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Weekend Recap: A beautiful summer weekend!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and a great start to the new week. I sure had a good weekend, but I can’t believe it is already over. Weekends seem to go by so fast, whereas the weekdays go by so slow! I find that the days go by much slower in the summer; when the weather is nice and the sun is shining, the clock just seems to move at turtle speed, but I am hoping today is a different story. Yesterday I took some time to just enjoy the day, which is why I didn’t have a blog post up..but I hope you followed along on my Instagram stories. Anyways, have no fear, I am back today!

This weekend definitely felt like summer time. It was filled with lots of outside time, family time, and time spent with Michael! (Finally!) I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a great weekend to me…and thats exactly what it was!

Saturday morning started with a 30 minute HIIT run, followed by 10 minutes of planks. After I got out of work, I went to hangout with my sister and my nephews at my parent’s house…where my brother and his girlfriend were too. We had fun outside for a while (the boys were having fun in their little pool) and I was just soaking in all the sunshine. Side note, I really need to live somewhere where it is warm out all year. I don’t belong in the cold. After a while longer, Gio and I made an Avengers puzzle and had some snuggle time with Enzo while watching Boss Baby. It’s funny, there are only a number of movies these boys love and watch over and over and over again. Hey, I can’t blame them, we all like what we like..right?! 🙂 Cuties!

A Starbucks run happened once I left there, and then went home for the night where I was such a party animal…AKA in my jammies at 7pm with no shame….no shame at all.

Sunday started with a 40 minute run on my treadmill and a 20 minute ab and arm circuit. It was a great one! I spent some time again outside with the boys, my sister, my brother, and brother in law. They were having so much fun in the little pool, and once again I was enjoying that sunshine and warmth. Later in the afternoon, Michael and I decided to go to a local park so Michael could fish and I could walk on the trail. Oh, and don’t you worry, I was prepared with bug spray! I am not getting attached by bugs again only to have them swell up again. 

It was absolutely gorgeous out….look at that sky!!

Usually I don’t like to walk in the woods on a trail, especially by myself. Only because I don’t know what kind of animals I am going to see. A snake?! Something else?! Ahhh!!!! I only scared myself twice….I mean come on….I could hear animals (squirrels, I know, but in the moment I thought it was something much scarier) in the trees, and then a leaf fell from a tree right in front of me as I was walking which totally freaked me out.

I walked back to reunite with Michael, to find that he caught a huge fish! (Kinda gross, but he loved it.) I admit, I wouldn’t get near that thing and ran away like a baby.

After a little while longer, we headed out, hopped in the car and drove to the farm stand to buy all the fruit and veggies, and eventually ended up at Starbucks!

After our little Starbucks break, we went right back to the great outdoors to another local park.  It was a great day indeed!

Yesterday started with a 45 minute incline walk on my treadmill. I had a bit of work to do before going to my hair appointment, and luckily, I was back home just in time for the treadmill repair man to come fix the fan on my treadmill. He pretty much replaced the whole entire top part of the treadmill, so it basically looks brand new! It only took him a like ten minutes, and here I was annoyed that they gave me a four hour window. Now that would have been kinda yucky if I had to stay inside all afternoon waiting for them, but I did not!! I got to enjoy the beautiful day with Michael outside once again.

It was so humid, but I loved it. I think that is proof that I am destined to be somewhere warm all year round. (Cough, Florida, Cough). 😉

This morning started with such a great and sweaty workout, despite that working fan. I really couldn’t wait to run on my treadmill this morning! I started with a 20 minute cardio and ab circuit, then a 3 mile run. It was super humid out yesterday, so I think my little workout room was real hot because of it…which definitely made for one super duper sweaty workout for sure. What about you? Did you get in a good workout this morning? 

I hope you have a fabulous day!! Xoxo ♥♥

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