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Mother’s Day Weekend

Good morning! Happy Monday friends!! I am feeling super excited and happy this morning, because we leave for our anniversary vacation tomorrow! I am SO EXCITED! I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying many prayers that the rainy weather stays away from us while we are away. I was feeling kinda very anxious about it this weekend, but I am just praying all is beautiful in paradise! 😉 I hope you had a great weekend, and if you are a Mom I hope you had a blessed Mother’s Day and was spoiled by your family!

I didn’t mean to stay away from the blog since Thursday, but work got the best of me on Friday and I wasn’t able to type up a post like I had wanted to. So in that case, let’s back up all the way to last Thursday after I published that blog post and see if I can remember everything that went on in the past couple of days!

Thursday after work Michael and I headed to Gio’s t-ball game for some baseball fun!

We didn’t get to stay very long, but just long enough to see Gio get up to bat, run all the bases, and enough time for Uncle Michael to play with Enzo. I have to say, it is so adorable to watch all the little ones run the opposite way, yell to their Mom’s that they hit the ball, and throw the ball to no one. It is so adorable and so innocent. Gio is totally getting the hang of how baseball works, and is doing such a great job! I think we have a pro athlete on our hands here, and in my opinion Auntie is always right 😉 Once home, Michael headed to jujitsu training while I put on some of my Bravo tv shows and painted my toes. I am in dire need of a pedicure, like bad, but I figured I would get one at the spa while we are on vacation so just painted toes will have to do for now! I painted them a new OPI nail polish color that I am obsessed with: “No Turning Back From Pink Street” I love the names!

Friday started with a 15 minute ab workout followed by a 30 minute HIIT run/walk on the treadmill. I gotta tell ya, I have been giving my treadmill death stares these past couple of days before I get on it. It’s like I just don’t want toooooo but I do anyways and I never regret it afterwards and then I remember why I love it so much once I am done. If you get what I mean?! 😉 Oh, and let’s talk about my treadmill for a second here. Remember how MONTHS AGO the fan inside the treadmill broke? Well, I wasn’t able to get it fixed because they apparently “cancelled my work order” because I had to reschedule for them to come out and fix it twice. (Omg. The horror, can you imagine someone having to reschedule an appointment during work hours twice?!) Here is some advice, if you have a NordicTrack treadmill and need to get it fixed, don’t cancel your appointment or reschedule it twice because they will push you away and tell you “you cannot do that”. Pshhhh. I called them up and told them I needed to make another appointment, mind you. Get my work order back in business, yo! I still haven’t heard from them, and I will be on vacation…sooooo we will see how that goes. tumblr_mlzgux5gRW1rcy99do1_500.gif

Anyways, after my workout I showered and totally let my hair be naturally curly/frizzy/whatever the heck you wanna call it. (I called it an afro because it is too short to wear curly) To be completely honest, I have been straightening my hair for probably the last ten years and have let it be natural and curly maybe a handful of times in those years. I LOVE not having so much product in my hair when I straighten it (I’m talking gel, mousse, hairspray, spray gel, curl cream, THE WORKS). I do like to wear it natural though just for the fact that I don’t have to stand there for a half hour and blow dry then straighten this mess. (You all know I am hair challenged.) It makes me laugh when I wear my hair curly and people that didn’t know me back in the day will ask me “did you get a perm?” “did you curl your hair?” No, I was just born with this awesomeness. Hahaha. It also makes me laugh when people say “omg, I love your hair like that” because I really don’t. But we all know I am super hard on myself and don’t even like it when my hair is straight either...sooooo we will just skip right on over that. 

Lots and lots of COFFEE was needed on Friday. I also must add that I DID NOT watch Live with Kelly and Ryan on Friday morning. Why, you ask? Because they had a certain someone as a guest on their show and I can’t stand another sound of her. It seems to me that Kelly never used to have famous for no reason people on her show before Ryan came along. Don’t get me wrong I love him, but c’mon! I don’t want to watch this girl!

Okay, moving on. After work on Friday I drove to the mall and got stuck in traffic on my way there. My Mama even warned me before going, “it’s not a good time to go now because you will get stuck in traffic”, she is always right!  I didn’t mind, Michael took extra hours at work so I didn’t have anywhere to be, and I needed to find some more dresses. I finally made it to the mall after what should have been a 25 minute ride turned into a 45 minute ride and ran into Express. Thank God for the sweet girl that was working there. She totally helped me decide which dress and romper to get, because I am so indecisive in the dressing room and I couldn’t make up my mind between a bunch of them. I ended up buying an off the shoulder romper, an off the shoulder dress, and a cute tank top. Now I have enough dresses I think. I hope. Lord knows how I am with outfits, I must have extra especially when on vacation because I don’t know how I will feel in that particular dress that day, and I don’t have “extras”. giphy.gif

I made it home after sitting in more traffic for a whole hour. It was rough, but instead of being negative about it I blasted my music, opened all the windows and sunroof in my car, and had a dance party. I was apparently singing all too loud because by the time I got home I realized I was loosing my voice. Oopses! I made it home just in time it seemed, because Michael got home from work a couple minutes after I had walked in the door! friday-celebration-gif-jackie-chan-chris-tucker-car-dancing-rush-hour.gif

