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Thinking Out Loud #45:Life is a combination of magic and coffee

Good morning!! Happy Thursday to you! We are one day closer to the weekend, and this week has been flying by!

As usual, I am linking up with the fabulous Amanda to join in her Thinking Out Loud party for some random Thursday thoughts!


  • I am so sore. Like, SUPER duper sore. It even like hurts to move when I am sleeping, which kept me up last night so to say I am tired today is pretty accurate. As you all probably know if you read my previous posts, I’ve been working out a lot and I kind of have been putting a lot of pressure on myself. You know when you have a vacation coming up where you will be in a bikini everyday for a whole week and you know you gotta kick your own a** to make that a** look good in those itsy bitsy bikinis? Yup. That is currently me. We all know I am hard on myself as it is, but especially when I have a beach vacation coming up.
  • Because of being wicked sore, I was up pretttttty early once again after Michael kissed me goodbye this morning. I started my workout with a 20 minute full body workout followed by a 30 minute incline walk. I did plenty of stretching afterwards and now I’m feeling great! I will just need lots and lots of this magical stuff to bring me back to life… because life is a combination of magic and coffee!
  • I still need to find a couple more dresses for our dinners out every night on vacation. Ahh!! Please help. I have already tried on all the things I thought I would like at Express and nothing was good enough to buy. I also need to find some new cute wedges to go with my outfits. I am going to have to go shopping, like ASAP. You all know I need new dresses, because it is not cute to have pictures in the same dress over and over again. So basically I can only wear dresses once. I mean, I just feel better when I have a pretty (and new) dress/outfit that I can twirl around in, Kenya Moore style. Hahaha. Joking…kinda. 😉 giphy.gif
  • I have really been into skin care lately. It kinda goes along the lines of being really hard on myself, but lately whenever I look in the mirror or at pictures of myself all I see are lines on my face. Even though my Mama says I don’t have wrinkles yet because I am still young, thank you Mama, we all know the earlier you start with good skincare and wrinkle prevention, the better your skin will be! Lucky for me, our Merle Norman Cosmetics store is FILLED with skincare (as well as makeup), and I can get my hands on any and all of our amazing products. The three things I use on my face during the day are: Fine Line Minimizer, Wrinkle Smoother Eye, and Preventage Firming Defense Cream Normal/Dry Moisturizer. My nightly routine usually consists of the Fine Line Minimizer, Wrinkle Smoother Eye, and Nighttime Recovery Cream. I will also usually do our Bubbly Mask or Moisture Rich Facial Treatment at least twice a week to get my face feeling all soft and fresh again.
  • My hair is FULL of dry shampoo today. Like it is kind of gross, and I absolutely hate the smell of the one I picked up the other day. I still have yet to find a good dry shampoo that I like, as well as one that my hair likes. I feel like whenever I use dry shampoo it makes my hair feel even grosser than before, and makes it feel like stiff?!? Please help a girl out if you know of a good dry shampoo! I thought I found a good one a while back, but I was mistaken. Whomp whomp.
  • So apparently I am allergic to bug bites. Literally allergic. When I was in Disney last July, I got a bug bite and it completely blew up and got super swollen, like larger than my knee caps swollen? Ah!! And now I got bit on my arm the other day while waiting for Michael in the car with the windows open. In that moment I thought I just scratched myself pretty bad because there was actually a little blood. So I went home to wash it, put some Bacitracin on it and thought nothing of it. Only to wake up the next day (yesterday) to a huge lump on my arm. Like you can see the bite, but then around it is a swollen lump. Yikes. I didn’t know “being allergic to bug bites” was really a thing?!
  • These lashes are still looking all ratchet because it has been THREE and a half weeks since I got them filled. UGH. It really stinks that they have pretty much all fallen out, with only a couple stragglers hanging on. I want to just walk around with my sunglasses on at all times so people don’t look at these cray eyelashes. Monday cannot come soon enough!!
  • Alright, I am stopping there for the day! I must get to work!! 😉

Have a fabulous day! Xoxo ♥♥

4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #45:Life is a combination of magic and coffee

  1. Totally logical to be allergic to big bites … your body chemistry is just not receptive to the chemicals from the bite. Also you mentioned putting something on the bug bite might want to try something else or not put anything on it because THAT could be causing the skin reaction.
    Also, you really don’t NEED eye lashes… I think it’s okay to be loving of yourself just the way you are. I think in today’s society we use way to many products and tools to change the way we look and we forget how beautiful we naturally are.

    1. I also put other things on the bug bite too, but I use those things frequently and I never have a reaction to them…so it is probably the bug bites. Yikes!

      Thank you very much for the reminder. I still have a ways to go to love myself as I am, if you couldn’t tell. 😉 I always feel pressured, especially with social media, to always look “beautiful” if you get what I mean.

      Have a great Thursday! Xoxo

      1. I would definitely ask you to consider why you feel so pressured. I have gotten to a point in my life where I have stopped being so concerned with others thoughts which means that there are days where I DON’T wear make up or I wear sloppy clothes (because their comfy). Do you think you could consider just letting yourself be the beautiful person that you are on the inside and out without feeling like you have to be someone else? I think a post on this would be cool!! 🙂

      2. I agree girl. I don’t wear makeup everyday, and I have been working on trying to feel secure with the person I am from the inside out! It’s not so much of what other people think of me that I feel pressured by, it’s ME I am pressured by if that makes sense haha. I am really hard on myself, obviously, and I am working on not being so hard on myself definitely. A post on this will be in the works! I’ve been wanting to get more honest and personal, but sort of feel hesitant. Thank you! Xoxo

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