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Thoughts on a Thursday

Good morning! Happy Thursday!! How is your week going? I hope it’s a great one! This week has been going by really fast, and I’m sad Michael has to go back to work today, but I am thankful for the time we did have together! It has been a great week!

I’m coming at you today with some random thoughts, because I can’t think of a better way to kick off a Thursday! 😉

As much as I don’t want this week to be over so fast, it just means that we are that much closer to our anniversary trip!! We leave in just 19 days!!! OMG! We are in the teens!!! I still have yet to purchase those dresses that I talked about a while ago (ugh, I am such a procrastinator sometimes), but I am getting them today. I am determined to do so!!! I always, always do this to myself and wait until the last second to buy ALL THE THINGS and then freak out if I don’t like something. So, if I order today (I must order today) I am supposed to get it delivered by the second week of May, and that gives me a couple days to decide if I am going to keep everything or return and then freak out. So yes, I MUST order today!! Oh and by the way, I am buying all of these dresses from Lulus,it is my go to for dresses!

This morning started with another HIIT workout! I didn’t feel like working out for a long time and I just wanted to burn some fat so I did an intense 20 minute HIIT run on the treadmill: 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds walk….and repeat that for those 20 minutes! Makes the time FLYYYYYY by!! (As well as feeling like you are flying when you are sprinting so fast you think your legs are going to fly off the treadmill. Ha!) I ended with a 10 minute cool down walk, and then 10 minutes of planks.

I am in need of a new book. I got a bunch of samples on my Kindle, but none of them are keeping my interest. I think it’s because I just read the BEST books around recently between Uninvited, Girl Wash Your Face, Present Over Perfect, and Why I Hate Green Beans, I don’t think you can top any of those. But, if you know of any books that are along the same lines as those AMAZING books, please do share with me and I will love you forever!

That burn on my neck is looking a littttttle better than yesterday. It just now totally looks like it’s a small hickey or something. The good news is it doesn’t hurt that bad anymore and it didn’t blister or anything. That was my big concern because nobody wants a blistery burn on their neck. Am I right? I didn’t even bother really re-straightening my hair this morning. It is just all types of gross between the weather (I got some major frizz going on), and my intense workout this morning…I just gave up. Especially since I am totally hair challenged, I’ve been trying to wash it only every 3 or 4 days, but end up needing to wash it on the 2nd day. The struggle is real.

Yesterday was a yucky day outside, I really just didn’t want to do anything or get out of my jammies. I did, however, go see my nephews while Michael was at the gym in the afternoon. They were full of energy and warmed my heart right up! Later in the afternoon, hubs and I went to Starbucks, and the grocery store…I don’t know about you, but I reallllly don’t like doing the groceries in the pouring rain. Once we got home (and soaked), we caught up on some of our DVR’d shows, and relaxed. It was a good day 🙂

I’m about to head out to check on my parent’s cat, and have some errands that I need to run today, as well as a bit of work to get done! Other than that, I am looking forward to catching up on some of my favorite shows later today! I just love not having to go to work and am taking full advantage of it! What are your plans?

I hope you have a fabulous Thursday! Xoxo ♥♥


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