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A beautiful weekend

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Did you do anything fun? It was such a beautiful weekend around here! The sun has been shining, and even though it is not 80 degrees, it has been reaching in the 60’s…I’ll take it! Having the sun out sure does brighten up my mood!

Friday was spent with Michael, which was so nice! He unfortunately hurt his knee at jujitsu that day, so we pretty much just hung around. We went to a couple stores to search for a brace for his knee, but in the end he decided he was going to buy one off Amazon. We went to Starbucks to get my addiction AKA unsweetened iced green tea. Seriously, I realized I am a little cray because I get a Dunkin’ coffee AND Starbucks green iced tea pretty much everyday….oh well. A girl’s gotta have it all! Michael had a chiropractor appointment a little after 5, so we went there, in which felt like hours upon hours that I was waiting for him. I think I felt like I was waiting for him all day: he got home from training at 2, so I waited for him until then, then he was in that chiropractor appointment for a little over an hour because they were busy. So, during that appointment I was waiting in the car like the nice, impatient wife that I am. Ha 😉 After that, we went to the grocery store for some fruit. Because obviously all of the fruit from my incredible fruit arrangements from my birthday were all gone. We ate it all (okay, mostly me). Once we got home we watched the latest episode of Jersey Shore and my rage for Ron totally came out…I personally think he really was not over Sam because he kept on bringing her up, and that hair…really? Frosted tips? Are we for real? He looks disgusting. There, I said it…oops.

Saturday morning started with a 40 minute run, and a (that I like to call the) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 circuit that looked a little like this: 50 jumping jacks, 40 squats, 30 crunches, 20 push ups, 10 burpees, and 1 minute of a forearm plank…repeating that 3 times through. I cannot remember for the life of me where I found that workout, but I think it was on Pinterest years and years ago..I kept that one handy in my brain for sure. Afterwards, it was cleaning time: vacuum, dust, clean the tub. Our water has been brown, which I feel like it is ALWAYS brown, so the tub was getting super gross since hubs likes to take baths. Every time I took a shower (our shower head has a filter, so that water is filtered) I was reminded that I needed to clean that nasty tub! Enchanted was on BACK TO BACK, so I felt that it was going to be a great Saturday! (For one, I didn’t have to work on a Saturday, so that was definitely a big plus!)


I ended up only watching it once because I went to my sister’s to see my nephews! We had lots of fun playing and being silly. Do you know what totally melts my heart? Whenever I give the boys my “5 minute warning” until I am leaving and Enzo puts his hand up to my face and says “wait!!” like he doesn’t want me to go. Which makes me stay a little bit longer, because let’s be could I not “wait!!”?!?

I ran a couple errands after, then came home to eat lunch and watch Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm. Two of my favorites!! After that, I was back out to run some more errands, get a Starbucks, and then head over to my parent’s house to hang out with my brother and his girlfriend for a little…to talk Disney since they have a trip coming up soon! Yay! Later in the day I came back home, ate dinner, watched the Imposters on demand, shopped online (ummm I can’t stop), and watched Real Housewives of New York City. Don’t worry, I didn’t sit on the couch the whole entire time I was watching tv on Saturday, I did some bursts of cardio exercises every 10 minutes. You know I don’t like to be “lazy” too much, so when I feel like I’m in need of some movement I do some jumping jacks, jump rope, squats, burpees, mountain climbers, or anything to get my heart rate up!

Sunday morning I actually slept in a couple minutes more than usual, got in a quick 20 minute full body workout, and got ready for the great day I had ahead of me: time with Michael!! He was off from work yesterday, as well as today and tomorrow (happy dance), so we had plans to go out for breakfast (again) at our favorite diner, and spend the day together!!! The wait at Lou Roc’s Diner wasn’t too bad, and before we knew it, we were seated.

Our waitress kind of was not the best, but luckily another waitress stepped in to fill up our coffees (I did not have enough coffee by the way…two small cups is not going to do it for this girl), fill up my water, and take away our plates. Michael ordered the big breakfast again with eggs, toast, sausage, home fries, and (delicious) pancakes. I ordered a fruit bowl (again, only strawberries and bananas..whomp whomp), and a toasted english muffin, dry, that came out looking like it was burnt to a crisp. We actually waited for our food longer than we waited for our seat because our waitress was apparently on “take out duty” or something, and never thought to look for our food order out back, sooooo our food was cold once it got to us. Totally a pet peeve of mine. If my food (or drinks, especially hot coffee, I need that sh** burning) is supposed to be hot, make it HOT! So once said burnt to a crisp english muffin made it’s way to our table, cold like it was in the refrigerator, I sent that thing back and asked for a newly toasted (lighter) english muffin. Another very nice waitress brought out my warm, perfectly toasted english muffin by the way.

When we were finished breakfast, we were off to the Shoppes at Blackstone Valley to hit up Dick’s Sporting Good to get a knee brace for Michael’s knee. He ended up not getting one off Amazon like he was thought on Friday. He tried on a bunch, some eating his leg (as seen on my Instagram story), and decided to get the one that had the most support and felt the best. Poor guy, I can tell his knee really isn’t great since he can’t even walk on it right. So, I told that man to get to the doctor’s ASAP! Anyways, after shopping we came home to hang out at home and watch some of our shows we had recorded. I totally get excited to see we have so many of them to watch; they really pile up when you don’t watch them for a whole week, but then once you’ve watched them all it’s pretty sad you have nothing left to watch. We went to the grocery store once again for a couple things, and then it was off to O’neil Cinema to watch I Feel Pretty!

I really liked this movie a lot! Apparently it doesn’t have good reviews, but I am recommending it. Sure it was cheesy at times, and “stupid funny” as some may say, but I loved loved the message. Amy Schumer is hilarious no matter what movie she is in, and had the audience laughing throughout this movie. Renee (played by Amy) is a very insecure beauty lover, who is not happy with her appearance, or her job, or anything in her life really. She falls off her bike at SoulCycle and hits her head, after making a wish on a coin during a thunderstorm the night before, then wakes up to realize she is beautiful. When in all reality, her appearance never ever changed, she truly believes it had changed and she was now amazingly gorgeous after this wish to be beautiful was granted to her. The movie shows that having all of this confidence to her now “beautiful” self can land you your “dream job”, get you a boyfriend, and ultimately turn you into a self-loving, fearless, confident, and beautiful lady. I won’t get into all of the details because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but in the end she realizes her appearance had never changed and leaves us all with a message that everyone is beautiful, no matter what you look like, or what shape you are. And I don’t know about you, but I certainly lack in the field of confidence so there were parts in the movie that I could totally relate to.

This morning started with a 30 minute HIIT run, 10 minute cool down walk, and 10 minutes of planks. It was a great way to kick off the week! Like I had mentioned on Friday, I am off from work this week and I am totally looking forward to it. I have a couple errands to run today, and I have a feeling a trip to the Apple store may be in our future. Ugh, I am pretty annoyed at my old iPhone 6…it keeps telling me “iPhone storage full” and I just want to throw it across the room. But I won’t 😉

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!! Xoxo ♥

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