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Last weekend in April

Happy Monday all, and happy last day of April!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, I can’t believe it was the last one of the month of April! And I also can’t believe it is gonna be May tomorrow. giphy.gif

I also can’t believe last week went by so very fast. It was really nice to have that time off from work. (I must admit I got a little too used to it, and liked it a little too much..haha. You bet I have been contemplating ways to stay home and make ALL the money. I kid, I kid. But wouldn’t that be nice?) Anyways, it’s back to reality for this girl tomorrow, but I don’t want to think about that today since I am still on my weekend! Oh, and luckily, we are going on vacation in just 15 short days!! YAY!

This morning started with a 35 minute run, followed by a quick 15 minute cardio and ab circuit! It was a great way to kick off the week. I am very excited because both Michael and I are off from work today!! We have plans to spend some time together tonight, but before that I have an appointment to get these lashes filled because they ALL like to fall off the day I have an appointment, every time. I am not even making this up. Like they legitimately fall out in clumps, not just one by one at a different time…nope. They just ALL come out and scare the heck out of me because I think my real lashes are coming off with them….does anyone know if this happens? Omg.

I’m coming at you today with a recap of what my weekend looked like, rewinding all the way to Thursday!

Thursday was spent with my boos. They are just so so sweet and were getting a kick out of the Instagram filters.

My night was spent watching some Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3 (omg, the fighting and drama), and Vanderpump Rules.giphy.gif

I must tell you all I FINALLY purchased those dresses off of Lulus that have been just so nicely sitting in my shopping cart for about a month. I really hope they all work out and look just as good in person (and on me) as on the model on their website. Haha.

Friday started with a 40 minute run on the treadmill. I mixed in some sprints as well to bump up the burn, and then ended it with some planks. I spent some of the morning at my parent’s house trying to get their cat to play but she just gave me b**ch face the whole time. Miss Lilly has quite the attitude, I’ll tell ya! I went to TjMaxx after to buy myself a new phone case since I still was running along with a naked brand new iPhone 8 Plus (not smart of me) and ended up spending a good hour in there looking through the racks, and trying things on for our vacation. I ended up spending way more than just $15 on a phone case (Side note: I love getting cases there because they usually have Kate Spade ones for wicked cheap, like the one I got!), I also bought a Michael Kors black and white striped bathing suit and a BCBG black jumpsuit that I am obsessed with. I finally feel like we are going on vacation soon since I have been shopping for it like crazy, literally…I can’t stop and my bank account is feeling the hurt. Haha. Later in the afternoon, I picked my parent’s up at the airport and was greeted with the best present ever (besides them): a new Millennial Pink Spirit Jersey!! Ahhh!!! It’s so pretty!!!snapseed-2

Saturday morning started with a 30 minute full body circuit workout and a 30 minute run on the treadmill. After my workout I cleaned this place up a bit by vacuuming, doing some laundry, and dusting. Followed by COFFEE!! It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside reaching above 75 degrees around here! Omg!! Beautiful!!! In the morning I went over to my parent’s house where I realized I looked like a mess because I am so terribly hair challenged. No matter what (even when using my straightener) I cannot for the life of me get my hair to look even somewhat decent. There is either always frizz, fly aways, pieces in the back that are shorter in length then every other piece that sticks out like there’s no tomorrow, or it just looks like crap. Yup, I said it. There is proof my hair looks like crap, as seen on my Instagram feed. I made my brother (thanks, Lukie!!) take a picture of the back of my spirit jersey, because well, it is just fabulous, and saw that craziness that is my hair. Ahhhh! Mama to the rescue…she was nice enough to “teach me” how to use the curling iron to curl those damn pieces that stick out in the back, but I tried later for myself and failed miserably, sooooo if I could just have someone do my hair for me everyday, that would be wonderful! 😉

It was then like I hit the lottery because my parent’s know my love of the Disney resort bath soap….they brought me back home a whole bag filled with them!! I think it is safe to say I now have about 60 Disney resort bath soaps in our bathroom cabinet. What? I love this stuff! img_6087

In the afternoon I went over to my sister’s house to bring my nephews some donuts and have some silly play time.

