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Our first day of our anniversary vacay: Arriving in Delray Beach, Florida

Good morning! Happy Tuesday! Thanks so much for coming by my blog today, I appreciate it 🙂

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend filled with love, laughter, and peace! I had a good weekend, I am actually still “weekend-ing” over here; we extended our weekend to have today off too. (Yay!) I got to spend some time with my family and a little bit with Michael also…which is always nice! It wasn’t really nice out weather wise, besides Saturday, and was pretty cold around here. Like, I was shivering! 50 degrees is not warm at all, especially after being in the beautiful Bahamian sunshine. 😉 I kicked off the weekend with many workouts each morning, and lots and lots of coffee. I think I am still feeling the post vacation blues and feeling some type of sickness brewing. I think my body is just trying it’s hardest to fight a cold or something because my throat has been hurting along with some sinus pressure. Yuck.

Today’s post will be the start of our anniversary vacation recaps! We went to Delray Beach Florida for the first part of our trip before heading over to the Bahamas, just like last year.

I actually didn’t know if I wanted to just have one long post about our whole entire stay at Delray Beach, or if I should break it up into several posts (or more like a lot of posts). And after much thought (like literally, days and days of thinking about it), I decided that I am going to break it up because it would be way too many words and way too many pictures/randomness in one post. So, how about spreading it out and extending these vacation recaps for a little longer, mmmkay? 

I am starting this series of posts off with Our first day of our anniversary vacay: Arriving in Delray Beach, Florida. 

Our flight was in the morning out of Boston Logan Airport into West Palm Beach Florida.

We were delayed a little due to some weather, but we got out in no time and was in Florida after three hours. Unfortunately, our TVs didn’t work on the flight (actually, they didn’t work on ANY flight…boo Jetblue), so I had to keep my mind off of flying with music. Disney, 50 Cent, Drake, Future, and Michael Buble did the trick for me that flight. Also having Michael, Shellie May and my Sea-Bands helped too.

Let’s talk about those SeaBands for a second: I am not sure if they “really work” or if it just a whole mind thing with me. I first saw them on Courtney’s blog when she mentioned that she got them for a flight she took a while back. Once I read about them, I decided to just give it a try and see if they will help me at all. These SeaBands are to help with motion sickness, and even though I am not sure if it is “motion sickness” that gets me all cray, but I was willing to try anything….without the use of medication. Guys, I freak out and have anxiety during know this. Sometimes it even gets so bad where I have a full on panic attack and cannot feel my hands and I am in a full shaking panic attack. Those usually happen when there is turbulence, the plane feels like it is falling 10,000 feet, and when my stomach or head hurt really bad to the point where I might get sick. (But if you have been reading for a while, you know that will NOT happen, and CANNOT happen due to my emetophobia…) Anyways, it was a good flight. The pilot and co-pilot came on the speaker a lot to inform us of bumps and any other things that may be happening during our flight, which I always appreciate and feel like the pilot totally knows what he is doing….do any of you feel the same? Like if the pilot comes on the speaker to talk to us, it just puts your mind at ease and makes you feel like he’s got this?! No? Just me? Either way, I usually get all anxious when we are halfway through the flight and the pilot hasn’t been on the speaker AT ALL.

By 3ish, we landed in West Palm and were excited to get our rental car and get to our hotel! We always rent a full size or standard car with Alamo, but this time we got upgraded to a Cadillac. Whenever we are in Orlando, upgrades do not happen. It’s like a curse or something, we always just laugh at the cars we get, because more often than not it is pretty small and not something we would drive at home. I don’t know what it is, but I always get a kick out of where our license plate is from, and wonder if people actually think we are from that state. (Weirdo, I know.) This time we were “from” Minnesota. I tried my best at talking in a “Minnesota accent”, but I think it was a total fail. Haha.

We stayed at the Delray Beach Marriott again (see, we are totally creatures of habit) just like last year. I think this was our last time staying there though, seeing as it is kind of outdated and our room had a funky smell (yet again) in it. I think this trip made us realize that this hotel is nothing special and we definitely want to go to a better hotel next time. I just love the convenience of having the beach right across the street, their pool is nice, and THEIR SPA is amazing! (More on the spa later). But I am sure there is way better of a hotel around there. We arrived in our room (oops, total blogger fail, how did I not take a picture of the room?) which I think it might have even been legit the SAME exact room as last year, believe it or not. That smell in the bathroom (like a strong B.O. smell) had not gone away, and it was pretttttttty nasty. I am once again kicking myself in the butt for not saying something right when entering our room, but I was just so eager to get our vacation started that I didn’t even want to say a peep about it to the front desk. (When we mentioned it last year, they kind of just made us seem like we were imagining this “smell” and didn’t give us an option of switching rooms, so I guess that is the main reason why we didn’t say anything about it.) 

Anyways, we went to the pool to lay out in the warm sunshine for a little while before getting ready to go out. Actually, it was pretty cloudy, but I didn’t care. Clouds weren’t going to stop me from being out in that glorious Florida heat!

Michael was in desperate need of a haircut (his barbershop that he usually goes to was closed when he wanted to go, so we were on the hunt for a good one in Delray), so we ended up going to Lanzetta’s Classic Barbershop right off of Atlantic Ave in Pineapple Grove after researching some high rated barbershops in the area. Michael got a really good haircut by Billy Jean. I was really crossing my fingers that Michael liked it so much, we would have to move down there. Juuuuuust kidddingggg…..maybe? 😉

Just like last year, we kicked off our vacation by going to dinner the first night at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, where we sat outside….before we got eaten alive by mosquitos. 

We ordered some drinks, Michael ordered some chicken wings and a pizza, and the large classic salad for me. Cheers!

We had to move inside once it started down pouring, which is when we realized we both had so many bug bites all over us. I got 5 on my leg, and they were already swollen and itchy as heck. By the way, I really think I am allergic to bug bites. Those things were ginormous the whole week. Our food came once we were seated inside, perfect!

Side note: I modified the salad to have NO celery (I know, what kind of weirdo vegan am I? I have always hated everything about celery ever since I was a child.), and no salt & pepper, all with balsamic vinegar on the side in which I drenched the salad in. Mmmmmm, I love me some balsamic vinegar! We also got a side of focaccia bread. Our food was yummmmyyy and we had a great time laughing and just being together on vacay!! After dinner, we went back to our hotel to grab some drinks from the hotel bar, and then went back to our room to watch the Celtics game and get in our comfy clothes since we were both super sleepy from traveling.

It was a great start to an AMAZING vacation, let me tell you! Stay tuned for more of the fun!! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Our first day of our anniversary vacay: Arriving in Delray Beach, Florida

  1. I hope you’re not getting sick, and if you are, that it will be short lived! I also think I’m allergic to bug bites. They’ll swell up to a HUGE size. Your dress (or top? I can’t tell from the pics) that you’re wearing in the last couple pictures is so cute!

    1. Omg, the bug bites get like ginormous right?!! My husband just gets normal ones and I get these welt size looking things, haha! Hey, at least I am not the only one 😉 Thank you love! My dress is Lilly Pulitzer! I hope you are having a great week! Xoxo

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