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Our first full day in the Bahamas: our two year anniversary!

Good morning! Ohh Tuesday, we meet again. You all know Tuesday is really my Monday, and I don’t know about you, but I am so very tired today. Kind of silly because I didn’t do much of anything yesterday besides catch up on Imposters. I may or may not have binge watched a bunch of episodes…not all at once, but still. I have been getting terrible sleep since the weekend and have yet to catch up on all the hours of sleep I’ve been missing. Hopefully I can get some nice peaceful rest tonight. Hopefully. Anyway, this morning started very sleepily, with a 30 minute bodyweight workout and then a 30 minute run/walk on the treadmill. I was reallllly close to just not working out all together because of this tiredness, but I got it done and felt better afterwards! There will be lots and lots of coffee in my future today, that’s for sure.

Today’s post will be another recap from our anniversary vacay. In particular, our first full day in the Bahamas: our two year anniversary! Missed any of the fun? Find day one here, day two here, day three here, and arriving in the Bahamas here!

I think I slept so well our first night knowing that we were in the Bahamas, in a really comfy bed with really comfy pillows, with the ocean being steps away from our room. It’s just so amazing! Our first full day there was actually our two year anniversary date, which just so happened to be the same day of the Royal Wedding (5/19!)! See, I knew May 19th was the best day ever!!! Michael and I both happened to wake up and turn on the tv just in time to see Meghan walk down the aisle, and it was so sweet! I actually was all ready to go, despite being up way past my bed time the night before (Fun fact: every night in the Bahamas I was up WAY past my bedtime, I’m talking like 1am-2am bedtime each night…). Michael was still laying in bed and tired, so I walked to the Penthouse Gym which is located in the Balmoral Tower.

I know I posted about it last year, but I just need to say…LOOK at that view! I mean come on guys! Whether you like to work out or not, or if you work out every day at home or never, I mean you could TOTALLY crush a workout with this stunning view!!

Yes. I could totally crush a workout with that amazing view, every single day. I think I worked out with the biggest smile on my face the whole entire time….like a happy weirdo. 😉 I ended up doing the elliptical for 25 minutes and the treadmill for about 30. I was feeling great and ready to kick off our anniversary!

Once I got back to our room, I quickly showered, threw on my bathing suit, and exchanged anniversary cards with Michael.

We went to Spices for breakfast for their breakfast buffet where I filled my plate with fruit, and a piece of wheat toast (unpictured). I also had many cups of coffee, of course.

After breakfast we went to our chairs at the pool, where we laid for the whole entire day. Funny thing is it wasn’t even “sunny”…mainly cloudy with little sun, and even though we still wore sunscreen we kinda got burnt.

In between laying, we went in the pool and to the beach many times. Our butler also brought us some lunch…and a magnificent fruit plate for me. (Oh, this one wasn’t even a good one….I was in HEAVEN with the amazing fruit!)

We were outside until about 4pm, and made it back to our room with tan bodies and burnt faces. Crazy how that happens even on cloudy days in the Bahamas! A little nap was in order before we got ready to go to dinner.

I wore this dress from Express! This was actually one of the things, along with that romper from the night before, that I bought on that Friday night before we left when I went to the mall, all frantic, to find some outfits to wear since I had to send 2 of my Lulus dresses back. I loved how it was off the shoulder, all flowy, and kind of like a high low thing going on.

Once we were all ready and pictures were taken, our butler Demery (who was only with us for that one night, and then got booted off our team sadly) brought us over to Casanova for some Italian. I LOVE that restaurant. They have an antipasto bar where you can get ALL THE THINGS from steamed/sauteed veggies, salads, bruschetta, and meats and cheeses. I filled many plates high with salad, veggies, and some bruschetta and was one happy girl. For our meals, I basically just asked the waitress to ask the chef to make me a plate of some steamed veggies; I got eggplant, squash, and some chopped up carrots, tomatoes, and other veggies on top. Michael got the chicken parmesan. Yum yum!

After dinner, we went to the Piano bar and hung out there for a while, meeting new friends, sipping on some drinks!!

Once we made it back to our hotel room (way past my bed time) we found a nice surprise on our bed from our butler in honor of our anniversary!! Chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate cake, and rose petals on some towels. So adorable, and such a beautiful way to end our anniversary!!

Funny story…we had no forks or anything, and since Michael was eyeing that chocolate cake like it was gold, he literally dug into it with his fingers. Hahahaha. I ate one of those chocolate covered strawberries and ohhhhh were they sooooo yummy!!!

It was a fabulous way to celebrate our anniversary! 

Stay tuned for more!! Xoxo ♥♥


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