hoping that they aren’t saying something too awful?!!!??! Well yup, I witnessed that in real life yesterday. These men next to us were mumbling like famous rappers like it was their job. (Maybe it was their job?) I was secretly trying to be nosey and trying to decipher the words that were coming out of these guys’ mouths, but I kid you not….I got only one word, and that is a rated R word that I will not even share on here. I told my husband I am very very thankful that we got an education and we could speak properly. But then again, if we didn’t maybe we would be famous rap stars right now?? HAHA. Joking. Totally joking. After what felt like 5 hours, but was only 2 hours in the diner, we left breakfast smelling of food (I hate that!!), got in my car and headed to the Burlington Mall to get me some new sunglasses since my poor favorite Kate Spade sunnies BROKE!

Enter: The most snobbiest, rudest Kate Spade store of all time, the Kate Spade inside the Burlington Mall in Burlington, MA. I don’t know about you, but every time I have been inside of a Kate Spade store I have always been treated very nicely. Truth be told, I want to walk into that store and feel like a celebrity people. I want to feel important and then that will make me want to buy ALL THE THINGS!! But when I walk into a store and the b****es stare at me like I am going to infect them with some nasty sickness or something as I am smiling getting ready to say a friendly “Hi! How are you?”, THAT is when I want to walk right out of that store. Besides that awful first impression those two not so lovely girls gave us, I asked if there was anything they could do for my sad sad sunnies that were now unwearable. This girl told me no, the sunglasses have no warrantee and I can gladly look at their sunglasses to purchase. Ok, great! That was my plan anyway. So I tried some on, found the winning number, but I really really didn’t want to buy them there because of how rude those girls were. So, we walked out of the store and decided to walk around the mall and then go back in before we left the mall if I still wanted to buy them. Michael even commented on how rude they were, and was also surprised, because every time we have been in a store they have been so kind and helpful to us. It was a totally different experience.

We wandered into the Disney Store and had some fun listening to the happy music and getting a feel of being back home.

We also went into Victoria’s Secret where I bought some new body spray and lotion, which I will be returning both because HELLOO!!!! It does NOT smell the same when you get out of the store and into your car, or at your home. You will notice that you do not like that STANK that is coming from you from that god awful body spray you just bought for thirty bucks. I will be returning those at some point, since I have some shirts I need to return also when I went crazy and bought all the things on Easter Sunday when they had 25% off your whole purchase. Anyways, back to the rude Kate Spade store….we wandered back in there and I bought those beautiful sunglasses. (The same pair as I had before, but just in black). I was happy, regardless of the rudeness, and walked out of there, only to look inside the case and see SCRATCHED, FINGERPRINTED sunglasses. Um no. I went right back in there and kindly (very kindly) asked for a new pair of sunglasses where Ms. Rude Lady said, “those are new.” I then said to her that there were scratches and fingerprints on them, so she took them out of my hands and she CLEANED them. Guys. She took out a rag and cleaned the “new” sunglasses that I just bought for $172.00. She gave them back to me, I put them to the light, started walking out of the store and then turned right back around and (very kindly) said, “I always get new sunglasses whenever I buy from your store. I don’t understand why I can’t have a new pair when I just purchased them. I shouldn’t have used ones. If you don’t have a new pair I would like to return these.” She then takes out of plastic zip loc bag filled with sunglasses (I have NEVER seen this done before in any Kate Spade store I have been in, ever) and told me I can pick whatever pair I want then. She took out another pair of the same glasses from the bag that actually still had the plastic on them…which is supposed to be when you get new glasses of any kind, right?…and asked me “these better for you?” all sarcastic. Nice. You bet your bottom I will not be shopping at that Kate Spade store again. I am really disappointed and shocked that it was so unpleasant. However, even though that store stinks and they have some of the unkindest employees there, that doesn’t change my feelings toward Kate Spade products. I LOVE Kate Spade, so please don’t take what I am saying the wrong way, it was just a bad time.

We didn’t let that ruin our wonderful day though; we still had smiles on our faces and jammed to our (mumbling) gangster music on the ride home. 😉 img_5640Once we got home from the mall, we tuned into the new season of Jersey Shore…I am so happy it is back! But I can’t lie, the originals are way better. I feel like they are trying a little too hard, and all the girls have new faces so it is like a whole different cast. HAHA. Regardless, I still love it and I am looking forward to more hilarious moments. tumblr_o3fcovTzfe1rp1v9uo2_400.gif

Later in the afternoon we went to Starbucks, and then a quick trip to the grocery store was needed. And after that, we just relaxed and caught up on some of the other shows we had patiently waiting for us in our DVR. It was a great day most definitely!!

I hope you have the best Monday! Xoxo ♥♥

What did you do this weekend?

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