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Our Third Day of Our Anniversary Vacay: The night we had the worst dinner service of our lives. (TOL #47)

Hey hey party people! Happy Thursday! We are almost to the weekend! I had one super sweaty workout this morning: 30 minute HIIT workout, and then a super quick 1 mile run on the treadmill. I don’t know what it was, but the music on my Pandora stations were pumpin’ me up today and I was all about the sweat. (True story: I kept switching Pandora stations, and managed to hear absolutely no commercials during my whole entire workout…now how did that happen!?)

I’m linking this post up with the ever so fabulous Amanda to join in on her Thinking Out Loud Party, per the usual happenings over here on a Thursday! 😉 Thinking-Out-Loud.jpg

Today’s post is another recap of our anniversary vacay: Our third day in Delray Beach: The night we had the worst dinner service of our lives. (OMG!) Miss any of the fun? Find our first day HERE, and second day HERE.

Unlike the previous morning waking up in Florida, it was a rainy start to the day. So going to the beach early wasn’t in the cards for us. The good thing about rain in Florida (most of the time) is that it doesn’t last too long, and even if you get rain for some part of the day, it usually doesn’t last all day long. I started the morning off with a quick 20ish minute workout, again, on a towel on the floor of our hotel room. I think I did a quick workout every morning and night on our vacation…because, bikinis people. original.gif

We had to eat breakfast at the hotel restaurant inside that day, instead of eating outside. OMG, do you remember last year’s breakfast when a bird ate my english muffin the time I was eating breakfast by myself outside there? Thankfully the birds calmed down this year and we didn’t have any events like that one. Anyways, I filled my plate with the usual suspects: fruit and a side of toast. (Again, after having wasted a couple pieces of bread because of that lovely toaster oven). Lol. Coffee was overflowing with many cups too…

After breakfast, we noticed the sun was shining (YAY!) and while Michael headed to jujitsu training, I went outside to lay on the pool chairs to soak up some sun before heading to the spa again! I’m telling ya’ll, if we lived close by to this hotel I would hit up that spa at least two times a week….just saying…

Not before long was it time for me to head on over to nSpa for a heavenly 50 minute massage. I was legit in heaven I tell ya. HEAVEN!! If I could just live in those comfy robes and be massaged all day every day, I would be one (stress free) happy, happy girl.

I certainly was glowing after that glorious massage. I pretty much told my masseuse to “tickle me” because I really don’t like deep massages at all. She knew exactly what kind of pressure to apply, and it was amaaaaaazingggg!Peter-Pan.gif

I met back up with Michael to go to the pool to grab some lunch. A garden salad with vinegar (duh) for me (with pickles, because even though I asked for them on the side, I got some on my salad too), and a cheeseburger for him.

We stayed out there for a little while before it started to get cloudy with some rain clouds.

Before the rain, we walked (ran, rushed, whatever you wanna call it, to miss that rain) to C. Orrico- Lilly Pulitzer store on Atlantic Ave so I could find myself a new dress to wear! I ended up getting the Marlisa Maxi Dress. (Excuse the awful hotel room lighting in these pictures, I just wanted to show you the cute Lilly on me!)

Once we were both all ready to go, we headed to 50 Ocean again for happy hour where we enjoyed the views of the ocean and palm trees while sipping on some Pinot Grigio (for me) and beer (I think? for Michael). I really don’t like wine, but I guess I was feeling it that night and could tolerate that one glass (that I didn’t even finish). Do you see those views up there!?! Absolutely breathtaking!

We stayed there for a couple hours before heading over to Cut 432 for dinner. Now, we have never been there before, but read and heard some good reviews on that place so we wanted to try it out…which we soon learned that was a big mistake and should have gone somewhere else. All was good when we arrived, the hostesses were super nice and even took our picture outside and got us a table inside just incase it were to rain again.

