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Waking up on the wrong side of bed

Hey hey!! Good morning to you! I hope your Monday was great!

My Monday was definitely filled with lots of laughter and smiles. I think knowing that I have the week off has totally made me less stressed out. I mean there is nothing worse than knowing you have to go to work tomorrow after that weekend sped by speedy fast, right? I’ve been soaking up as much time with Michael as I can, since tomorrow he goes back to work. (Boo)

After blogging, my morning was filled with running errands; checking on my parent’s cat, going to the post office to drop off a few packages, going to the bank, and going to check on the store to make sure it is still standing. (Lol). When I got back home I had some awesome mail waiting for me in our mailbox!! One of my beautiful Disbride Sisters sent me an amazing Tinkerbell birthday card filled with confetti!!!! And another of my sisters shipped me an XS Stitch Spirit Jersey since I haven’t been able to find one at the Disney Store in the Burlington Mall or online!! YAY! I am obsessed with this spirit jersey! Ok, well honestly I am obsessed with ALL the spirit jerseys, but this one is too cute to not have!! Totally awesome mail, right?!

The afternoon was spent with hubs!! We had to get him fitted for a tux for his friend’s wedding in June, then headed to the mall, and straight to the Apple store with hopes to get a new pretty phone! My phone has been acting up for a while, and more recently has been super slow…like I will be typing out a text or something and the letter don’t appear right away, it takes a couple seconds and then just looks like a bunch of letters jumbled together. Ugh. The joy of having an iPhone 6. I ended up picking out the iPhone 8 Plus in “gold” (which looks more like a pinky rose gold if you ask me), because the camera is the best when comparing it to ALL other iPhones, including the X! Unfortunately we were there for a little over an hour waiting for my phone to back up to iCloud (because this blondie didn’t back it up on her laptop before going to the store) but it didn’t move at all….sooooo we ended up leaving with no phone. (Total sad face) But at least I know which phone I want so I can go get it whenever!

We made it back in town, picked up some food, and came home to relax. It was a great way to start the week, even though I didn’t get that new phone I was hoping to get! The good news is that my phone FINALLY backed up to iCloud (I started the back up at the store around 3pm, and it finally finished by the time I woke up this morning). So, that is a win!

This morning started all over the place, and I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something. To say I am in a grouchy mood is pretty accurate. I hope this mood changes around ASAP because I don’t like it one bit. I threw in some laundry and knew that I was going to work out but I just really was not feeling it (probably where this grouch-o mood is coming from?!). You know those days when you just DO NOT have the motivation to workout? No? Yes? Whatever your answer is, I clearly have those days too, and today was one of them. Which puts me in a yucky mood. But whenever I feel this way, I tell myself that I will just do 10 minutes and then if I want to stop after that, I will…it never fails, after those 10 minutes I just keep going because I am all fired up! This morning started with a cardio circuit that lasted well over those 10 minutes, and ended up being 30. I then got on the treadmill for a run but only ran 1 mile. Better than nothing, right? I am pretty mad at myself, not gonna lie, that I didn’t get in a really intense workout or anything since we go on vacation in a whopping 21 days….but I must remember that I did a HIIT run yesterday, and there is always tomorrow. I am on the struggle bus right now.

Anyways, it is absolutely GORGEOUS outside right now. Like, I totally forgot where we were when I just went to get a coffee. The chill in the air seems to be gone and I hope this beautiful weather stays! (Yeah right, I’m not getting my hopes up.) My nephew Gio has his first tball game tonight!! We thought it was tomorrow night, but it is tonight, which is so much better because that means Uncle Michael can come too!! What a great day for a tball game! We also have to bring my car to the dealership to get it’s 10 month service this afternoon. I don’t know if I will be getting that new phone today, but it will most definitely be on my mind all day if not. Haha. I’m hoping this beautiful weather and hanging out with Michael will change this ugly mood around that I am rocking. Haha.

Have a fabulous day! Xoxo ♥♥

2 thoughts on “Waking up on the wrong side of bed

  1. I am so on the same page about getting yourself to get moving in a workout is 3/4th of the battle. I also find that as long as I get myself into my workout clothes 98% of the time that means I’m gonna make it to the gym. Do you workout at home or do you go to the gym? It helps me to have somewhere to go to workout because I also know that once I get to the gym I’m not going home unless I do the workout!!

    1. I workout at home! I love it more than the gym, haha. I know that if I do “just 10 minutes” I’ll get into it and keep going.

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