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Thinking Out Loud #52: Having one of “those” days

Hey hey! Happy Thursday! I hope you are all having a wonderful week. The weekend is near!

I didn’t blog yesterday, but have no fear, I am back today feeling great and excited to share some Thinking Out Loud on this fine Thursday! Thanks to Amanda for creating this fun party!


I’m coming at you a little later than usual, I know, but that’s because I spent the morning with my nephew Enzo! We had fun being silly, jumping around, and playing.

Tuesday night Michael and I (finally) watched the latest episode of Power. Now, I was warned that I would be shocked/heartbroken/conflicted so I tried to prepare myself for the episode. I had no idea it was going to be THAT CRAZY. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I was an anxiety filled mess during the whole episode and I was screaming at the tv. I now feel like everything I felt about every single one of the characters on the show is completely changed. WTF HAPPENED. Literally, what just happened? I won’t ruin it for you if you haven’t watched yet. But if you want to chat about that show, feel free to send me a message because I am obsessed.

Yesterday Michael and I caught up on the past 2 episodes of The Challenge. Our DVR has been piling up since he has been working a lot, so we still have lots of shows to watch luckily, but we are trying to space them out. I LOVE when he is home with me and we can just hang out. It is the best.

I have given up on trying to convince him to go to the Bahamas in three weeks. It’s not really that smart, seeing as it would be a super quick trip (and not to mention super expensive for a 4ish day thing). The brat in me wants to whine a lot about it still, but I think I have just accepted that summer is over and we didn’t do anything summery besides go to Disney in July. But there is always next summer, right?

The thing is, I don’t want to live like “there is always next year” or “there is always tomorrow” or “there is always another time”…because it is not guaranteed. You don’t know that there will be a next time, a next summer, or a tomorrow. We ask Jesus to give us another day, another summer, etc. but you never know what the future holds or what life will be like in a year, a week, or even a day.

Today is A VERY SPECIAL DAY!!!! Somehow I blinked and my boo Gio is FIVE years old today!!! How in the world did that happen? I have no idea. Happy, happy birthday to my favorite 5 year old boy in the whole world! I really don’t know what life would be like without him. He brings so much joy, laughter, love, and happiness to my life. My heart is so filled with love for him! (And Enzo, of course).

Yesterday started with a 20 minute full body workout and a 3.5 mile run…mixing some sprints in there too. The good news is the power didn’t go out. 😉 This morning, I didn’t really have a lot of time since I had to go to my sister’s house this morning, so I ran 1 mile and did my FAVORITE 10 minute ab burner (literally, I was yelling my abs are on fire) from Tone It Up.

There’s something that has been on my mind that I figured was appropriate for Thinking Out Loud today. I want to talk about having one of those days.

You know those days when you feel like you just look like total crap? Those days where you spend 15 minutes putting clothes on, looking in the mirror, only to take the clothes off in rage because AHHHH you just “don’t look good in anything today”?!?! Those days where you pick yourself apart; I need botox because this ugly line in my forehead is so severely noticeable, I need to fix my teeth because they are so ugly, I need to get extensions because my hair will never ever be pretty and long, blah blah blah. SHUT UP! Literally. Shut up is what I want to say to myself when these thoughts arise on those days, but somehow I just let them in and let them consume my thoughts.

You know those days? Do you have those daysRaises hand! If you don’t have any of those days ever, I applaud you and I need your number ASAP, mmkay?

Tuesday was one of those days. A day where I literally changed 5 times in the morning because I just hated everything on me….when my “uniform” every day is basically the same day in and day out: leggings and a t-shirt. Easy, simple, casual, comfy. That’s me. But for some reason I was extra aggravated with my closet filled with millions of clothes and declared that I LOOK BAD IN EVERYTHING. Thank the Lord my poor husband was not home. He would have thought I definitely had gone crazy indeed. I found one of my new shirts I bought through a fellow Disney lover I follow on Instagram that says: word hard, be nice, spread magic. I rocked that shirt and later on in the day I thought, OMG. I am wearing this shirt and am basically a fraud! How in the world am I nice to others (yes, I am nice to others) and not even nice to myself? The things I say to myself are TERRIBLE and I would never ever in my life say those things to friends, family members, or even to strangers!! Why in the world am I saying it to myself? I needed to straighten up and take my own advice of being kind because I strive to be KIND and NICE to everyone around me no matter what and to ALWAYS spread magic, just like my shirt said! I needed to check myself real fast.

On one of those days, I remind myself that I am beautiful in His eyes, (and my husband’s eyes, even when I just rolled out of bed with crazy hair), and remember ALL of my blessings. I am blessed beyond belief, and on those days I just have to count those blessings and focus on the positive. It may be hard when I feel like I look like crap or I have a bad hair day or a day where I’m just bloated and feel gross, but you know what? Even on those days I need to focus on what I love about myself. Now, some days this may be harder than others, but for the most part I know what I love about myself: I am kind, I am loving, I am sincere, and very loyal!! I say, let’s all focus on the positive and focus on how BLESSED we are and on things we love about ourselves instead of what we don’t like. What do you love about yourself?? 🙂

Have a beautiful day! Xoxo ♥♥

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