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Our second full day in the Bahamas: I could get used to this life

Happy hump dayyyy!! Anyone else feel like this week is dragging by so slowly? I think yesterday in itself felt like two whole days, but that’s just me. The good news is I actually got to spend some time with Michael! He has been working a lot so I haven’t really had time with him, but last night was good. We watched Game Night…if you haven’t seen that movie, I suggest you do. It was a good one! My morning started (once again very sleepily) with a 35 minute HIIT workout and a 25 minute walk on the treadmill. I so wanted to run, but then another part of me was not having it, so I just went with it and walked. Better than nothin’, right? 

Today’s post is another recap of our anniversary vacay! Specifically our second full day in the Bahamas: the day I felt like I could have really got used to this wonderful life (in the Bahamas) 😉 Missed any of the other posts? Find our days spent in Delray Beach here, here, and here, our first night in the Bahamas here, and our first full day here!

Ahh…waking up to the sound of the ocean waves and the salty breeze is just so soothing. I think the first thing I did each morning was open the door to our balcony (in the other room, don’t worry ladies, I didn’t wake up my husband) and just take in every breath of that Bahamian air. I definitely kept thinking that ‘I could get used to this life.’

My morning started with a walk to the penthouse gym again for a workout!

I was feeling real tired that day from staying up way past my bedtime again, but still managed to get in a good workout…probably because of that view! (See, I could totally get used to this life of working out in the penthouse gym, with a view of that water.) I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and then 30 minutes on the treadmill. Okay, now people, do you notice that super red nose on me?!?! Yup. Told ya that Bahamian sun shining through the clouds was strong the day before, ya’ll. 😉 I called myself Rudolph and just went with it.

After the gym, I went back to our room to wake up Michael (see, I let the man sleep, I am so sweet), shower, get in my bathing suit and head on over to Casanova for some breakfast!! Delicious fresh fruit and coffee for me, yes please! (I could totally get used to this life of sitting outside on the patio with a view of the pool, palm trees, ocean, and sky while eating a delicious breakfast…) 

After breakfast, we took a walk to the resort gift shop to get some 50 SPF because clearly that 30 I had on the day before was not strong enough. We went back to our room to lather myself up in that stuff, grab my floppy hat (because I needed to shield my face, my forehead was so painful….the burn was real people), and was greeted with a wonderful sign from our two amazing butlers at our door! If you didn’t already know, I could get used to this life!

To the pool we went, where our chairs were already reserved for us from our butlers. (cough cough I could get used to this life….)

We were out there for many hours, switching between the pool and the beach, keeping myself mostly under the umbrella so my sunburn didn’t get worse since it was gloriously sunny out that day! (I could get used to this beach bum life…)

Lunch was brought to us again from our butler, but we also went to the Royal Cafe so I could hit up their salad bar (unpictured). I clearly wasn’t focused on the food like I was focused on the scenery and my husband, that’s for sure…..I could get used to this life.

After lunch, we went back to the pool and beach until a little after 4pm and then went back to our room, only to be greeted by the most beautiful and delicious fruit plate from our butler Johnnie B. NOM NOM NOM. The man, Johnnie B, really truly spoiled me, and totally understood my need for delicious fruit plates (and totally understood how high maintenance I was, to be honest)…..I could get used to this life. 

After snacking, we took a little nap before getting ready for dinner. I wore this dress from Lulus….LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love the color, how it is off the shoulder, the flowy-ness, and just everything about it! You know what the best part about going on a beach vacay to an amazing resort? All you need are your bathing suits for daytime and cute dresses and heels for nighttime. … I could totally get used to this life….

We met up with our butler, Scott, who of course took some pictures of us before bringing us into Baccarat for dinner! Photoshoots daily? I could get used to this life.

I mean, do you see that romantic table he set up for us?! Beautiful! Yup. I could totally get used to this life.

Champagne for me, and wine for Michael. Cheers!!

We both got a salad to start, dressing on the side for me. I asked the waiter to have the chef whip me up something with steamed vegetables, and Michael ordered the steak dish. The waiter brought out a magnificent dinner for me: vegetables and white rice….I mean come on!!! I could totally get used to this life. 

After dinner we went to the piano bar again, where we met up with some friends and Michael sang his little heart out with a couple other guys….making my heart flutter out of my chest. I could realllllllly get used to this life…

You see here friends, I don’t think I ever stopped smiling and loving life one bit. And to be quite honest, I really did get used to living that beach bum, Bahamian sun kissed, loving every second of being alive, life. 

Stay tuned for more of the fun! ♥♥

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