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Dining at Cape May Cafe & Getting Beautified For Our Photo Shoot

Heyyyy!! Happy Monday!! How are you doing today? I hope you are feeling rested after the weekend and ready to take on the new week ahead! I am praying for some sunshine somewhere, because it has been rainy and dreary out over here since yesterday…which if you are anything like I am, really puts a damper on your mood. (And I am a little grumpy girl today, to be honest, so I am praying for some miracle of a mood turn around.) 

Did you do anything fun this past weekend? My weekend was very good; filled with workouts, family time, and some time with Michael too. I also got to watch lots of Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel, and caught up on some of my favorite Bravo shows: Southern Charm, and Real Housewives of Orange County. Ummmm, can we just talk about RHOC for a quick minute?! I am SO annoyed by it. Like, I think they need a new cast or something because I am about to not even watch it anymore. The ladies are getting older, and with that I feel like they are getting more catty and more obnoxious.. Is it just me? Tell me it isn’t just me! Anyways, Michael and I made it to church yesterday and it was great! We also went over to my parent’s house to celebrate my sister’s birthday and had lots of fun playing with the boys and just having family time.

This morning I actually allowed myself to sleep in a bit later than usual, can you believe it? This lady slept until 7 am! Once I was up, I was ready for a workout. I started with 10 minutes of planks, and then a 40 minute HIIT run on my treadmill.

I’m coming at you with another post from our Disney vacation! Missed any of the other fun? No worries! Find our room at Saratoga Springs Resort HERE, dining at the Grand Cafe HERE, dinner at Chef Mickey’s HERE, and tips to save money for vacay HERE. Today’s post will be all about dining at Cape May Cafe for breakfast.

Breakfast at Cape May Cafe

Side note: the morning we had our photo shoot with our wedding photographer, Randy Chapman, I made up breakfast reservations for before the shoot at Cape May Cafe. It worked out great because we were actually meeting him at Beach Club Resort before our shoot. (Oh, and don’t worry, we had lunch at the Grand Floridian Cafe afterwards, because we just can’t stay away 😉 ) This is why I am pretttyyy dolled up with my hair and makeup looking on point thanks to Beaute Speciale. (More on that near the end of this post).

Cape May Cafe is another favorite’s of ours in Disney. It is a buffet style restaurant located inside Disney’s Beach Club Resort. In the morning, they have Minnie’s Beach Bash Buffet Breakfast from 7:30am-11am. They also have a Seafood-and-More Buffet for dinner from 5:00-9:00 (but obviously, since we don’t eat seafood, we have never dined there for dinner, only breakfast). Their breakfast includes dining with some top Disney Characters: Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy! Just like every other Disney restaurant, they are SUPER accommodating to all allergies and dietary restrictions, all you have to do is tell the hostess that you have an allergy, and he/she should give you an allergy menu which lists out every single dish that is being offered in the buffet, along with the 8 popular allergies (wheat/gluten, milk/dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, and shellfish), and which dish is friendly to your allergy.

Once we were at our table, I informed our waitress that I am vegan/gluten free, and asked her what the chef could make for me. I was going to get the fruit from the buffet, but I wanted something else to go along with my fruit too. Our waitress told me that I could have the allergy Mickey Waffles, which are both gluten free and vegan (and are located at a lot of Disney restaurants). I ordered those and helped myself to several plates of the fruit. So the picture of the fruit looks terrible, because this plate that I just so happened to take a picture of was kind of yucky, but when I went up to the buffet again the fruit was much more fresh and yummy. (This fruit shown was probably just sitting out there for a while, and needed to be taken away from the buffet.)

I was so excited to see the characters, and a little bit too excited to see that Daisy was there since we had never seen her there before, I think they recently added her or it was a bonus that day! She was SO cute in her beach bash attire! Both her and Minnie Mouse had me twirling around in my dress and just feeling fabulous. They were so fun!

Goofy and Donald were also fun and of course looked super cute in their beach attire. I mean, how could you not get excited to see these guys?!

Overall, it was a fun breakfast before our photo shoot! However, we kind of felt left alone and a little rushed by our server…not like we needed her to come by every so often, but usually at other restaurants and in the past at Cape May Cafe, our server usually would come around to ask if we needed anything else, or to take our plates away and all that stuff. No worries though, it wasn’t a bad time to make us want to X that restaurant off of our favorite’s list like another restaurant had. (More on that another day!)

Also, I must showcase my AMAZING hair and makeup that Ruth from Beaute Speciale had done for me. I was seriously amazed with what she did with my hair. Like always, I brought my Luxy hair extensions so I could have more of a fuller look and more of a fairytale/princess style.

Although you can’t really see in the photos, my eyes were super sparkly and just so gorgeous! My hair and makeup stayed ALL DAY LONG, despite the heat and humidity. And let me tell you…I was sweatttinnnggg my butt off during our shoot, and even managed to shower (obviously) after our shoot and didn’t ruin a thing!!

I HIGHLY recommend Beaute Speciale for any and all of your hair and makeup needs while in Disney World. (They also have nail services, but I haven’t gotten that done by them). They are super convenient (they come TO YOU), friendly, and so talented. Seriously, I have gotten my hair and makeup done by this company 4 times, and always feel so beautiful thanks to their artists. 🙂

Speaking of hair, I have a hair appointment this morning! I don’t really have any other plans today…Michael is working and I am still ‘weekend-ing’ over here, so as you can imagine, I will probably be tuning into more Christmas movies today. 😉 Shocker! 

Have a wonderful day!! Xoxo ♥♥

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