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Our last morning in Delray Beach & first night in the Bahamas: The night I shook some cow bells

Happy Monday morning, friends! A new week is ahead of us, and I hope you are welcoming it with open arms! I know I am ready for a new week after this weekend. This morning started with a 45 minute sweat session. I ended up doing a 15 minute ab and arm workout and then a 30 minute HIIT run on the treadmill. Today is very chilly and pouring rain outside, so I think today will be all about snuggling on the couch watching some movies and shows.

How was your weekend? We went to a beautiful wedding on Friday, where I wore this dress from Lulus. I felt pretty and I loved the color and especially that slit! I might be crazy and order this dress in more colors, only because it is that amazing!

I ended up getting major blisters on the bottom of both of my feet from my shoes, but I only ended up feeling it when I was walking to my car at the end of the night, which I call a win in my book! I have been feeling it all weekend, but I think it is safe to say my feet are finally feeling back to normal now. And these bug bites that I got on Thursday night? I had a BIG scare when I went to get my hair done before the wedding, one of them swelled up so much it was taking over my thigh. I literally thought I was in major trouble, but luckily it went down by the next morning. I now have to remember to bring bug spray with me ALWAYS no matter if I think I am going to be outside or not, because I cannot risk getting bug bites anymore. Ever since last July in Disney, I have developed an allergy to mosquito bites I guess. I don’t like how I feel when I have them (probably because I freak out), and I don’t like how it makes my legs (or wherever they are) look deformed and take over my skin with swelling.

Anyways, let’s dive right into today’s post!! This post is all about our last morning in Delray Beach & first night in the Bahamas of our anniversary vacay: The night I shook some cow bells.

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Our last morning in Delray started with going to the breakfast buffet at the hotel. We sat outside (since of course it wasn’t raining, because we were leaving..haha), where I filled my plate with fruit, and a side of wheat toast (unpictured), that, like I said before, was perfectly toasted because of course I got the hang of that tricky toaster oven on our last day! 😉 And many cups of coffee.

Luckily our flight wasn’t until 1pm, so we took our time getting ready and packing up our stuff before heading over to the Ft. Lauderdale airport, which I must add, is an airport that I hate with a passion. There is just so much chaos, and so many people.

We had a couple of delays (seriously, Ft. Lauderdale airport is the worst one for delays because of all of the madness happening around you…and the crowdedness), but were on our way to the Bahamas in no time!

I love flying from Florida to the Bahamas; the water is so gorgeous from up there. And, it is like a 35 minute flight, which is obviously another reason why I love it so much..hahaha.

After that super short flight, we landed, and literally SPED through customs (totally different from last year), got our luggage within 10 minutes of landing, and were off to check into the Sandals area for our ride to the resort! I don’t think we have ever sped through any airport like that before to be honest, and I took that as a sign of the best vacation ever was going to be happening!

We got the beautiful Rolls Royce car to take for our ride to the resort again. The drive is quick from the Nassau Airport to Sandals, and is pretty freaky to be on the wrong side of the road, but absolutely beautiful when driving along the gorgeous blue water.

We were greeted by one of our butlers, Johnnie B. (who was the BEST, might I add), and showed us to our room. Our room choice was changed after we booked it, apparently because they “changed the names of the rooms” (I called and asked), to the Windsor Honeymoon One Bedroom Butler Suite. Hey, we weren’t exactly on our honeymoon, but I’ll take it. 😉 Our room was at the end of the Windsor Building on the fourth floor, ocean view and beautiful! We had a separate living room and bar area, along with a bedroom and large bathroom. I was happy to see it was not the same exact type of room we had in the past two years. I liked this room better!

This was our view from our balcony; absolutely breathtaking and very easy to get used to if I do say so myself. (Yeah, it was super cloudy for most of the days we were there, but we still managed to get burnt and super tan!)

We had about two hours to do whatever we wanted before we had to get ready for dinner, and since we were itching to just get our bums to that pool area, we decided to go relax on the pool chairs at the Windsor pool and just enjoy life!

Not before long, it was time for us to head back to our room and get ready for our first dinner in the Bahamas! I wore this romper from Express, and I was obsessed.

Johnnie B. brought us to dinner, but of course happily took our picture before. (I think our butlers got very used to taking pictures of us, because obviously I needed pictures every single night..haha) 

The first dinner was at Spices, which seems to be the tradition here because every year we have been to Sandals, our first night always starts at Spices!

I ordered a salad, along with a plate of steamed vegetables, and their vegetarian plate (because our waitress said the chef was adamant on me getting it) which came with some garlic nan bread, steamed basmati rice, and some vegetable curry that was veggies in mango chutney sauce.

Michael ordered their jerk chicken wings for an appetizer, and some more jerk chicken for his meal. He was really feeling that jerk chicken apparently! 😉

It was a wonderful dinner and we really enjoyed ourselves! Once we were finished, we headed to the Royal Theater to catch the entertainment for the night. You may remember from my posts from last year, we LOVE the entertainment team. They always show us a good time and have us loving every second of being at Sandals! Here are our favorites: Peter and the boss lady herself, Ann Marie.

The entertainment for that night (Friday) was their Junkanoo Festival, fire show, and limbo. It was so fun, and both me and Michael even went up on stage!! I got chosen to shake some cow bells (by myself, alone….on stage…..with all eyes on me….ahh!) and Michael went up to do some manly dance moves (hilarious), and we both did limbo (in which I failed on the second round, which I am blaming on my wedges).

I wish I had pictures of Michael on stage, but I only took videos…and I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate me blasting them on here 😉 (You’re welcome). But I did take photos of the fire show!!

It was a wonderful start to an amazing Bahamas vacation!

Stay tuned for more of the fun!! ♥♥

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