Saturday morning started with a 30 minute full body workout and a 30 minute incline walk/run on the treadmill. It was day two of going with natural curly hair, but it was majorly frizzy that day because it was raining and I just didn’t care to redo it. I had to work until 3, then went with Michael on a hunt to find Mother’s Day presents. Talk about last minute, huh!? I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I think I was so focused on shopping for all the things for our vacation that I pushed Mother’s Day to the side and really wasn’t prepared at all. Michael even said to me, “What happened? You are always so prepared with stuff like this!” I felt like a chicken with it’s head cut off running around in circles, not knowing what to get. Eventually we made our way to The Paper Store, after going to 10 other stores, and found lots of goodies to get my Mama and sister! Once we had the presents in hand we had to go to Target, and then the grocery store for a couple things. I got a package at my door form my AMAZING Disbride Secret Pal (I really have the best secret pal this time who totally spoils me, remember she got me the chocolate covered strawberries during the worst weekend ever, AND the incredible edible arrangement for my birthday!) so I couldn’t wait to open it up once we had gotten home from all of those errands. Inside the box was AMAZINGNESS!!!! First there was a beautiful anniversary card made with so much sparkles and one of my favorite wedding pictures! OMG!!!!!

My Secret Pal apparently knows my whole entire life because she got me steel straws for my coffees in the morning, and a bag with my life motto on it “Faith, Family, and Friends”. OMG! How perfect!

As if that isn’t amazing enough, I got a DISBRIDE SPIRIT JERSEY custom made for me!! OMG I DIE! Look at how amazingly pink and beautiful it is!! And so soft! My Disbride Sister Rebeka makes these over at Southern Belle Creations by Beka! I also got one of my favorite Walter & Rosie Candles in Best Day Ever…mmmm!

Totally SPOILED!!! 🙂 I don’t know who my secret pal is (obviously), but I know I love her very much and obviously we are best friends! If you are reading my Evil Pal Queen (as she signed her name, omg I couldn’t even deal with it, so fun), THANK YOU SO MUCH! Day=made!!!!

Sunday was a great day celebrating my Mama!! It started with a 45 minute run. I also was a crazy lady and did about 5 loads of laundry yesterday, between the clothes in our hamper and the clothes all over the floor, (omg, I never talked about this on here, but Michael leaves all of his clothes and everything you can think of on a HUGE pile on the floor. It is awful. You have no idea) there was lots of clothes that needed to be clean before we leave. I also dusted and cleaned this place up a bit before getting ready for the day! I was excited to celebrate my Mama and be with my family for the day! (Unfortunately, Michael was working all day and night so he was not able to be with us). I went over to my parent’s house in the morning to give my Mama her Mother’s Day hugs and kisses, as well as the present Michael and I got for her. I wish I took a picture of the bag we put the gifts in because it was awesome, it said “True Story: my Mom was right about everything”…how awesome is that!! We got her an amazingly cute Wonder Woman Alex and Ani bracelet (that has a touch of pink in it!), a coffee mug that says “You are magical” on one side and “You have a special way of making everything better”, and a small wooden sign that said “you are the mom everyone wishes they had” or something like that. I found all of these at The Paper Store. My Mama said she loves everything and was rockin’ her bracelet all day long! 🙂 I went over to my sister’s house after that to give her the present Michael and I got her for Mother’s Day. We got her a Lilly Pulitzer pineapple ring holder. Funny story about that: I thought I was getting her the flamingo one, but she opened it and it was the pineapple one. Still cute, but I was shocked it wasn’t the flamingo one! Haha! Of course, I played with the boys and gave them some marshmallow Mickey pops we found at Target! They love marshmallows and ate those Mickey’s up in no time!

I came back home after hanging out over for a short time to get Michael’s food together for work and to get ready for Mother’s Day brunch with the family! 🙂 The boys were dressed in their adorable shirts and even though Enzo wasn’t feeling the pictures, my boo Gio was such a good boy and took a million pictures with us. Here’s to celebrating the amazing Mom’s in our lives: My Mama and my sister!

We went to The Manor in West Boylston. I don’t really have anything good to say other than the company was amazing (my family, duh). It was a brunch buffet with very little fruit (they had a chocolate fountain, and if you wanted the fruit it was covered in chocolate from the fountain falling on the fruit), breakfast items, lunch items, and seafood. What turned me off right away with the small fly I saw on one of the plates I went to grab at the buffet. YUCK!  And the not clean silverware at our table, no thank you. Anyways, enough with that, I got a little salad and picked out a couple pieces of fruit with little or no chocolate on it. Really though, the food didn’t even matter. It was so nice to be with everyone and celebrate our beautiful Mama!

Of course, Anthony gave me bunny ears in that picture above because it never fails. Haha. Enzo was having a marshmallow feast from the fondue fountain and was running around with mouth fulls and hand fulls of huge marshmallows! Between all of those, and the Mickey marshmallow pop I brought them earlier, I think he had a million of them!img_6549

We went over to my parent’s house after brunch and enjoyed spending more time together until it was time for me to come home to PACK, do some more laundry, and get things ready for vacation! ♥♥ I hope my Mama had a wonderful Mother’s Day! She is the most loving, kind, supportive, encouraging, and beautiful Mama around and I am so blessed that she is MY Mama! ♥♥

This morning started with a 15 minute ab workout and a 30 minute run/walk on my treadmill. I also did a quick 15 minute cardio workout after the treadmill because I was just feeling fired up. I have a lot to do today because it seems I always wait until the day before we leave to do ALL THE THINGS but at least I started packing yesterday and I think I am good. I am finalllllyyyyy getting these lashes filled (Praise Jesus!), my nails done, and my hair done! Woo!! It shall be an expensive day for sure, HA!! 😉

I hope you have a fabulous start to the week!! Xoxo ♥♥

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