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Our third full day in the Bahamas: The night we took a limo ride to the fish fry & casino

Hey hey! Happy Monday morning! I hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was alright, I was very thankful the sun was shining and the warmer weather is (hopefully) here to stay!

Before jumping into today’s post, I need to say a very big THANK YOU to the readers who had commented, and reached out to me regarding my last post. You bet I was so nervous to hit that publish button because I didn’t know how you all would take it, and I don’t usually go so deep and be so vulnerable on here, but I felt like I needed to share my story.  I think there will be more of those deep posts coming your way on here, what do you think?

I am back with a recap of our amazing anniversary vacay that we took last month. There’s only a few left! Missed any of the other posts? Find my Delray Beach posts here, here, and here, arriving in the Bahamas here, day one here, and day two here.

Our third full day in the Bahamas: The night we took a limo to the fish fry & casino with new friends!

The morning started a bit later than usual for me, seeing how I was up every morning either before 7 or right at 7, I opted to stay in bed with Michael longer. I was tiredddddd from the night before.It was absolutely beautiful out this day; the sun was shining and you could feel it!

We went to breakfast at Casanova again, sat outside and was greeted with a GORGEOUS view. I filled my plate with the usual; fruit, an (unpictured) english muffin, and many cups of coffee. Reusing the day’s before picture of fruit because apparently I was a hungry monster and ate my food without a picture, oops. 

Once we were done breakfast it was time for the usual Bahamian vacation lifestyle; pool and beach ALL DAY!

Seriously, I could have just stayed there forever.

Later on, we went to the Royal Cafe for some lunch, and saved a seat for our favorite entertainer: Peter! We always like to go out to lunch with him on the days he is working during the day to just catch up! And of course, I didn’t take a picture of my salad plate, but just imagine a plate of delicious chilled salad on a hot day.

We stayed out by the pool with some friends we met there, who felt like we had been friends with forever, until about 5pm came around and it was definitely time to get ready for a fun night out! We all planned to go to the Fish Fry and to Baha Mar for the casino! I wore this dress from Lulu’s and I am OBSESSED. It is so cute and I love the way it looks and feels on! But, I must be honest, it is completely see through, and I mean you can’t even wear anything nude colored underneath there.

We met in the Piano Bar and headed outside to where our butler, Johnnie B., was waiting for us with our limo ride. I think it’s safe to say we were all SMOKIN’ HOT! Am I right?!?!

The limo ride was so much fun! However, I am saying this in the most nonjudgmental way whatsoever….we were definitely NOT prepared for what we were going into when we got to the Fish Fry. I can’t tell you what I thought it would be like, butttttt where we ended up going definitely wasn’t what we thought. And I think our clothes, and ride definitely told that story once we arrived.

Getting out of the limo we were greeted (more like we got hounded) by this guy who ushered us to “the best restaurant on the island” which just so happened to be his restaurant. To this day, we still think it was a whole plan to sucker us into spending tons of money at this guy’s restaurant. I must say I was saying prayers before we got out of that limo. And all I could think was “omg, this just so happened to be the day I didn’t have any underwear on….Lord, help me”. But, once we got out and settled into a very uncomfortable bench and the guy had us ordering shots, drinks, and food (all of which I did not partake in, I was nottttt taking shots of things I did not know what they were, but that is just me), we all felt a little bit more comfortable. I did order a huge coconut to try some fresh Bahamian coconut water! I didn’t really like it, but I was so thirsty I think I drank a little bit of it. And it was cute to hold a real coconut! 😉

We didn’t even go to any other places around there, because we had been at that restaurant for a while and then got back in our limo and headed to Baha Mar. All in all, the Fish Fry wasn’t bad, it just was not what we (well certainly not what I) had thought it would be. I don’t think we all would have dressed up so nicely, nor would we have taken a limo ride to pull up there. I still think we got scammed, but we had fun!

We arrived at Baha Mar where we definitely felt more comfortable and not so overdressed.

Baha Mar is absolutely gorgeous! I mean, LOOK at that huge chandelier and beautiful fire show they had outside!

Everyone gambled while Kristie and I walked to Starbucks and then went into some stores. I was so glad she wasn’t gambling either, because I would rather window shop than gamble 😉

After a couple hours, we actually went to a restaurant inside the casino and all had some food. I don’t even think I knew what the restaurant was called, but I wouldn’t really recommend it either. They had a gluten free pizza on the menu, which I tried ordering, but they didn’t have it, (Why have it on the menu if you don’t even have it?) and me and another one of us ended up waiting a whopping 25 minutes after everyone else got their food for ours. But we all had a fabulous time and enjoyed each other’s company 🙂 We ended up getting back to Sandals around midnight I think? I have no idea. I just know that it was way past my bed time…hahaha. It was such a fabulous night, I had so much fun spending time with our new friends!!

Stay tuned for more fun! Xoxo ♥♥

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