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What my week has been like so far

Good morning! Happy Fourth of July!! I hope you are enjoying some sunshine and good food on this beautiful day! I am here, wishing and dreaming I am at the beach instead. Michael has to work until this afternoon, and we don’t really have any big plans today other than my parent’s having a cookout later today so we will just go there. Even though I am not at the beach and soaking up this sunshine, I am soaking up my day off from work and hopefully getting ready for our trip since we are leaving in FOUR DAYS!!!ae259935a32de0607a74585c22171dd9--disney-images-mickey-minnie-mouse
I’m popping in today to share a bit about how my week is going so far! I hope you are having a fabulous week and have had time off from work like I have!

Monday after publishing that blog post, I hung around the house for a while until Michael got home from jujitsu training. Once he did get home, we had to go run some errands and get him ready for a work thing, which had me sitting in the car for an hour and a half mind you….waiting for him to be done, because I am such a good wifey. (Haha). I wanted to tag along for the ride because I wanted to spend that time with him because if I hadn’t, we wouldn’t have really spent that much time together on a day we both had off from work. If you followed in my Instagram stories on Monday, you might have seen the one where I posted my disgusted face after some man littered out of his huge van (the trash almost hit Michael’s truck) as we passed him on the highway, and saw him chomping some food with his mouth wide open as he was starring at us out the window, ummmmm gross. I was totally disgusted and was just shocked that people STILL LITTER??!! Don’t be a litter bug!! That is not nice and just so gross!QueasyAfraidHarpseal-max-1mb

Anyways, we got home around 6:30 where we dug into dinner we had picked up (same as every day),, and tuned into some of our shows we had DVR’d this past week! What did we watch? Jersey Shore, and POWER!!!!! I am so pumped it is finally back (it feels like forever ago when the last season was on) and so obsessed with that show. It’s one of those shows that you literally take as real life and you are mad at the characters days after watching….like, can we just talk about how much I strongly dislike Tariq and I am SO MAD AT THE BOY right now?!? 😉

Yesterday started with a 15 minute ab circuit, and then I completed the 5K for the runDisney Virtual Running Shorts for July! I figured since we will be in Disney for 9 days, it was best to get it done early this month. After the 5k run, I walked for about 20 minutes on an incline because I just didn’t want my workout to end just yet. After showering and getting ready for the day, I headed to the grocery store because our fridge was completely bare of food. I got the essentials: watermelon, pineapple, apples, cantaloupe, rice cakes, and grapes. I came home for about an hour to have some coffee and breakfast and get ready to head on over to be with my parents and my nephews, and before I left I took the trash out. Now this trash bag was HEAVY. I’m telling you, it was filled with a lot of stuff, so it was kind of a struggle for me to get it from my place to the trash can. (I know, pathetic, but it was super heavy!!) So I guess my focus was solely on this heavy gigantic bag of trash that I had to take out because when I came back to my door, I locked myself out of my house!!! Everything was inside including my phone and keys!! So, what was a girl to do? My husband was working an hour away, and could not leave to come help me, my parent’s were five minutes down the road who had a house key but were babysitting my nephews, and so I was panicked. Luckily my neighbors were home and let me in their place to use the phone, and tried to help me BREAK INTO my place with a credit card. The good news is we weren’t successful in breaking in since we aren’t thieves. So that definitely made me feel better that it isn’t that easy to break into my house!! But anyways, after trying to get in touch with my parents after calling each of them about 50 times (like 40 minutes after I realized I locked myself out), my Dad finally came after like an hour of panic to give me a key to get into my place. That really wasn’t fun, to be honest. Especially since I was soaked with sweat first from panicking and then from trying to break open my door. Once I was back in my place, I was so glad that I was able to get back in. Haha. I have never done that before ever!! My mind must have been in a fog or something because that was really stupid of me.tenor

After that little fiasco, I went over to play with my nephews for about an hour, then came back home to literally sit on the couch and watch Christmas movies all afternoon. I am not even joking. Three hours had past and I totally felt like I should definitely had to be doing something other than that, but nope. I just completely allowed myself to be lazy and watch some Christmas movie. I may have even dosed off for 20 minutes! I guess that’s what I day off from work is supposed to look like when you don’t really have anything important to do? I mean I admit I could have started packing for our trip, but I got my shirts together to pack so that is a start…right? 😉 I finally got off the couch around 3:30ish to get some Starbucks, and then got some more things together to pack. A little later I went back to my sister’s house to hang out for a little while until Michael told me he would be coming home from work soon, so I went to pick up some dinner and came home. He finally got home later on and I was one happy girl as we were able to just relax together for a little while before bed.

This morning I literally did not want to wake up and just felt so off and just not good. I hope I am not getting sick, especially since we are leaving in FOUR days!! (AHH!!) I didn’t even work out this morning and I stayed in bed for a little longer than usual. I don’t really want to push myself when I know we will be traveling soon. Instead, I vacuumed, dusted, and already did three loads of laundry. That can count as a workout today, right? I am feeling a little better now that I am up and moving around, so I think I will probably get a workout in, but I am okay with no workout if not. Even though you all know that I really don’t like rest days and I very well know that I wouldn’t regret a workout, I know better than to push myself if I think I am coming down with something when we will be on a plane soon. (Of course, as you know, I am nervous for that, but that is a post for another day.) So for right now, I am going to chug LOTS and LOTS of water and pray that I am just feeling a little tired and nothing else is going on! 🙂

Have a fantastic Fourth of July, loves!! Xoxo ♥♥

2 thoughts on “What my week has been like so far

  1. Sounds like an AWESOME day or rest and relaxation. I too would be freaking out if I got locked out of my house because unfortunately no one local has one of the keys to the house (I might need to find someone who I trust to hold a spare key). You mentioned that Michael was coming home … so does that mean that there is a chance of fireworks in your plans for tonight? I will probably watch a few shoot off before heading to bed. I am such a grandma!!

    1. Yeah, definitely a time for freaking out! Haha! Michael was able to come to our family cookout yesterday before he had to head back to work…I didn’t watch any fireworks, we will see plenty in Disney and fireworks here cannot even compare to fireworks there 😉 Hope you got to watch some before bed, I am a grandma too!!! Xoxo

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