I came back home for a little to eat some lunch, and watch Real Housewives of New York City. I think this might be my least favorite series of real housewives. The only reason why I watch is because Bethenny is my girl, and because I am just totally addicted to Real Housewives shows. Haha. I also realized that I got an email from Express telling me that everything was 40% off this weekend! SCORE!! I had a bunch of stuff (including bikinis, because I have been having a hard time finding some new ones for our vacation, so I am giving these a try! Crossing my fingers they fit well!) in my shopping cart from “window shopping” the night before, so it was like I was meant to buy them! I ended up buying 2 bikini tops and 2 bikini bottoms for only around $75!!

I went back out to run some errands, and eventually made my way into Barnes & Noble to get an unsweetened green tea from Starbucks. The barista made my drink with NO ice. I did not say “no ice”, I said “light ice”. Do you know how disgusting this tea is when it is warm? I know I’ve whined about it before but it is just gross, and I won’t drink it. Give me something that is HOT or ICE COLD, not warm. Yuck. So I kindly asked her to remake it with more ice so it was cold. I guess she then though TWO cubes of ice was sufficient. Blahhhh, still gross. I chose to drink it anyways and started walking out to my car only to look inside my drink to find some small black fuzzy looking thing floating in my tea. AHHHH. I went back inside and asked for a new one because of said floating thing. It was perfectly made with just the right amount of ice, the amount that actually chills your drink if you feel me.

I ended up hanging out for a little while over my parent’s house until I came back home for the night. I caught up on The Arrangement, and The Imposters. Two shows in which I am obsessed with! I don’t really know why, but when the Imposters came out originally I so wasn’t into it. Just recently I stumbled upon them On Demand and totally got hooked. Throughout the rest of the day, bursts of exercises were thrown into the mix. You know I hate just lazying around on the couch for long periods of time, I must get up and move my body!

Sunday morning I did a 25 minute ab workout and then a 20 minute walk/run on the treadmill. I was feeling super sore from the past week of workouts, so I took it a little easy. Once I was all showered, I whipped up a batch of brownies. I had a box of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate brownie mix that I bought a couple weeks ago, and since I have been meaning to make these babies for hubby and my family, I took the opportunity to do so! It was a rainy morning, and making my house smell like brownies just made sense.

Then it was time for coffee and Joel Osteen on tv to get my day really started. I threw in some laundry and worked on a couple things, then went over to my sister’s house to play with my nephews. My sister and I went to Target, where I was getting my dressing (that I am out of, mind you!), apples, and a candle lighter. I hate when I go to light a candle and realize the lighter is out of fluid and it stops working, it’s the worst! Anyways, back to Target; they were ALL OUT of my dressing (omg, the horror), and they had no good apples. So I ended up only getting a candle lighter…how did that happen? I walked out of there after only spending $5. That is a major victory over here. This rarely ever happens. I usually buy everything but what was on my list while in Target. I was almost going to have a melt down about my dressing until I remembered my parents had a bottle of it in their fridge, so Mama and Daddy to the rescue! I went over there to get that (gold like) dressing, then came back home to watch a Hallmark Channel movie for a good chunk of the afternoon, while burning the scent of summer (in my opinion) from Yankee Candle. Their candle “Color me happy” is totally yummy. Of course while watching for about an hour I got in some bursts of exercises. I would say the total amount of time I worked out during that hour was about 25 minutes from just getting up and moving my body!

Around 3:30 I noticed the rain had cleared and sunshine was coming through my windows! I got out of the house, ran some errands, and went to Starbucks. There was no way I was going to stay home when the sun was shining!

I went to my parent’s house because my sister, brother in law, and nephews were over there also. I hung around for about an hour, went to get a salad for dinner (like every day), put on Cinderella, then tuned into American Idol..only to remember why I don’t watch that show. No offense to you if you like that show, but it really isn’t one of my favorites. I couldn’t even stand to watch for longer than 15 minutes, and ended up putting the Bravo channel on. Bravo for the win, always!!!

As you can see, the majority of my weekend was spent with my family. Michael was working all weekend long and while I definitely was missing him, it was nice to spend time with my family! 🙂

I hope you have a fabulous last day of April!! Xoxo ♥♥

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