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Lunch at Nine Dragons Restaurant

Hello! Happy FRIDAY!! Woo! I’m posting a little later than usual today because I was busy at work, but now that I get a minute, I figured it was better to post late than never right?!

I am totally welcoming Friday with open arms, and just can’t wait until tomorrow afternoon for my weekend to officially start. Even though I really don’t have any plans, I am just excited for not having to go into work. Do you have any fun weekend plans? Share them with me!

Yesterday after work, I went over to my sister’s house for some play time with the boys. It was such a good time because Gio was so snuggly and would not leave me alone…guys, this hardly ever happens anymore, the boy is going to be 5 at the end of this month so you know he doesn’t want to sit with his Auntie and snuggle, he wants to just run around or play his video games. Haha. I totally soaked it all up and was loving it. When I left there, I got caught in a nasty thunderstorm on my way to pick up a salad and go back home. Guys, I absolutely hate thunderstorms. I have definitely gotten better over the years. When I was a child I was literally terrified of them, even if it wasn’t storming outside I would sleep with my ears covered because I didn’t want to hear thunder. Obviously I grew out of that, but I still scream at thunder and jump with fear at lightning strikes. Yikes. Yesterday’s storm was totally a bad one. Unfortunately Michael was working a double so he wasn’t home, but it was gone within like a half hour. Thankfully I had my loveys to snuggle with since I am a child. Haha.

This morning started with a 30 minute full body circuit, followed by a quick 25 minute run. I was on the struggle bus this morning and was just all around super sore, I didn’t even want to move when I woke up. But, of course, once I started moving I was into it and went pretttyyy hard. It always makes me feel better when I really get into my workout and pump the intensity up a notch! 🙂

I’m back today with another Disney post! Missed any of the other ones I published? Find our room at Saratoga Springs HERE, dining at the Grand Floridian Cafe HERE, dinner at Chef Mickey’s HERE, breakfast at Cape May Cafe HERE, dinner at ‘Ohana HERE, dinner at California Grill HERE, dinner at Garden Grill HERE, dinner at The Crystal Palace HERE, lunch at Kona Cafe HERE, and lunch at 50’s Prime Time Cafe HERE. Yaaayyy! So many Disney posts!

Lunch at Nine Dragons

Nine Dragons Restaurant is located inside Epcot’s World Showcase, in Epcot’s China pavilion. I don’t know if you remember, but Michael and I happened to stumble upon this restaurant during one of our trips this past year (as I wrote about it in this post), and we just loved it! Nine Dragons Restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner, and you will NOT be disappointed with the food or service, I promise. The ambience is absolutely beautiful, however the restaurant was a little more crowded than when we went before so I wasn’t really able to snap pictures of the restaurant without getting someone in the picture, so I took some from my older post just to remind you how beautiful the restaurant is.

We were quickly seated by the hostess even though we did not have a reservation right when we entered the restaurant. Our waiter was absolutely wonderful, and very attentive. Actually, during the whole entire time our waiter was waiting at the back wall of the restaurant watching us, and literally with every sip we took of our drinks he came over to refill them. Talk about amazing, and one of a kind service!

Both Michael and I got a glass of their unsweetened blackberry-jasmine iced tea..which was so yummy and refreshing! I think I probably had like 6 glasses of it because of all of the refills. For an appetizer I had ordered the cucumber salad, and Michael ordered the pot stickers.img_9104That cucumber salad was DELICIOUS. Like, I could have had a huge plate of that for a meal and would have been one happy girl. Mmmmmm! I wish I could have that everyday! Michael was in heaven eating his pot stickers and said that even when we get Asian food from one of the best restaurant’s around here they don’t taste like that. We were extremely satisfied with our appetizers and would definitely go back to eat there to get those dishes just as a snack or something. For my meal, I ordered the vegetable stir fry (without the tofu), and with the vegetables only steamed with the teriyaki sauce on the side. Michael ordered some spicy chicken that was on the specials menu for the day. (I am unsure of the exact name of the meal). Both of our meals came with some steamed white rice.

Our meals were delicious and totally not like the “normal Chinese food” you get at your local Chinese food restaurant. You know how sometimes you eat Chinese food and you feel all yucky inside? Yup, well this food was not like that at all. Totally freshly made and just delicious! This is a main reason (along with the service) why we love this restaurant.

Stay tuned for more!! 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend! Xoxo ♥♥

4 thoughts on “Lunch at Nine Dragons Restaurant

  1. Gosh that looks like my kind of food. I generally hate Chinese food because it is always drenched in sauces and/or fried. I do wish that more Chinese restaurants would have grilled chicken, tofu, or turkey options.
    I would love to see/read one of these reviews from Michaels perspective. I know that as a meat eater it might be cool to see what his favorites are. Just an idea! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!!

    1. What a great idea, Lindsay!! I love it!!! I feel like that is definitely a blog post I will write, maybe after our next trip! 🙂 Thanks for the idea!! Hope you have a great weekend too! Xoxo

  2. Ugh, I’m sorry about the thunderstorms!
    Loving these Disney posts! So fun. I’ve only been to Disney once and that was fifteen-ish years ago, but if I go again (let’s say when I go again), I’ll definitely refer to these posts to know where to check out! Happy weekend!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you do get to go soon! 😉 it’s the most magical place on earth!! Happy weekend to you!! Xoxo

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