Our waiter (I don’t remember his name, unfortunately) started out being attentive to us, taking our orders and asking if we wanted drinks or anything. I ordered a glass of champagne, which I might add that waiter recommended and which I later learned that it was a whopping $27 PER GLASS…apparently I am fancy, and Michael ordered a gin and tonic. Okay great. Some other workers (bus boys?) come by with our drinks, fill up our waters, bring us some biscuits, and we think we are having a grand old time. Shortly after, our waiter came and rushed us through to order our meals. After a little, Michael was given his starter salad (again, by a bus boy), and we were given our food (again, not by our waiter). I asked for the dressing on the side for my salad, but saw that there was dressing on it so I asked the nice man to send it back and remake it, in the kindest way possible. Ok great, no big deal, still enjoying ourselves. The nice man brings out a new salad for me and all is still fine. Until we were finished our meals, only to see our waiter has been around our table, only to attend to another (larger, I must add) table next to us. He TOTALLY ignored us the second that other table sat down..which was probably when we were given those biscuits, so pretty much the whole entire time we were there. Never once did he ask if our food was okay. Never once did he ask if we would like another drink (because Michael certainly did). He never asked us ANYTHING! He didn’t even look at us! At that point we felt pretty crappy to be quite honest. I have never been dining at a restaurant and been ignored by our waiter, given the snub shoulder…ever. I am not even trying to just be a picky brat or anything. I really wanted to cry with how awful we felt, sitting at the table, looking around like we were losers. We had been sitting at our table for probably about 15 minutes longer (done our meals and everything) when the waiter went back to the other table to get their food orders and continued to give us that cold shoulder, walking away (without even looking at us, again), and that is when I said “excuse me! We need our check, please!”. He brought the check over, but again never asked us how our dinner was or anything, never thanking us or anything. That was a whopping $170 dinner, with the most awful service I have ever received in my whole lifetime. We requested to speak to the manager once we got up and left our table. The manager was “so sorry” and gave us a $25 gift certificate, which is not the point. We did not care for the price at all. We did not want a free dinner, we did not want a discount, or that gift certificate. What we wanted was to feel like a human being and to feel like we actually mattered in that restaurant. When you dine at a restaurant, no matter if you spend $70 or $170 (not the point), you should be treated kindly. Sure, maybe your waiter/waitress is having a bad day, but when your waiter COMPLETELY ignores your table and caters to the larger table next to you, then that is when I get upset.

Fortunately, we didn’t let that ruin our night. We were able to shake it off once we walked away, and hopped in our car with no where to be, but with each other. We both didn’t want to end our night like that, so Michael drove along the ocean, windows down, and music blasted. What’s one lousy dinner experience have on us when we have our love, anyway?!

Ultimately, that awful dinner service could have really put a damper on our trip, and really could have ruined the night for us, but we didn’t let it. Yeah, it was sucky that we were ending our first part of our anniversary vacay with such a crumby dinner, but we didn’t let it ruin anything. I mean, sure we got upset about it in the moment, but that didn’t last long at all.

Oh, and that $25 gift certificate the manager gave us? I gave it to the valet attendant at our hotel that night…and it seemed to turn that man’s night right around. He sure was happy about it. We certainly will not be dining there ever again, but that doesn’t mean that other people won’t. I just hope that Cut 432 does not treat any other people dining there like that again, because ALL people deserve to have a good dining experience no matter how much money they are spending.

Stay tuned for more!!

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Have a wonderful day! ♥♥♥


2 thoughts on “Our Third Day of Our Anniversary Vacay: The night we had the worst dinner service of our lives. (TOL #47)

  1. That totally sucks about the service. I probably would have asked to speak to a manager BEFORE I paid the bill. Please tell me that you didn’t tip because you were essentially ignored, which was totally uncalled for.

    1. Oh girl, we left the EXACT amount of the check, $170.something. I have never left absolutely no tip for anyone before, but this guy deserved no tip so that is what he got! It was so rude!

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