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FastPass day!

Good morning!! Happy Wednesday! I hope you are stopping by feeling great and just as happy as I am that we have made it to the middle of the week!

I am coming at you today with a glimpse into what my Tuesday looked like.

It was such a beautiful day out. Luckily, we had the door open at work for most of the morning until the afternoon once it started to get a little more warmer out. We really skipped right over spring, people. I guess it’s what happens around here; we go from winter weather right into summer. Hey, I’ll take it! I just wish summer stuck around longer than winter.

I visited the boys on my lunch break. After I mentioned on Monday about how the boys are obsessed with Ring Pops and not being able to find them anywhere, a lightbulb went off in my brain and I thought to look at Party City! I mean, they had to have them right? Don’t people give out Ring Pops in their little goody bags after birthday parties?! BINGO! They had a million ring pops and I totally did a happy dance of excitement in the front of the store. I’m sure the employees thought I was looney, but when I explained my nephews LOVE these things and we can’t find them anywhere but there, she understood the whole Auntie life thing. 😉 Anyways, the boys were pumped to see many bags of their favorites! They dug right into them and it was like an instant dose of sugar and all the hyperness. 😉

I wish I could stay there all day with them. They are such cuties! Gio and I even started a 700 (700 guys…SEVEN HUNDRED) piece Monsters Inc. puzzle. Gio loves puzzles and is so very good at them! I warned him that Auntie is not as smart as him and can’t figure out the puzzles as easily as him. He looked at me (so sweet) and said “But Auntie, we just put the pieces together. It will be fun!” Okay, boo….oookayyy. That lasted about 15 minutes as Enzo was “helping” us by putting the pieces into piles and mistaking them for that ring pop in his other hand, with some ending up in his mouth. Haha. Too fun! They are getting so big and I cannot believe Gio is going to be 5 years old in August. How in the world did that happen? It seems like just yesterday we were waiting for his arrival in the hospital. My boo!!

I went back to work until around 4ish. Then came home to hang out with Michael! I know I already said it in previous posts, but I am so loving this whole “get to hangout with your husband after work” thing. He even said to me last night “Hey babe, I think this is what normal people feel like. We actually get to spend time together and you don’t have to be alone all the time.” Of course I answered with a squeak and a “I KNOW RIGHT!!!!”img_6350

We ran some errands and came back home to eat dinner and surprisingly we didn’t even watch any of the shows we had on DVR. I’m not even sure what we have, but I bet we will see tonight. I thought he was going to go to jujitsu training but he didn’t (yay), but if he would have I would’ve watched my Bravo shows. Until around 8ish he was busy outside doing something with his car and I was inside cleaning this place and working out. I must warn him I will be in full on cleaning mode (and workout mode) until we leave. I HATE coming home to a house that needs to be cleaned like right away. Like, it is the worst thing ever. Also, I am totally one of those people who comes home from vacation, unpacks, and puts the dirty clothes in the laundry. Are you like that too? Or do you like to go home from vacation and relax? Michael definitely just likes to come home and relax. Anyways, on the whole working out thing, I figured I would take my yoga mat to the living room and do some ab exercises instead of sit on the couch because you know I keep reminding myself I am going to be in a bikini next week. Speaking of bikinis and things, I am SO excited. We are now 6 days away from leaving and even though I am super excited, you know I am feeling anxious about flying and everything. If you have been reading for some time now, you know I hate flying (even though I do it every couple of months) but I am going to push and pray these anxious feelings away because I want to enjoy this vacation!! No need to be anxious, just excited!

This morning I was up and ready to go when Michael kissed me goodbye earlier than usual this morning, because it is FASTPASS day for our summer Disney trip!!! I had a reminder on my phone, as if I was going to forget…yeah right. I still had to wait until 7am to make them, but I think my brain was too determined to get those babies than to go back to sleep at like 5ish. (Toy Story Land will be open, so I made sure to snag FastPasses for the rides there!) Because, is there anything more exciting than FastPass day?!?! Instead of forcing myself back to sleep, I got my workout on. 20 minutes of an abs and arm workout, followed by a 30 minute run/incline walk on the treadmill. I’m sure there will be more workouts in my future today, because that is just the way things have been going around here…little exercises throughout the day! I just gotta think bikini, bikini, bikini. 😉

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Have a beautiful day, friends! Xoxo ♥♥

2 thoughts on “FastPass day!

  1. You’re too cute … I love your excitement about life! I wish you could workout throughout the day but a girls gotta work and the office isn’t always conducive to working out. Ya know?? Can’t wait to read about your anniversary trip. Would love to see what the bathing suits look like that you picked. I honestly hate shopping so it’s fun to live vicariously through someone that enjoys it!

    1. Haha thank you, I literally get excited about every little thing, as you can tell. 😉 I totally understand the whole work and office thing. Luckily, I can squeeze in working out all throughout the day, but mostly when I get home too. I will definitely share the bathing suits and probably the dresses I purchased for this vacation!! Have a great day, girl! xoxo

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