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Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional

Hey hey!! Happy Thursday!! Happy first day of SUMMER!!!! My favorite season! I hope you are having a great week, and if not…just know the weekend will be here before you know it. I actually thought it was Friday, but then my phone reminded me otherwise. Whomp whomp.

I had the best intentions of typing up a blog post yesterday but I didn’t have any time to do so before I headed into work. I had to go to the grocery store to stock up on some fruit (yeah, that fruit and veggie haul we got on Sunday afternoon at the farm stand totally didn’t last long at all), and then once I got to work I ended up chatting with some customers all morning…sooooo yeah. It wasn’t going to happen and my poor little blog space was open to a blank document for most of the day, but you know what? That is a-okay! I appreciate you sticking around, and I appreciate you reading my blog! Thank you readers! 🙂

I was totally on the struggle bus this morning and am still feeling super tired. Yesterday, however, was a different story… I woke up earlier than usual, jumped out of bed and ready to crush a workout. I did a 30 minute full body circuit and a 3 mile run on the treadmill. During my lunch break I got back on the treadmill for an easy 15 minute walk, and then again after work as Michael was napping (he was super tired from working all the time and pretty much slept the whole entire afternoon/night) I walked on an incline for 20 minutes. This morning on the other hand? Nope. Not feeling it. I am tired, dragging, and have major cramps from my not so nice lady friend. Blah. But instead of sulking in my tiredness and misery, I got my butt moving. A 20 minute cardio and ab circuit and then a 2 mile interval run happened and had me feeling a million times better afterwards. Boom! Struggle bus turned into sweaty mess express!

There’s something that has been on my mind lately, partly because it was said to me and I just really got irritated about it. So, naturally, I am going to write about it. Warning: it’s about to get a little real on here for a minute…if you don’t want to get real with me and come along for a ride in my thoughts, then please just skip down to the bottom where I wish you a fabulous day and check back tomorrow. 😉

You probably know if you have been reading my blog for some time now, that I am a sensitive person. I try to be a kind, loving, loyal, honest, empathetic, happy, and energetic girl. Sometimes things get to me that can lessen that little sparkle of energy and happiness inside of me, but I do try to quickly shake it off and return back to my normal peppy self. There are a certain number of things that really do get to me, and really have me feeling like a wreck, in which I just have to give up to the Lord God and ask him to give me peace. One of those things is when someone tells me in to grow up. Let me explain.720eeca698afcc0d1611413eae07fe11bcaf4edddc46f32ef34a12e9fd7a1fd3.gif

Grow up. Who really says that you have to grow up? I mean, I am 28 years old. I pay bills. I drive my own car. I have a job. I dress myself, and I buy my own clothes. I feed myself. I take care of myself. I also take care of my husband and the household chores. I make decisions for myself. I am kind, loving, thoughtful, respectful, mature, and loyal. I am independent, I take responsibility for my actions, and I don’t seek the approval of others. I mean if you ask me, I think I am as “grown up” as I can be. (See that there, I said I think I am as grown up AS I CAN BE. Not anyone else. ME.) Well I mean sure, I love Disney World, I love fairytales, and I love Princesses. Who really cares though? Does that make me not a “grown up”? I know that is not “real life” and I know that reality isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, but who cares if I still like those things? Who cares if I still travel with my Shellie May teddy and sleep with her every night?

Grow up. But doesn’t that sometimes seem like an insult? Now be honest, if you are telling someone to “grow up” don’t you mean it to be like a little hurtful and meant to sting just a little bit? I think so. If someone says that to me I take it very much like an insult. So tell me, if I am not grown up enough, why is that? Am I not grown up enough because sometimes my feelings can get the best of me and I cry when I am trying to express my feelings? Am I not grown up enough because my feelings can get hurt easily? Am I not grown up enough because I still value and respect the opinions of my parents? Am I not grown up enough because sometimes (or most of the time) I like to watch Disney movies, sing Disney songs, and skip and dance around? Am I not grown up enough because when I am so excited (which is all the time, because I get excited over anything and everything) I squeak? Am I not grown up enough because sometimes I like to think of happy thoughts? Am I not grown up enough because sometimes I just need to go lay in bed, hug my stuffed animal, and pray to the Lord God when I feel overwhelmed until I feel better?

Grow up. But what really makes someone a grown up? Your seriousness? Your lack of having fun? Your lack of crying and emotions? Your ability to go to sleep at night without a teddy bear? Your ability to listen to music without dancing and singing and skipping around? Your ability to get excited with showing no emotion on your face or body language whatsoever? Or maybe it is your ability to have a stone cold bounce of me attitude when something could hurt your feelings but it doesn’t?

Grow up. But all of those things that I just said above, that sounds pretty boring, depressing, and no fun to me. Who really cares if I still act like I am a 5 year old, skip around, hug stuffed animals, cry because I am feeling sad or when I get my feelings hurt, and dream of happy thoughts? I am a mature, responsible lady, and I would rather live my life in this fun not grown up” way, because this is me. And I don’t care what anyone says about being a “grown up” is.

I don’t know about you, but I’m taking advice from my friend Walt Disney today, who said, “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” 


Have a fabulous day, loves! XOXO ♥♥


2 thoughts on “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional

  1. You are in no way required to “grow up” or lose your zest for life. I honestly wish I had as much joy and excitement about life as you do. I honestly think that people will tell others to “grow up” when they’re lacking confidence about their own life. Please don’t let these negative people bring you down. Keep living your life and enjoying every moment!!

    1. Aw girl, I hope you find some joy and excitement in everyday life as I do! I agree with you…I am trying to not let these negative people bring me down! Thank you doll xoxo

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