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Weekend Recap: Labor Day Weekend

Good morning!! Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a beautiful Labor Day Weekend and said goodbye to the beautiful season that is summer. Of course, I am super bummed summer is over, but I do like fall…just not as much as summer.

I am also bummed that we didn’t make it to the beach this summer either. Major fail here. I can’t even believe it. I guess with work, and life we just didn’t even get a chance to go. 🙁 Wah. I can’t help but question myself and think “what the heck did I even do this summer? Nothing?” I really hate when it goes by super fast and then you’re like but wait, there is still so much left to do!! Okay, enough of the complaining. Just know that I have high hopes and expectations for next summer.

I have some news that I just can’t wait to share with you all, I RAN OUTSIDE THIS MORNING! Yes, you read that correctly. I told myself that I am going to run more starting in September to sort of get ready for the runDisney Wine and Dine 10K that is happening in the beginning of November, because hello….we all know running outside and running on the treadmill are two completely different things. Even though it is hot and humid today, I ran just as the sun was rising. It was so peaceful and I felt so good. I put on Lauren Daigle’s Look Up Child (on repeat, obv) as the sun was rising and it was just soooo amazing. I sadly didn’t track my run because I didn’t charge my Apple watch last night, so I just went with what felt good. Apparently the track I was on is .5 miles (I looked it up) and since I did 8 loops around, I guess that means I did 4 miles in the almost 40 minutes I was there. Not bad for not keeping track and just going with what felt good. I am going to make it a goal to keep that up and run outside! Better to do it now before it gets cold out!

I am still weekend-ing over here even though it is Tuesday, because we decided to extend our Labor Day Weekend into today..YAY! Best feeling ever honestly waking up this morning, knowing it is Tuesday, and not having to go into work. I’m telling you, my dream of “stay at home housewife” is going to happen one day. Haha.

Today is a GREAT day because Live with Kelly and Ryan are back on LIVE today!!! I may or may not have been jumping up and down in excitement when the show started like I was in the audience or something. I’m crazy, what can I say? It is also a GREAT day because it is the first day of school for Gio!! I can’t believe he is in Kindergarten. Such a big boy!! My heart is SO filled with joy and love from these cuties!!

What did your weekend look like? My weekend was relaxing, and restful. I guess exactly what Labor Day Weekend is supposed to be like, right? I spent time with my family, and my husband! I was super thankful Michael had both Sunday and Monday off with me. If only he could have had today off also..I would really be dreaming. Haha.

Saturday: I started my day with a 30 minute run on the treadmill, followed by an arm and ab circuit. I had to work until mid afternoon, where after that I went over to my parent’s house since my sister and the boys were over too. It was so nice to spend time outside in the sunshine, even though it wasn’t hot. Side note: I was totally in long sleeves both Friday and Saturday, it definitely felt like fall over here, but the sunshine was much appreciated. Don’t worry, it is hot out now and I am in my glory. 

Later in the day once I got home, I spent my time watching Real Housewives of Dallas, and Real Housewives of New York City where during every commercial break I did some bursts of exercises. You all know I hate being lazy.

Sunday: I decided to ‘sleep in’ a little bit and woke up around 6:45 to get my workout on before getting ready for the day. For my workout, I did a quick 20 minute workout and ran 1 mile on my treadmill. Michael and I went to church, but had to leave a little early so he could get to his jujitsu training on time. Once he left for training, I went over to my parent’s house to visit with them for a little bit. I came home to do some cleaning and then hopped on the treadmill for a 20 minute run because I really just needed to put my music loud, put my sneakers on, and run. Once Michael got home later in the day, we spent the evening together running some errands, watching Jersey Shore Family Vacation and Power (OMG guys), and ended up renting the movie Tag on RedBox. It was a good movie, and I definitely recommend it! I love a good funny movie, and I love that it is based on a real group of guys who seriously play tag in their grown up years. SO fun!! Never grow up!!Tag_(2018_film).png

Yesterday: Once again, I slept in! Can you believe it? I woke up at the glorious hour of 7am, hopped on my treadmill for a 40 minute incline walk, and a 15 minute full body circuit. After my workout, I got ready for the day and went over to my sister’s house with donuts for my boos. It was the “last day of summer” since Gio started Kindergarten this morning, so I figured they had to celebrate the last day of summer with some donuts, right? I stayed over there for a little while and then came home to wait for Michael to get home from jujitsu training. In my downtime, I watched Real Housewives of Orange County, and I must admit I finally am into it this season. You know it took me a while and for a second there I stopped watching it because I just couldn’t stand the ladies, but I am finally getting back into it. However, Shannon is still getting on my nerves and I feel like it is always poor me with her, do you agree? Maybe that is just the way the show is portraying her, but I am sick of hearing about her weight gain and all of her problems with the divorce.


Once Michael got home, we headed to Wachusett Mountain to soak up the gorgeous summer day we were having.

I LOVED the shirt I was wearing yesterday. I bought it from The Light Blonde, who I found from Instagram, and thought it was just a perfect scenery to show off my awesome shirt. It was like we were closer to heaven on top of that mountain!

I felt so grateful and blessed to have spent the last two days with Michael, and loved every second of it.

Yesterday (September 3rd) was actually our 14 year dating anniversary! Yes, you read that correctly, 14 years!! We started “dating” when we were 14 and 15 years old and our love just keeps growing stronger every single day!

It was a beautiful weekend. What about you? What did you do this weekend?

Xoxo ♥♥

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Labor Day Weekend

  1. Kayla … I love the fact that you and Michael have been together for so long. Do you think that because you got together at such a young age you’re been able to grow up together and learn more about each other from a young age? Do you ever wish that you’d dated other people before getting married to your first boyfriend?? (Weird question… I know)

    1. Aww thanks girl! We have been together for so long so I do feel like we have been able to grow together while still learning new things about each other every day. I know it’s silly to say because we were so young, but we each “dated” other people. He was/is most certainly my first love, and I wouldn’t change anything about it! 🙂

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