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Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Trying out Teami Tea!!

Hello! Happy Thursday to you!

I hope you are having a great week so far. Once again, I feel like it should be Friday today…anyone else feel me on this? It’s pretty pathetic though because my work week only started on Tuesday, buttttt one day felt like a week in itself. Haha. Hey, at least tomorrow is Friday!!

I meant to pop in for a post yesterday, but I just wasn’t feeling it. It probably would have looked a lot like Tuesday’s post with lots of whining about wanting to be at the beach. But, the sun was actually shining bright yesterday!! Hallelujah! The rain has stopped (for now)! It’s supposed to be a hot and humid one today!

I’m back today with a new Thinking Out Loud Thursday post on some random thoughts! I apologize in advance for all of the randomness 😉 Thinking-Out-Loud.jpg

Let’s back up to my day yesterday! I started my workout in the morning with 10 minutes of planks. I love setting the stopwatch on my phone and doing 1 minute of different planks! I did 1 minute of each of these: forearm planks, high planks, shoulder tap planks, side planks, single arm planks, chaturanga planks, knee to elbow planks, plank hip dips, plank jacks, and then another round of forearm planks. WOO! How about that! Are your arms and abs on fire thinking about it? Because mine were on fiiiiire doing this! After that, I hopped on my treadmill for a 50 minute incline walk/jog.e676cc0a1e43d3039dffd5751bf21935--funny-workout-quotes-funny-fitness-quotes

It was a good day; once I got out of work I ran some errands with Michael. I was so thankful he didn’t take on another shift at work and was home at the same time as me 🙂 yay! We went to Barnes & Noble for Candace Cameron Bure’s book Kind is the New Classy. I am so excited to read this! And, can you believe I actually bought a REAL book and am not just reading it on my Kindle? 😉 41uEzsJUr5L._SY346_.jpg

After Barnes & Noble, we went to Target, and then TjMaxx. Thank the Lord we came home right after that because I was NOT feeling good at all. Like not at all. My head was throbbing and made the whole left side kill. Like I couldn’t even open my left eye. It was terrible. I ate dinner and then went in bed for the rest of the night. I had such a hard time going to sleep because of the throbbing feeling in my head. I haven’t had a headache like that in a while…I can’t really remember when. It felt like it was shooting up from my neck or something and was super painful. Along with that, my friend  came for the week too. How about that for a bad time? Truth: I didn’t even take my makeup off before bed. OMG. I NEVER EVER do this. I don’t care how awful I feel I am always one to take my makeup off and wash my face, but I just couldn’t. Gosh!! cafine-headache

I woke up a couple times throughout the night because my head was still hurting and kept going back and forth from the fridge because I have this mask thing that I keep in the fridge for times like this. The only problem is it numbs my head for a good 15 minutes and is so cold, but then it is like warm after that, so I have to put it back. And I know what you are probably thinking, why don’t you put it in the freezer? Well, because I don’t want it to be frozen, just cold. If it were frozen it would be hard and I don’t want anything hard on my head when it is pounding. I usually put my lovey on my head for comfort hahaha.

This morning my head is feeling better, praise Jesus! But I am feeling all sorts of a mess. I didn’t pick up before I went to bed last night, I mean I didn’t even take my makeup off. I wanted to get a post written up for today on something deep, but obviously I wasn’t up for that. I honestly feel hungover or something from that headache. Haha. I am praying it doesn’t come back. Maybe I need to book myself an appointment at the spa for a massage..I’m sure that would help a whole lot. Anyways, I took it really easy this morning on my workout because I don’t want to trigger anything and have that pain in my head again, so an easy 30 minute incline walk it was. Fun fact: I walk super fast, like I put the treadmill to a 4.7 speed whenever I walk. I never thought it was “fast” or anything until some guy at the gym I used to go to (years ago guys, I don’t go to the gym now) would comment on how fast I walk. Ha! I blame my Grammy for that, she used to walk super duper fast!

I started reading You are Free: Be Who You Already Are by Rebekah Lyons yesterday, and I am already loving it! I think it is exactly what I need to read…and it just so happens that my Kindle recommends the best books to me at the right times! So along with this book and Kind is the New Classy, I should be good for about a week! Haha. 61VYRLhOqDL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_

Something I wanted to share on here today was about some tea! I ordered Teami Tea’s 30 Day Detox, and was going to start this morning, but am holding off until Monday to officially start. (Because I am not feeling well from my lovely lady friend).

Why am I doing this you ask? I have seen this product all over Instagram and have heard some great reviews about it, so I decided to give it a go! I have never done a “cleanse” or a “detox” (well besides drinking Yogi’s Detox Tea…haha) and have always shied away from them because ummm let’s be real, this girl likes to EAT. With Teami Tea’s 30 day detox, you do not fast or skip meals or anything…just eat healthy! And that is a win/win for me, because I already eat healthy and pretty much only fruits and veggies. Along with eating healthy, they suggest you workout 3-5 times a week, which I already work out 6-7 days a week, so, I am excited about this one and hopeful it will rid of the toxins in my body!

With the 30 Day Detox, you are given tea packs of tea: Teami Skinny and Teami Colon. You are to drink your Skinny Tea every morning, and your Colon Tea every other night before bed. The Colon Tea is made to cleanse your body of heavy toxins that have been stuck in your body for years that have prevented your body from functioning correctly. They suggest soaking your Colon Tea bag for 1-3 minutes and removing it completely from the mug. I think I am going to start with soaking my tea bag for 30 seconds and work my way up. They do say you can get cramping and could feel uneasy, which made me feel a little skeptical about getting it in the first place because I don’t need any help in the bathroom department guys (tmi?), and I don’t need (or want) something that is going to make me rush to the bathroom in pain. However, I have read/heard more good reviews than bad so I figured I would start slowly and work my way up!

I drank the Skinny Tea this morning already and it tastes very good and I actually love it! It kind of reminds me of green tea, which was pleasantly surprising to me. It comes as a loose leaf tea, but since I didn’t get the Teami tumbler that comes with an infuser already in it, I bought a cute little tea infuser at TjMaxx and drank it out of my Live with Kelly mug. But, I am going to buy a tumbler soon because I think it would be easier. So far, I am really glad I took the chance and bought it. I am picky about the teas I drink and usually would rather just hit up Starbucks for a green tea (duh) but I feel like this will be great! And it will be a huge bonus if I am able to get rid of the toxins in my body and feel cleaner!

Like I said, I am officially starting the Detox on Monday. If you would like to start the 30 Day Detox with me, purchase yours at Teami Blends and use code Kayla418 for 10% off your order! And feel free to send me a message if you are doing it too so we can motivate each other! 😉

Have a fabulous day! Xoxo ♥♥

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