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An eventful Tuesday!

Happy hump day everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your week! I certainly am enjoying this week that I am off from work! It’s a gloomy, rainy day outside around here which totally could put a damper on the day, but I’m not letting it because Michael took the day off from work and I am super excited to have another day with him!

Luckily I am in a much better mood than I was in yesterday morning, I really don’t know why I was miss grouchy pants over here, but praise Jesus I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of bed again. I think it helped too I got in a killer workout this morning! It was 30 minutes of a HIIT treadmill workout I randomly came up with; 5 minutes walk/jog (I walked the first 5, 5 minutes sprint, continue that for those 30 minutes, then finish with a 10 minute cool down. I was super sweaty after that one, but I did manage to get in 10 minutes of ab work after too. How could I not be in a good mood after I crushed my workout?

But apparently I am still sleeping because I burnt my neck this morning with my straightener. I didn’t realize it until a couple seconds after my straightener was touching my neck that it was burning….can I just say OUCH!?!! It is so painful and obviously looks like I got a nice middle school like hickey on my neck. Good one, Kayla. Good one. (Major face palm). Coffee and Kelly and Ryan should do the trick! 😉

Anyways, let’s back up to yesterday!! It was an eventful and beautiful day out; it actually reached about 70 degrees! (But today it is back to being in the 40’s, go figure!) It was a perfect day for dance parties in the car with Michael and for Gio’s first t-ball game!!!

After blogging in the morning, I headed to my parent’s house to feed their cat Lilly and hang out around there for a little. Let me tell you a little something about Miss Lilly; she is a bit of a baby, needs attention in the way of either playing with her or petting her to the point where she is purring like a car engine, and she mainly only likes the guys in the family. When I walk in the house she will run to see who it is, and then stick her tail up like the sassy little thing she is and turn around. Only to stop in her tracks and yell a couple meow’s until I pet her or feed her. Yup. There you have it….Miss Lilly is definitely in the right family. Haha. I figured I would hop on their treadmill (they have the same one as me, but way newer!) and walk for a half hour, seeing as though Lilly was plopped on my brother’s computer chair in the basement and said treadmill is in the basement it was a win-win in my eyes…hang out with Lilly and do the treadmill at the same time! Awesome!

Michael and I had to go run some errands before heading to Starbucks. Once we had the ‘bucks in hand, we obviously had lots of energy for a dance party and silly pictures (when my car was stopped, ya’ll) in the car on our way to the car dealership to get my car serviced.

See? How could one be in a grouchy mood when her husband is this awesome and silly?

Ok, back to the car dealership adventure. News flash: I was SO hesitant to bring my car to the dealership where I bought it (it was a nightmare), which is totally the place that I have bought most of my cars at, but the guys I had to deal with the last time around was a total and complete shi* show folks. A legit disaster….I don’t think I blogged about it too much, and without getting into it, just know that it was a total mess. I actually called the dealership before going there to see if I still had that “free service” this (creep-o) employee (at the time) said I was going to be given. To my knowledge, EVERYONE there knows horror stories from when those particular men worked there, but it was the best sight ever to see the car salesman that sold me my last car before those totally unprofessional guys came in and destroyed the place. No worries. We were treated SO well and I am so happy to see who works there again. I will be buying all of my future cars there! 😉

Since we had a little longer than an hour to spare between then and Gio’s t-ball game, we headed to the mall to go to the Apple store to get my beautiful new iPhone 8 Plus in Gold! (To me it looks more like a rose gold, but if they want to call it gold, that’s fine with me. I will stick to calling it rose gold because it sounds prettier.) After an hour and a half, yes guys it took that long because the employee totally messed up and had me pay for a regular 8 instead of the plus so then they had to do a return and I wasn’t able to get the refund for the Apple Care back on a phone I wasn’t even buying (things like this make me wonder ‘why me?’), I finally had my beautiful new phone in hand leaving 30 minutes to speed home to get to Gio’s game!! There was NO way I was going to miss my boo’s first game!!

I must admit I had a bit of tears in my eyes seeing Gio out there like a big boy. My nephews are growing so fast!! If only time could stop moving so fast!!

I am one PROUD Auntie of both of my babies!!! They are such good boys and Gio did so well for his first t-ball game! Being Auntie is my favorite thing in all the world.

I hope you have a great day! Xoxo ♥♥


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