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Our Second Day of our Anniversary Vacay: Sunshine, palm trees, and ocean breeze in Florida

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday! I’m coming at you today feeling really thankful we had another day off from work yesterday, seeing as though I felt pretty crappy for most of the day…but I’m feeling somewhat better today. No time for sickness over here! Like I had mentioned yesterday, I think my body is fighting something, and mannnnn was I feeling it yesterday afternoon.

To keep the vacation recap going on, today’s post will be about our second day in Delray Beach! Missed the post about our first day? Find it HERE! 

Mmmm….palm trees, sunshine, the ocean, and Florida air. That’s pretty much heaven if you ask me.img_6659-2It was just so peaceful to wake up, open up the slider door in our room (which we barely had a balcony, but we could at least stand out there), listen to the ocean waves, and feel the warmth and humidity of the Florida air. I took it all in for a couple minutes our first morning waking up there, then did a quick 15ish minute ab workout on a towel on the floor near our bed just to wake up my body. I checked the weather radar and it seemed like the sunshine wasn’t going to last all day, so I woke up Michael, and decided to head to the beach while we could soak up some sun. It felt so good to feel the ocean breeze blow through my hair and put my toes in the sand.

We were kind of limited on time to spend at the beach, so after about an hour we went back to the hotel and headed to the breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant. I filled a plate with fruit, and toasted up a piece of whole wheat bread. I pretty much fought with the toaster oven inside that restaurant every day and wasted so many pieces of bread sadly. It was either not toasted enough (which is gross) or way too burnt. I think by the last day there I finally figured out just the right number of times to put a piece of bread through and at just the right speed and temperature in order to make it juuuust right.

After breakfast, it was time for Michael and I to part ways for a couple hours. He went to jujitsu training while I hit up nSpa for a heavenly pedicure. Thank the Lord (for Michael’s sake) we don’t live close to that spa, because I would be there probably twice a week if that were the case. It is just so relaxing and every service I ever get there is just phenomenal. After the spa, I met back up with Michael and went to lay out by the pool.

We also got lunch at the pool. A garden salad and a fruit bowl for me, along with a Turkey Club Sandwich for Michael. Yum!!! Look at that fruit!!!! Happy dance!!

Once we were done with lunch it started to get real cloudy and lookin’ like it was going to rain, so we went inside to change into our workout clothes and get our behind’s to the fitness center!

Their fitness center is kinda small but has weights, machines, treadmills, ellipticals (I hated their ‘ellipticals’, it was like some weird machine I tried but couldn’t stand to do more than 10 minutes), and bikes.

Like I just said, I did the “elliptical” looking thing for like 10 minutes and then just hopped on the treadmill. It wasn’t the best workout of my life, but at least we got our bodies moving. True story: I really don’t like working out after I ate. I mean yeah I will, but I would rather work out with an empty stomach and not having eaten anything. It just works for me and my body, and I get a better workout.

We went back to our room to get ready for our night. I wore a black BCBG jumpsuit that I had bought at TjMaxx, and that I am obsessed with. I felt smokin’ in that thing to be quite honest with ya’ll. Let me tell you about my love/hate relationship with TjMaxx for a second: I have to want to shop when I go in there, like it takes effort to search through every single rack there, but sometimes I get lucky (like when I found this) and it is just hanging on the outside of a rack waiting for me to try on and buy. Most of the time I leave there after 10 minutes with nothing.

We walked over to Caffe Luna Rosa (in the spitting rain…boooo) for dinner and was greeted by the always welcoming and friendly workers there. We sat down and ordered some drinks. Cheers!

I love dining there as it is right on South Ocean Blvd. and you have the view of the waves and palm trees. Mmmmm. I could really really pack our things and move down there right this second, just saying. 

We were brought a basket of bread (danger, danger, I love me some bread but then later regret it) while we waited for our meals.

First up we got a salad that our waitress recommended. I requested balsamic vinegar on the side and our waitress went pretty much ballistic at the horrific thought that I douse my salads in vinegar. She was seriously so concerned about me “ruining this salad” with the vinegar and couldn’t believe her eyes when I just kept pouring that deliciousness all over my plate. I guess she had never seen anyone put straight up vinegar and no oil on their salad before? It was pretty funny. I could drink vinegar, especially balsamic vinegar. Mmmmm! Anyways, for my meal I ordered the vegetarian dish which I got to pick four veggies and chose (double) asparagus, broccolini, and mixed veggies. I honestly don’t remember what Michael got, but obviously it was some pasta dish.

I was very pleased they had a dish especially for vegetarians because I usually have to ask for something special or just order a side salad as a meal at most places. We left with full bellies and smiles on our faces. Since it was raining and we weren’t able to walk around Atlantic Ave. like we had hoped, we decided to head upstairs of Boston’s to 50 Ocean for some drinks!

I got my ‘usual’ drink that I get whenever we go out somewhere if not champagne; diet coke with vanilla vodka and some cherries. Those drinks were extremely strong and wowzaaaa! I wasn’t really able to drink all that, but I had a couple sips and just enjoyed being out with the hubs! 😉

It was a fabulous day! Stay tuned for more!! ♥♥

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