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Our last full day in the Bahamas: Photoshoots & Hibachi

Good morning friends!! Happy Tuesday! As you all know, Tuesday’s are my Monday’s but I started it in a great way, which will sure to make it a good day! I had signed up for the runDisney virtual running shorts again about a couple weeks ago, (all three months this time) and completed the 5k for June this morning! It felt so good to have a goal in mind, and I figured it’s good to keep up running for miles this summer since I will be running the Wine & Dine 10k in November. I was super sweaty, like way more than usual, but I just went with it because my hair was already so dirty and I needed to wash it anyway so hey…why not embrace the sweaty beast?! At least that means I got in a good workout! 😉

If you follow along in my Instagram stories, you already know that hubby got a new car yesterday! His Jeep’s transmission was overheating apparently so it was definitely time for him to get a new car. So, we spent the afternoon at the car dealership (after I got my nails and lashes filled, of course) and he was able to get a new truck. It is nice, and I am SO happy he finally has a new, nice car….one that (hopefully) won’t break every other week.

Anyways, let’s jump into another recap from our anniversary vacation! Missed any of the other posts? Find our Delray Beach recaps here, here, and here. Bahamas recaps here, here, and here! Today’s post will be all about our last full day in the Bahamas: Photoshoots & Hibachi! 

The morning started (again) a bit later than usual, due to the fact we were up wayyyyyyyy past my bedtime the night before. I was actually pretty grumpy, believe it or not, when I woke up that morning knowing that it was our last full day in paradise. I quickly shook that grumpiness away though, thanks to the beauty around us. We had breakfast at Casanova again, and had a beautiful view. (Again, using the picture of my plate from the days before, because I apparently didn’t take a picture of my breakfast that day either.) 

Although it wasn’t all that sunny out, we still laid by the pool day all and soaked it all in.

I had a mini photoshoot on the beach by Michael (in my bathing suit, the horror) and just had fun with it.

I could do that everyday, to be completely honest with you. I totallllllly belong in the Bahamas on the beach, ya’ll. True story: I hate the beaches around here, I’m more of a pool girl, but bring me to the Bahamas and I LOVE IT! 

We stayed at the pool all day and had fun with our new friends, making plans for our last night all together. Michael and I ended up going back to our room to get ready for our night around like 5pm where we were greeted by a BEAUTIFUL fruit plate (literally, the most delicious plate of my whole life) and a nice sign from our Butlers 🙂

I wore this dress from Lulu’s. I LOVED it, along with every other dress I wore, but this one was one of my favorite’s!

We all planned for a late dinner, but instead of Michael and I wasting our last night in our room, we decided to go outside and relax by the beach. So peaceful and so beautiful!!

We walked along the beach and just took in the salty air and were loving life.

Not before long, it was time to meet up with our friends and head to dinner at Kimonos for some hibachi!!! But first, a photoshoot with Johnnie B.!!!

We love Kimonos, especially with a crowd like we had….it was so fun!! Our hibachi chef had us singing and laughing throughout the whole dinner. He even threw an egg at me, which at the time I thought was real, and OF COURSE didn’t catch! I was so nervous it was going to explode all over the place, but it was fake. Haha.

To start, I got a salad as the chef made me my own veggies and rice (Johnnie B. informed the chef I was vegan, so he made my rice without egg and butter and the veggies without butter). All was YUMMMYYYYY!!!

After dinner it was time for not only one…but TWO…rounds of saki bombs, all where Michael was a champ and took TWO at a time since I didn’t want mine. SAKI BOMB! He’s a champ I tell ya.

After dinner, it was time for another photoshoot, this time with everyone! 🙂 🙂

The best people at Sandals!!

We ended the night in the Royal Theater where we just all hung around, talked, laughed, drank, and had tons of fun. I just love when we meet people who feel like we have known forever. When we got back to our room, we were surprised by a rose petal path to our bed and to our bathtub from Johnnie B.!! LOOOOOKKKKK!!! How amazing!!! It was a fabulous way to end this amazing vacay!

Have a fabulous day! Xoxo ♥♥

2 thoughts on “Our last full day in the Bahamas: Photoshoots & Hibachi

  1. What an amazing trip. I am truly jealous. I can’t wait to read your Disney recap in a few months.

    Do you know what is funny? I was just going to ask if you had started running outside again in prep for your Disney race. I will have to keep reminding you that running on the treadmill is not quite the same as running outside! 🙂

    1. It truly was amazing!! I will definitely post all about our Disney trip next month!

      Oh my gosh, yes please keep reminding me!! I need to get outside and run! I’m just so used to my treadmill, but I know I will regret it again if I run this 10k without running outside before like the princess race! I will definitely get out there since the weather is nicer now 🙂 xoxo

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