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Thinking Out Loud #44: Finally summer like weather!

Hello!! Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going well. It is almost the weekend, there is a light at the end of the tunnel guys!

I meant to pop in yesterday, but I had lots of work to do all day and didn’t get the chance, so I just figured I would wait for today…because it’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday!! Amanda is back with her fabulous link party, so I am joining in on all the fun to share some randomness! 😉


The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and totally SUMMER like!! Seriously guys, my car read 92 degrees yesterday afternoon, I kid you not. It may be because it was sitting out in the sun, but either way it made me excited! You all know I just love the heat and all things summer, so let’s hope this warmer weather sticks around for good now!!

Yesterday was actually a very exciting day around here! Michael started a new position at work so his schedule changed again, this time actually for the better. With this new schedule we will actually be able to spend more time together! Wahoo!!! And bonus: he has the same days off as me! I was all too excited when he came to kiss me goodbye in the morning when he was leaving, that I didn’t really fall back asleep, so I got up and got my workout on! On the agenda (yesterday) was a 30 minute cardio and ab workout followed by a 30 minute run/walk on the treadmill.

This morning was a different story though. As warmer weather approaches, our place gets suuuuper hot and yucky (we don’t have the a/c in yet). Because of this I slept horrible last night and my whole body is just super sore from all of the workouts I’ve been doing (multiple a day, because, hello, we are going on vacation in 12 days), along with my not so nice lady friend that showed up yesterday, I am wippppped out. As much as I wanted to get in an intense workout today, I chose not to and just ran an easy 2 miles, followed by a 10 minute incline walk. I ended it with 10 minutes of planks and called it a day.

Despite feeling sore and just plain old crumby, I am all smiles because it’s already 80 degrees this morning, I had my coffee, and got to watch Kelly and Ryan! Yaassss!

A gorgeous summer like day yesterday called for a new bright pink Victoria’s Secret PINK shirt, that I spilt liquid foundation on during work. I was so extremely upset because when I spilt foundation on my clothes before, it didn’t come out so I had to throw those clothes away. SO, after I spilt that foundation yesterday, I sped home real fast to scrub Dawn dish soap on it and let it soak in laundry detergent. The sad thing is it literally was a BRAND NEW shirt. Like brand new as in I just took it out of the plastic it was shipped in yesterday morning. Ugh. I washed it this morning and those foundation stains are still there. Whomp whomp. There goes that awesome shirt. Looks like I will be buying some (notice I didn’t just say one…ha!) more shirts. If you know the magic trick to get liquid foundation out of clothes pretty PLEASE tell me your secrets!

Anyways, back to yesterday, I picked up Starbucks when I got out of work, picked up Michael at home, and went to the little league field because my nephew Gio had a t-ball game! It was such a beautiful day for it. I was super happy Michael was able to come with me, because if he were on his ‘old’ schedule, he would have missed it. The boys were happy to see Michael too…whenever Enzo sees him he always says “it’s a Michael”, which reminds me of “It’s a-Me Mario!” Haha!! Just so stinkin’ cute!!

I mean, could they get any cuter?!?! I can’t even handle it. Ok, so I am totally “that Auntie” that is a crazy lady. I am super loud, scream, cheer, clap, take pictures, record videos, do ALL the things a crazy Auntie lady would do, and I realize that. But really I don’t care, and the babes don’t seem to mind….yet…. Can you even imagine me with my own children? Oh my gosh. Crazy loud Mama for sure!!

Andddddd, that’s all I have for today. Be sure to head back over here tomorrow for all the fun to see how I will be celebrating one year of Running In Tiaras!!!

Have a fabulous day!! Xoxo ♥♥

2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #44: Finally summer like weather!

  1. Eek … no central air? Yea, not happening. Turned on the air two days ago when it was 78 degrees and humid in the house. I struggle to sleep at night as it is … so if I am hot at night there is NO WAY that I am sleeping. Do you have any tips for staying cool when its hot in the house?

    1. We don’t have central air unfortunately in our apartment. 🙁 it’s so hot! Luckily, Michael is going to put the a/c in today! I also struggle to sleep, especially when it’s hot. I couldn’t sleep well in this heat. My tips for staying cool is to stay hydrated!!! It’s so important to drink water, especially when it is hot! Ceiling fans help too, but sometimes I feel like they might make it worse, haha. Also, sleeping (or hanging out) just in a tank top has been my go to. The less clothes the better, haha!

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