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Thinking Out Loud #53: Dress dilemma

Hello! Good morning and Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a wonderful week! Yesterday was technically my Monday, so I am extremely happy for a shortened week…but I am definitely looking forward to the weekend.

Since it is Thursday, I am coming at you today with another round of Thinking Out Loud Thursday…because you know I love to share my random thoughts with you 🙂Thinking-Out-Loud.jpg

Since my run outside on Tuesday, I haven’t ran outside again, but I am holding myself accountable to do it at least once a week to get myself used to running outside so I am ready for the Wine & Dine 10K! Yesterday started with a 4.5 mile run on my treadmill. I was going to go outside, but I looked at the humidity on my phone and it said it was already at 98% humidity at just 6:15AM so I decided against it. This morning I started with a 30 minute (extremely sweaty) full body circuit, followed by a 3.5 mile run on my treadmill. I was suuuuper sweaty by the end and it felt so good. I honestly don’t know how girls can still look so pretty after a workout? I look like a beast with my hair a mess and sweat all over me. Not pretty at all.


Okay, so I was totally thinking about this yesterday: running outside/walking outside instead of on the treadmill really makes me think more. I mean when I run I try to shut off my thoughts and just run, but when I was running outside I just couldn’t shut my thoughts off, and somehow I do that perfectly fine when I am on the treadmill. My mind would seriously not shut off the other day when I was running outside. Maybe it is because I read on my Kindle when I am on my treadmill? I have no idea how I do it, but it keeps me focused and it keeps my mind off of the time, and from wandering.

I have a dilemma here. I’m calling it my DRESS DILEMMA. I ordered a dress two weeks ago for a wedding that is coming up THIS Saturday, but I hated the way it looked on me, so I ordered another dress. That other dress didn’t come in until yesterday because of the holiday weekend (even though I paid for overnight shipping and technically overnight would have been Saturday), and once again I really didn’t like the way I looked in that dress. So, here we go, cue the mental game here. Thoughts of “I am ugly”, “I am gross”, “Nothing looks good on me”, “I am fat”, “Every dress will look bad on me no matter what.”….blah blah blah. It was really tough guys. I ripped that second dress off of me in anger, which was anger towards myself. I kept on going with those stupid thoughts but I shut myself up after what felt like 5 minutes of lies. And let’s be real, I work out everyday sometimes twice a day, so seriously I needed to shut up and just accept my body and myself for what it is. The dresses that I bought and tried on just totally did not fall right on me, so there is really no reason to beat myself up about it. I am extremely hard on myself and pick myself apart, I know. I had to do some real talk and get with it, because we all know those are lies.

d8b35110-96bb-0133-cb02-0ec49246d323.gif(This could totally be real footage of me. Hahahahaha.)

Anyways, I ordered two more dresses that are hopefully going to come in before Saturday, but I don’t have any expectations that they will because right now the shipping status says “EXCEPTION”, with an explantation of “There was an issue sorting your package, expect delays.” WHAT is this. I have been having some pretty bad luck with packages, but I am praying it comes in before Saturday. I don’t need to add this to my dilemma! And yes, I realize this isn’t really a dilemma, but I just want a nice new dress to wear!! I am also praying that I actually like one of these dresses, because then I just give up.


Alright, I guess that is enough for now…I have to get to work 😉

Have a beautiful day! Xoxo

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