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Thinking Out Loud #51: We went out on a Wednesday

Hello! Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going great! We are almost at the weekend, and I can’t wait!

Even though it seems Thinking Out Loud Thursday has kind of been quiet for a little, I am going to keep it going here on the blog because I will happily take ANY reason to share my random thoughts on a Thursday with you all! And because, that’s what Thursday’s are for! Thinking Out Loud!! Thanks again to Amanda for making this fun party a thing!

Thinking-Out-Loud.jpgTuesday was a great day seeing as I was off from work for another day. It was glorious. I came to the conclusion I would very much love to be a “stay at home housewife”.. is that a thing? I mean it totally should be. I can still do my little things on the side and everything, what a perfect title. HA.fantastic

Clearly, I have been doing a lot of dreaming over here, because if you haven’t already seen my Instagram stories, I am really really trying to talk Michael into going on a quick tropical getaway next month, but am failing miserably. It would be super quick, but I think it would be worth it. Hello! Beach, pool, palm trees, THE LIFE! I even have made up cute songs that I sing to him with my super awesome booty shaking skills (none at all, people), to get him in the booty shakin’ mood! Sing with me “We are going to the Bahamas, to shake our boooootyyyy!” He doesn’t find it all that amusing, but I am trying here folks! 😉 giphy-1

Since I was home on Tuesday while Michael was at work, I caught up on some of my Bravo shows that were in our DVR! I can’t believe I am even typing this, but I finally gave Real Housewives of Orange County another shot and watched the latest episode, and it wasn’t thatttttt bad. I think I will be able to continue watching the season, but I’m telling you right now that once all the catty mean old ladies come out, I am fast forwarding through those parts. Also, is Tamra serious with her trying to always stir the pot? I feel like she is always spreading rumors and always telling someone about someone else’s business. Lame. I also watched the Reunion part 2 of Real Housewives of Potomac, and then Real Housewives of Dallas. I’m sure I will catch up on some more today, since Michael is working. tumblr_o14m6afA9m1rlafseo1_400.gif

Both yesterday and today I have been pretty darn annoyed with my hip. It hurts. It’s tight and I just want it to feel better! Because of this, both yesterday and today incline walks happened on the treadmill instead of running. (However, yesterday I did some mix in some sprints on an incline too.) I also did a 20 minute full body circuit yesterday, and a 15 minute ab circuit today before getting on the treadmill.

Yesterday, we went out! Can you believe it? We actually did something on a week day, and it didn’t have to happen while we are on vacation. (I always feel like we don’t really do anything when we are home, but then when we are on vacation we do a lot.) Michael and I went to Dave and Buster’s with some of his co-workers and had a great time!

I even got a glass of wine since everyone was drinking beer! If you’ve been reading long enough now, you probably know we aren’t “big” drinkers around here (unless you want to count special occasions and vacations on Michael’s part a thing), and I really don’t like drinking. I mean, give me a glass of champs on a special occasion or celebration and I’d happily accept (I love the bubbly), but I don’t like alcohol! I’d rather have tea or water and have fun anyways. But, the place was PACKED with children and adults running wild because apparently it was their Supercharge Wednesday so the whole world had the same idea to go play at D&B’s, so this girl needed a glass of wine. It was fabulous. Please excuse some of these SUPER DARK pictures. It was dark in there, and apparently my phone didn’t want to take nice pictures of us at all.

We got home around 10:20pm so to say I was tired this morning when I woke up is an understatement. I was supppppper tired. Like I was talking myself out of not getting up to workout and just sleep in a bit, but I knew I would regret that completely.Unknown

Along with getting home late, I went to sleep late, and had a TERRIBLE NIGHTMARE. You know those dreams (nightmares) where you are crying in your dream because of what is happening, but not only are you crying in your sleep you are literally crying in real life. Yes, that happened to me. The dream was all too traumatic and woke me up in shock with tears strolling down my face and a racing heart beat that was pulsing out of my chest. It really shook me and I wasn’t really able to go back to sleep for a while, which is probably another reason why I was so sleepy when I woke up this morning. As for that nightmare, I am praying it away and out of my head because I know it wasn’t real and I just don’t want to give it anymore thought.

I finished reading both Kind is the New Classy and You Are Free. I recommend both of them…especially Kind is the New Classy! It honestly made me love Candace even more than I already had because you can just tell she is an amazing lady!

Alright, I think that is enough rambling for today! I hope you all have a beautiful day!

Xoxo ♥♥


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