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Thursday Thoughts (TOL #43)

Good morning! Happy Thursday!! I hope your week is going great! Mine has felt never ending, but we are almost there…the weekend is near!

I’m coming at you today with a post filled with some random ramblings and linking up with Amanda for some Thinking out Loud!


  • This whole week I have really been not feelin’ it when I wake up in the morning. Like full on huffing and puffing and moaning about it. I just don’t want to. But once I realize that it’s one day closer to vacation, I am ok with it. Hahaha. This week has been roughhhhhh.
  • I am almost done reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist, it’s taken me a little while to fully get into it because I think it wasn’t that great of an idea to read all three of these amazing books one after another, because I’m pretty much comparing them to each other and going back to the messages in Girl, Wash Your Face, and Uninvited. It is still good, but a bit hard for me to relate to because unlike Shauna, I don’t have all of these people, companies, and a big career to have to try say no to… but, I could relate in the way that she is a perfectionist, and always needing to do something and keep herself busy to fill up her time because she just doesn’t want to slow down and have quiet time. Enter: My life. I am constantly doing something, and if I am not doing something I am thinking of what I should/could be doing, and what I can do next. Once I leave work everyday I have to have something to do if Michael is working. Like, take yesterday for example, when I left work I went to the mall to return some things at Victoria’s Secret, then got Starbucks, went to CVS, The Paper Store, TjMaxx, the grocery store. I even thought about going over to my sister’s house, but I decided not to…and for once just stay home. If this book has taught me anything it definitely is that I am pretty much a perfectionist. And I really strive to be the “best” wife, daughter, auntie, sister, etc. that I can be. It made me realize that I should just slow down and stop taking everything so seriously. I don’t always have to be “busy” and running around in circles. And you know what? It’s OKAYYYYY. I am human. You are human. And if you just want to sit on your bum and watch some tv without sweeping and mopping the floors, or without getting up and doing bursts of cardio moves…IT’S OKAYYY! (Actually, it’s funny because Michael sometimes brings up that I always have to sweep the floors whenever we are just relaxing and watching tv. I guess I never realized that until he said something. But that is just proof right there I can never just BE and just relax. I always have to be doing something).
  • Anyways, I watched the newest episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (cringing at Lisa Rinna, always), and then last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. I left the latest one to watch tonight. But can we just talk about last week’s episode for a second? Jax is a total A**HOLE, people. The fact that he twisted the words of James and made every other person believe that too is just crazy. I hope they watch that episode back and realize it was just all him. Didn’t he ask James if he “hung out” with Kristen the night before? And then he just went along and said “…well I asked James if he hooked up with Kristen and he admitted to it”. Mmmmm no buddy. No he did not. He admitted to hanging out with her a little bit. I actually went back to that conversation while they were golfing to listen again and make sure I heard it correctly. If only they could watch each episode back as they are filming so drama like that doesn’t happen, but then again there would be no show without drama. Sooooo I take that back. Hahaha.
  • Let’s talk fitness for a second. Like I said in last week’s TOL post, I am really trying to up my game here and be bikini ready for our trip next month! (33 days guys, 33 days). Yesterday started with a 40 minute run/walk on the treadmill, and 10 minutes of planks afterwards. I always try to get in a plank everyday because I just love them and they are really good for your abs! This morning started with a 15 minute circuit workout and 30 minutes of HIIT running on the treadmill. I was one sweaty mess afterwards. I actually went to take a selfie afterwards to put on my Instagram story, but then deleted it because I really looked like a hot mess. I don’t know about you, but if my hair is still looking somewhat good and I don’t look like a hot mess then it totally wasn’t a good workout. Some of these girls on the internet are looking like a million bucks even after a workout, and that is totally not me. So nope. I decided against that super sweaty after workout selfie. Haha.
  • I FINALLY got Cardi B’s new album on my phone so I was jamming out to that on repeat the whole time I was working out…it made it fly by.
  • Speaking of my phone, my lovely iPhone 6 keeps telling me that I have no more storage on my phone. Which means I cannot take anymore pictures, and I’ve been trying to delete some Apps that I don’t use but now it is just to the point where I have everything I “need” on my phone and there still isn’t enough storage!! Ugh!! I know I have over 40,000 emails though, mayyyybe I could delete some of those? I get so bad and don’t ever delete ANY emails, which are basically all just junk and spam anyways. But now since it has been piling up, I don’t want to sit there and one by one delete these 40,000 emails. The struggle is real my friends. I need a new phone with more storage. Wahhhh
  • They say there is “warmer” weather ahead this weekend. I will believe it when I see it. I must say though, it hasn’t been feeling as freezing these past couple days and has been feeling a little nicer. I still have to wear my winter coat though, I’ll probably keep this baby handy until next month. Haha.
  • Alright, I have to get going! I hope you all have a fabulous day!! ♥♥

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts (TOL #43)

  1. Agreed, last week was NEVER ending! I am so glad that its the weekend. Hope you’ve been enjoying it. Weird question, but what do you do for work outside of the blog? I know you’ve mentioned that you work at a shop but I have to ask … what do you do there? Also, have you ever thought about going back to teaching? I am sure that would be tough but it sounds like you have such a love for children that it seems like an AMAZING choice for you! 🙂

    1. Hope you have been enjoying the weekend too girl! I work at a Merle Norman Cosmetics Store with my Mama! I manage the store with her, and help customers with makeup and skincare! 🙂 I have thought about it, which is why I was substitute teaching for a couple months. When I did that though I realized elementary public schools (around here) are a little too crazy for me. I was scared..LOL. I love children so much, I am so thankful I have my nephews so they can fill that little void of not being with children all day, hopefully I will have my own some day. That would be even better! Thank you for asking! I just know that when I was teaching it was a lot more stressful than what I do now.

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