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Last blog post in August!

Hello! Happy FRIDAY! The weekend is here, finally! I just can’t wait for tomorrow afternoon for my weekend to officially start. Do you get a long weekend because of Labor Day? Since we work on Saturday’s, we are closed on Tuesday to have a little 3 day weekend instead of just 2. Do you have any fun plans this weekend?! 🙂

I can’t believe today is the last day of August. That means this is my LAST blog post in August of 2018! AHHH! Where did the summer go?? giphy

Michael and I watched last week’s episode of Jersey Shore last night while the new one was on and recording, so we will have that to watch next. I know it’s kinda dumb, but I just love that show. Snooki is my favorite and I really just want to be her best friend.giphy

I had therapy yesterday with one of the pastors at my church. I usually go every 2 weeks but this time it was 3 weeks. I haven’t been going long, just about since the last week in June, but I am loving it. I wanted to go to someone I was comfortable around, and someone who can help me in both my life and in my relationship with God, which is why I sought out someone from church. Here’s some real talk: I was extremely nervous, and a bit hesitant at first because I didn’t want to admit that “I needed help” and that I needed to go to therapy/counseling, but now I am super proud of myself and I am proud to say that I go to therapy! There’s nothing wrong with strengthening your life, getting help in areas you might feel like you need help with, and just going to talk to someone about your life…even when there is nothing “wrong” or when there is no crisis or anything like that. If you have considered going (I “considered” it for like a year) but haven’t made the first step yet in calling to make yourself an appointment, DO IT! I know it’s super nerve wracking actually calling someone/some place to make an appointment and ADMIT to why you are going, but you will feel a million pounds lifted off your shoulders. Especially after that first session. I promise. I was so nervous at first like “I don’t know where to start” “What do I talk about?” blah blah…but my first session was so great. He basically did all the work and asked me a bunch of questions to get to know me a little more. Mine is a bit different because it’s through my church and I’ve known him for a long time, but I just love it. My heart is so happy when I leave and I feel like I can handle ANYTHING (with God’s help, of course).

After therapy, Michael and I spent the night together. I am one happy girl when he doesn’t just work, work, work all the time.  img_0105

Yesterday was my boo Gio’s 5th birthday. I know I mentioned it in my post yesterday, but guys, look at this handsome little man!! Also, Enzo is such a cutie. We had a very fun morning yesterday filled with laughing, playing, and snuggling.

I started a new book this morning: The Island by Elin Hilderbrand. Since I finished The Perfect Couple a couple days ago, and really LOVED that book, I figured I would get another one of her books! I am also going to start reading Crazy Rich Asians. My friend (and Disbride Sister) Rachel sent it to me, so I am going to start that one hopefully today too! Thanks again girl! 🙂

My morning started with a quick 15 minute full body workout. Michael bought some fitness resistance bands so I have been stealing them for my workouts too, including this morning..thanks babe. 😉 After that, I hopped on my treadmill for a 40 minute run/incline walk. I ran for 5 minutes, walked fast on an incline for 5 minutes, and continued that for the 40 minutes. My abs are still on fire from yesterday, you know I just love a good ab burner!

I don’t have plans this weekend besides the usual stuff, but I did mention to Michael that I would like to go look for (and hopefully buy) a new mattress. I’ve had this mattress ever since I lived at home with my parents, I want to say that it is about 10 years old (OMG) and it is now severely broken. There is a huge dip where Michael sleeps. Like it is ginormous. I can’t even lay over there, so I have no idea how the poor man does it. Can you imagine how amazing he will sleep once we get that new mattress? Here’s to hoping that we actually get out and buy a new mattress sometime this weekend!!

I’m ending my post today with a quote I shared on my Instagram stories a couple days ago! I saved it on my phone so I could remind myself of it too when anxiety wants to creep it’s way in. img_0081

Have a fabulous Friday, and a beautiful weekend!! Xoxo ♥♥

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