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The little things

Good morning! Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I don’t have any fun plans, but I hope you do!

I am totally feeling the post vacation blues hard today. Michael worked all day and night yesterday which really made me miss him even more. It’s always hard for me to get back into real life mode whenever we come home but this time is a bit harder, seeing as we just had such an amazing time. It’s hard to believe it is already done. But like I had said yesterday, having another countdown makes it a bit easier, and since it is a Disney countdown it makes it even better!!

I am also extremely tired today and my throat is hurting a bit. I don’t really know why, seeing as though I went to bed at a more usual time (10pm) would think I would have been this tired yesterday, not today, but that is not the case at all. I think all of those late nights are finally catching up to me. Blah. I am reeeeeally dragging and will need lots of coffee to bring me back to life. And, I am really hoping that I am not getting sick. It seems to me that every time we come back from vacation I get a cold or something…and let me tell you I wiped down our airplane area like a crazy lady. Because of feeling super tired and just down right crumby, I didn’t really go too hard during my workout this morning; just did a 15 minute ab workout and then a 30 minute run. I think my body felt even more tired after that workout though, I must admit. tenor.gif

Alright, enough with the tired talk and the “missing vacation” blues, today I wanted to talk to you about the little things in life that you miss (yes, I did miss some things back at home) while on vacation. Now, I don’t know about you, but I could probably say that I could live without these things if I got to stay on vacation in the Bahamas forever, but I would be fibbing just a little bit. You know those things that you can’t wait to get/feel/see when you get home? Those little things that you may just take for granted and realize that you do when you go away from it for a little while.

Here are a couple of those little things that I missed from home:

DD coffee. Seriously, no matter where we go (Disney, Florida, Bahamas, NYC, etc.) the Dunkin’ coffees DO NOT taste the same as home. I promise you. The coffee can be good, but there is nothing like a DD coffee from around here. If you are ever in the MA area, please do yourself a favor and hit up the nearest Dunkin’…I bet there will be one on every street and you will forever fall in love with it.

Poland Springs Water. Okay, now in the Bahamas we were drinking bottled water, but I promise you there is nothing like a Poland Spring water. I felt like after I drank the water I was even more thirsty than before…it was just not refreshing and totally not thirst quenching. I don’t know what it was, but I couldn’t wait to chug a bottle of that heavenly magical water.

The fan in our bedroom, and the fan in our bathroom. Our room was completely silent at night in our room due to the fact that there was absolutely no noise. Like, we could hear ourselves breathing. Now, listen, I am not one of those people that can fall asleep with music on or with the TV on. I don’t like that noise. I need the noise of a fan to fall asleep. So we couldn’t even leave the TV or some music on because that would have kept me up even more. I guess I was able to eventually fall asleep in the silence (after tossing and turning for probably an hour each night), but Michael had to put his headphones in to listen to music. And speaking of a fan, there was no fan in the bathroom. I really dislike whenever we go to a resort and the bathroom has no fan at all. Like, I am also one of those people that sometimes can’t pee in a public bathroom….I am a weirdo. I need some noise.

My pillows. The beds we slept on were heavenly, seeing how we sleep on a queen bed at home and we really really need to buy a new mattress (like, there are deep body indents in ours, yikes), you can imagine my excitement when we go away and there is a cloud like king bed in our room. But the pillows are always what makes me uncomfortable. They are either too soft or too hard. The pillows in the Bahamas were very good and comfy, but I still like my pillows. It takes me a little while to get used to ‘unknown’ pillows, you feel me? 

I just have to keep reminding myself of these little things that I did miss about being home, because in all honesty I would probably give anything to be laying on the beach in the Bahamas today….33522422_10155705839837831_1090801515704090624_n.jpg

What are some things you miss from home when you are away?



2 thoughts on “The little things

  1. I hear you on the ‘need for sound’ thing…
    It’s weird but I simply can’t relax when everything is absolutely quiet: it reminds me of those horror movies where the girl is just about to get ambushed on that deserted, empty, silent street… *shudder”

    BTW I simply love your style of writing: it’s just so entertaining and refreshingly open, it’s like I ‘m speaking face-to-face with you…
    Love your blog <3

    1. RIGHT!! Omg!!! I’m so glad I am not alone in this “need for noise” thing!! Hahaha!

      Awww thank you so much!! I am so glad you are liking my blog! That means so much to me and you just made my day!! Xoxo

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