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A peek into my Thursday

Good morning! Happy FRIYAY!!! I am so excited it is finally Friday, especially since I thought it was Friday all day yesterday. Don’t you hate when that happens? I am most definitely looking forward to the weekend. Do you have any fun plans?

Today is my nephew Gio’s last day of preschool. How in the world did that happen so fast? It feels like just yesterday I was tagging along to his first day in September, crying because it was his first day of preschool, and now he is graduating!! Ahh!!

I’m coming at you today with a little post of what my Thursday looked like! What did you do yesterday?

Last night I had a very bad headache that turned into migraine, along with some stabbing pains (cramps, that literally feel like knives were going through my stomach, oh joy) in my stomach. It honestly was not a good night around here, but luckily Michael was home to tickle my arm and be here with me. Poor guy had to listen to me whine all night, bless his heart. I slept very good despite feeling lousy, which I was so nervous about, thinking that I wouldn’t sleep well and be up all night feeling sick. I woke up this morning headache free (YAY!) and ready for a workout, even though I am sooooo sore and my whole body feels like jello from the multiple workouts a day I have been doing. I started with a 25 minute cardio circuit and then hopped on the treadmill for a 15 minute incline walk, and 15 minute run. Once again, I was a super sweaty mess after and feeling good!giphy.gif

Something weird, but funny (I guess now I can laugh about it since it’s after the fact) happened at work yesterday. We opened in the morning like usual, turned the air condition and ceiling fans on (like normal), and then about a half hour later our store started smelling very strongly of spices, kind of like a curry smell. And I mean like a veryyyy strong smell. It was filling up our whole entire store which made no sense because there are no restaurants around us that smell like that, we are near a bunch of restaurants that smell like good food, not spices. So we pretty much spent the whole entire morning outside trying to avoid that awful smell.source

Not before long it was time for my lunch break, where I quickly went home to eat and then to my sister’s house to play with my nephews. Before leaving, Gio asked in his most sweetest voice (well, I guess it was his regular voice but it’s so sweet) if we could go for ice cream…how could Auntie say no to that cute face?b8d2b431a41c75bb94aded8c8a034e95So of course, I took him for ice cream, where he told me about the whole entire Incredibles 2 movie (it’s so cute to see the parts that he remembered) and where we counted to 100 on the ride there. He’s so smart! We had lots of laughs and fun. I love an Auntie and Gio date!!

I went back to work, where that spicy smell wasn’t bad anymore, until about 4. Once I got out I went to Starbucks for green tea and then to Target. I went there only to get Gio something for graduation, but ended up getting other things too of course, because you can never just go in there for one thing! 😉 1343980418392_7365393.png

I finally got home, and hopped on my treadmill and just walked while I waited for Michael to get home so we could go to the grocery store and pick up dinner together. As mentioned above, I had a headache, but it only got worse once we got home from doing the groceries and after we ate dinner. I think that if I am not physically doing something it just usually intensifies the pain, in which that headache turned into a migraine. It was not fun and I had to stay in the dark. Poor Michael needed to turn the light on to do something and I pretty much freaked out about it because I could not handle the light, haha. Sorry babe. source

I’m off from work this morning until this afternoon because we are all going to the graduation, which means I pretty much have spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry after my workout (and coffee). I’m so excited to see my boo at his last day of preschool, I gotta go get ready!! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend! Xoxo ♥♥

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