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Dining at Chef Mickey’s

Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a great week! The weekend is so close, we can finish strong! This week feels particularly long, probably because I am just getting back into work and everything, but seriously…I can’t tell you how badly I can’t wait until Saturday afternoon for a weekend.

This morning started with a fantastic 4.5 mile run on my treadmill. I didn’t even mean to run past 3 miles, but I was totally into it and by the time I felt like I was ready to get off, I glanced at the miles and saw I already had done a little over 4, so I just kept going to 4.5 miles! Don’t you love when that happens? I finished my workout with a 15 minute ab and arm circuit and then was definitely more than ready for a shower. It was a sweaty one!

Today I am bringing you another review from our Disney vacation! Missed the one I published yesterday about our all time favorite restaurant ever? No worries, you can find it HERE!!

Our first full day in Disney World we had dinner reservations at one of our favorites, Chef Mickey’s!! I absolutely love this buffet dinner. In the past, we kind of felt rushed and didn’t enjoy it, but in the most recent years this is one we MUST do and is at the top of our list.

Chef Mickey’s is located inside the Contemporary Resort, offering a breakfast buffet until 11:15am, brunch from 11:30 until 2:30, and then dinner from 5-9:30pm. When dining at Chef Mickey’s you get to meet the FAB 5!! (Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, and Goofy.) The characters are all in their chef outfits and are SO FUN! Now, I must add that it can be difficult to get reservations to this restaurant because it is so popular, so I definitely recommend you try to get a reservation for this one right at the 180 day mark!!

Along with most other Disney character dining restaurants, Chef Mickey’s has an all you care to eat buffet, along with an allergy friendly food guide for all of you folks who have allergies/dietary restrictions like me. Upon check in, I informed the hostess that I have an allergy so that she would mark it on our slip to give to our waitress, along with handing me their allergy food guide. This guide is super helpful and is given to you at every buffet/all you can eat restaurants which includes all of the food choices and tells you which foods you can or cannot eat. Along with that, the hostess told me that I was able to tell our waitress that I wanted to speak to the chef. (Which by the way, you can do at mostly every Disney restaurant, just kindly ask your server.)

Once we were seated, our super friendly waitress (I wish I remembered her name, because she was phenomenal). I informed her about being gluten free/vegan, and she told me that she would send the chef over to us. Guys, the chef (again, I wish I got his name) was FANTASTIC, and I mean it. He was super accommodating and made me (you guessed it) a large salad with balsamic vinegar on the side, and a fruit cup. It was amazing! Along with that food, he brought out some free from all the things rolls, that I think are made using almond flour, unlike at every other Disney restaurant I was given rolls at, these were different and much heavier than others. (Do you see the hidden Mickey in the way the rolls were plated?!) Michael was all about these rolls and really loved them much better than the other rolls at other restaurants on Disney property, but I prefer the other ones.

Along with these plates, I also got a plate of steamed broccoli and green beans from the buffet, because this girl was apparently super hungry. The food was SO good, and I really appreciated that the chef was able to make this special for me, because the salad and fruit at the buffet were looking sad. He even kept coming back to our table to make sure I was happily eating and everything. When I say he was phenomenal, I mean it!

The characters started coming around a little after we started eating, and by far Goofy was the star of the night. He was ready for a party and kept doing tricks and getting the guests to cheer and applaud him. It was hilarious. He was super fun!

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse were adorable as always. I literally feel like a child whenever I see Minnie or Mickey, (my husband would say that I AM a child of course) and I get super excited!

I mean, HOW CUTE is Mickey Mouse in his chef outfit?!

Pluto is the most adorable pup around! Especially in his little chef apron and chef hat.

And of course, Donald Duck was there quackin’ around. Such a cute little fella.

My husband is a TROOPER ya’ll, for putting up with my love for Disney World, and coming to these character meals with me. 😉 But, I do think that he had a great time too and we enjoyed everything at Chef Mickey’s! Like I said, it is definitely on the top of our favorite’s list, and we will be dining there on our next Disney trip!

I hope you have a beautiful day! Xoxo ♥♥

Have you ever dined at Chef Mickey’s? 


2 thoughts on “Dining at Chef Mickey’s

  1. I LOVE that Disney is so Allergy friendly. Do you feel like you can eat pretty healthy while you are at Disney because of the Allergen menu? For example I can’t do dairy and I hesitate to eat out because I feel like restaurants put so much butter on EVERYTHING and when I indicate that I have a dairy allergy most don’t think of butter and I in turn can’t eat the food or I get to spend the afternoon/evening in the bathroom which sucks. I do think it would be awesome if they (Disney) would post the Allergen menu on their website. Did you happen to bring home or photograph the menu contents?

    1. Absolutely! Disney is extremely accommodating with all dietary needs. All you have to do is inform your server that you have an allergy, and they will give you an allergy friendly menu (which explains what the dish is free from) or you can speak to the chef. I didnt bring any of those menus home, but I’m sure they are online somewhere. I dont think I snapped a picture of the menus either, but I will make that a must do on our next trip! 🙂

      This is a MAJOR reason why I love Disney so much! My stomach doesn’t hurt every day all day after eating a meal because they cater to those with allergies! I HIGHLY recommend eating at a table service or character dining restaurant when in Disney for this reason alone, honestly! They are phenomenal.

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