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Dining at the Grand Floridian Cafe

Good morning and Happy Wednesday to you! I hope this week is treating you well and you are filled with happiness. I am still trying to get into the swing of things here in “real life” since I have been on vacation mode for what felt like a good amount of time. I think I am already over it and ready to go back now, haha…joking. Maybe? 

Yesterday turned out to be a day filled with downpour rain and thunder storms from early afternoon all throughout the day and night. It was pretty nasty. I was so thankful we traveled home the day before because if we had traveled in that weather yesterday it would have been pretty nerve-wracking and I would have been very anxious. (And to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have gotten on that plane.) Anyways, back to yesterday, after work I went over to see my sister and my boos! It was so good to be reunited with them, I think Gio missed me almost as much as I missed them because he was exceptionally snuggly and wouldn’t get off of me for pretty much the whole time I was over. My boo! I bought them a bunch of yummy snacks from Disney, and a Mr. Incredibles stuffed animal along with a Jack Jack. They were pretty excited about them and had them “fighting” in no time. Haha. Boys…it never fails.

This morning started with a 50 minute run/incline walk on the treadmill along with a 20 minute ab workout. It feels so good to be back to working out intensely everyday!!

Today I am sharing all about my FAVORITE restaurant on the Disney property, which you have all heard me share about before but I am sharing again because I just love it so much, The Grand Floridian Cafe! If you followed me along on my Instagram stories, you already know we ate there literally every single day of our vacation. We just can’t stay away, everyone that works there treats us like family and the food is delicious (and not at all that pricey either). It is really like home to us, and I think eating there everyday was my favorite part of our trip!!

Also, you can’t go wrong in Disney if you start your day at their most beautiful resort. It is my favorite resort! Just so beautiful!

The menu at the Grand Floridian Cafe is a brunch style menu until 3pm, offering both breakfast and lunch, and then reopening again at 5pm for a dinner menu. We only ate there during this trip for breakfast and lunch, but have dined there for dinner in the past and it was equally good…but I highly recommend going for breakfast or lunch! 🙂

Of course, whenever Robert was working we requested him. We also requested Sergio whenever Robert wasn’t working, who is equally as great and always on top of his game and gave us exceptional service!! But I promise you that no matter who you have as a waiter/waitress, they are going to amaze you and offer you service like no other! We always leave happy, full, and feeling loved. 🙂

I really focused on vegan/gluten free meals, which meant most of the chefs would come out to talk to me whenever we ate anywhere, but I trusted our waiters at the Grand Cafe and didn’t need to talk to the chefs every morning since they pretty much knew my order anyways. If you have any type of food allergy/dietary restriction, Disney is absolutely PHENOMENAL with accommodating. Seriously. It is one of the main reasons why I love Disney so much, because when we go out to eat I actually get to eat! If you have an allergy, all you have to do is tell the host/hostess when checking in for your reservation, OR you can put in your allergy request when you make your reservation on My Disney Experience.

The allergy menu for the Grand Floridian Cafe is pretty much the same menu as the regular menu they offer, offering many gluten free/egg free/soy free/dairy free/free of all the things food. I forgot to snap a picture of this menu. Oops. Blogger fail. Have no fear, when we return in just 103 days I will get a photo of it! 😉 Really, they offer SO MANY delicious dishes, but as you all know my favorite ever is their fruit plate with no yogurt, granola, or figs. I add watermelon too, and it is a gorgeous plate of heaven. Really, fruit doesn’t taste this good around here EVER.

The Grand Cafe offers gluten free/vegan pancakes, and Mickey waffles. Did you just read that?? (Since you can’t hear me) Gluten free and vegan MICKEY WAFFLES!!! You bet I ordered these babies! They were delicious and fluffy and just pretty much to die for.

I also ordered the gluten free toast on days I didn’t get waffles, which I was aware that the bread has eggs in it so it is not vegan. I was okay with this on a couple of occasions, but realized that it did upset my stomach a bit. I figured it was the bread because that was the only thing I ate that was different, and when I didn’t order that my stomach wasn’t upset with me. Anyways, the toast is very good, obviously. I think they use Udi’s Gluten Free white bread. Simple and yummy…as bread always is. 😉

Along with pretty much every other Disney restaurant, The Grand Floridian Cafe offers gluten free/vegan/free of all of things allergy friendly rolls. Now, people, a huge point here, some of the waiters/chefs DO NOT know how to prepare these. (At the Grand Cafe they do). Sometimes I would get a plate of not so appetizing sponge-like rolls, but most of the time I would get heavenly, soft, and warm rolls. These rolls, like I said, are offered pretty much all Disney restaurants on Disney property (not at Disney Springs, or Epcot World Showcase..these are the ones that I know of). They also give you some vegan butter too. The Grand Cafe brings out these rolls to begin your meal along with regular biscuits for non-allergy friends (Michael), which he raves about.

Now, the best part (well, aside from that amazing fruit plate), the COFFEE(!!!!) at the Grand Floridian Cafe is like no other. Really. It is SO good. I actually told our waiter, Sergio, about how good the coffee tasted the day before we left because I literally couldn’t stop moaning (haha) with each sip I took, yes out of my straw. He told us that they actually got new coffee machines recently and every pot of coffee is completely 100% freshly made, literally made from the coffee beans. YUM!!!!

I am now assuming that you can understand why I really did not miss my usual Dunkin’ coffee and fruit bowl at home every morning. Nope. Didn’t miss it one bit. And I bet you can now understand my deep LOVE with The Grand Floridian Cafe. It is simply THE BEST! 🙂

Stay tuned for more Disney posts! Have a wonderful day beauties!! Xoxo ♥♥

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