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Weekend Recap: Meltdowns, a wedding, and football

Good morning! Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are feeling rested and filled with happiness today!

I’m here to share a weekend recap with you. What about you? What did your weekend look like? Did you do anything super fun?

Friday: Okay ya’ll, if you read any of my last two blog posts, or you watched my Instagram stories on Friday, you might know that my dress dilemma was REALLY a struggle. I actually got the package of the replacement dress but (what I expected) the amazing dress was tight and I was uncomfortable in it. I LOVED the dress, but felt like I needed a bigger size. (Ugh, don’t even get me started with the mental battle after not fitting into my normal size dress.) So I called Rent The Runway and the guy told me I would get another dress (in the size up) by 12 noon the next day…HAHA. I laughed and told him “good luck with that one” because the way my packages have been going lately, I didn’t believe him. giphy.gif

No but seriously, I’ve been having the worst luck ever this week with packages, from my dresses with Lulu’s last week (one was overnight shipping that took a whole 4 business days to get here because of the holiday), to this whole disaster with Rent The Runway (the original order is coming today, and it is due to ship back TODAY by noon, so I will probably be charged a $50 late fee, and I will NOT be happy), to a very sad mishap with one of my packages that had a toy in it for Gio. Oh boy, let me explain that mess: The package with Gio’s toy was tracked in Framingham at noon on Friday. I was a little confused because it was supposed to be delivered to me that day, but the mail was already been delivered to my house, and usually most Amazon packages come in the morning with the regular mail….so I kept checking the tracking information to see what was going on. Eventually by 2pm my package was “delivered to my address”. I got home and was searching outside like a mad woman to only find NO package outside. I looked into the break down of the tracking information and apparently the “delivery attempt was unsuccessful” in which they tried to deliver to NATICK MA.??? I do not live in Natick. My zip code is NOT Natick. What a mess. I showed up at my sister’s house with NO TOY. 🙁 Gio was not upset or anything, he is such a big boy and really took the news fine, but I still feel so badly. I told him that I would have that for him for completing his first week of school, and my word fell through. I knew it was out of my control, but I really did feel terrible about it. I ended up calling the post office in Natick to see if they can help me, but the employee was super rude and kept repeating “your address is not in Natick. You called the Natick Post Office.” Well I know that but apparently someone doesn’t know that. So I called the Framingham distribution center and the lady was super nice. She was totally confused (as was I) and told me she would call me back, but I never got a call back, so I figured I would call again in the morning. (Which I did, it should get delivered to me today…it was a huge mistake on the mail carrier’s part. Apparently there is a street in Natick the same as mine and they just totally looked over the city and zip code.) PItM.gif

I came home from my sister’s to my (replacement) dress from Rent The Runway, which as I explained above, the dress was a little tight, so I called to get a new size sent to me. I was then a crazy lady after my phone call with RTR to get the package sent out to them so I didn’t get any more charges to my card (guys, I’ve definitely racked up my credit card with all of these dresses that I bought for this weekend. Ugh.) I was feeling so rushed because it was 5:50pm and the place that has a drop off for all package types closed at 6pm, but luckily it wasn’t too far from my home. I really don’t like rushing. It makes me anxious and feel like I am loosing my mind! At one point I felt like my head was going to explode, but after I shipped that off I did feel a little better…but in the back of my mind I was still panicking thinking about what if the dress doesn’t get here in time? 841f01dc02961d81f5c3f3314658b4b6.gif

In the middle of all the chaos, I had to go to the grocery store to get a couple things, and then picked up a salad for dinner. I came home only for a short time to eat and then was out running some more errands until I finally felt like I was able to rest by 9pm where I happily watched The Brady Bunch movie before bed. Side note: I was like overly excited that The Brady Bunch movie was on. I just love all things Brady Bunch. tenor.gif

Saturday: I woke up actually feeling rested…I don’t know how because the day/night before had been so chaotic, but my body was still so extremely sore. Because of that, I didn’t want to push myself too hard so I started my workout with 15 minutes of yoga and then an incline walk for 40 minutes. All was fine until the tracking for my dress began to start at about 8am.

Enter: PANIC MODE/MELTDOWN. The tracking for the dress claimed my package was in Kentucky at 8am, but somehow by 9am it was out for delivery and would be delivered by 12pm. I was very excited and have high hopes (once again) that everything would be fantastic with the dress. I went to work and even said the words “I am not going to check the tracking information until closer to 12:00”, which didn’t happen obviously. I was obsessively checking the tracking information and still had high hopes that all would be fine…

Until it wasn’t. I looked at the tracking information at 12:05 and saw that it said these horrific words “Delivery was ATTEMPTED. Will deliver again on next business day.” Cue the tears, the cussing, the screaming, ALL OF IT. giphy.gif

They did not leave my dress because I was not home. But I had no idea that I had to be home to sign for it, because the other package I received from RTR they left lying out on the front lawn (not even at my door). I was so beyond upset that I rushed home and mayyyyyy have driven around my part of town to hunt down a UPS truck and stop them in their tracks to see if they somehow had my package, which did nothing but make me bawl my eyes out even more.

At this time, I did not know what to do but call RTR (while I was ugly crying, mind you) and explain to them what had happened. I was furious. The lady put me on hold for 25 minutes while she tried to get in contact with UPS, but came back to my phone call saying that there was nothing they could do. All RTR could do for me was give me a lousy a** credit to my RTR account online. WHAT IS THIS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No. I am sadly not kidding you. So the dresses that I was not even able to wear are still getting billed to my credit card. Can you understand my frustration with this? I find that highly unacceptable seeing as how many things happened with UPS during this 4 period time span. So awful. I am completely honest on here, and I have to tell you, I will NEVER be using Rent The Runway again for anything. tumblr_inline_miui4k4AYU1qz4rgp

In the middle of this mess of me crying my eyes out, I had a hair appointment with my hair dresser. I say this often, but THANK THE LORD for my hair dresser. At least I was going to have pretty hair for the wedding, even if I didn’t have anything to wear. Haha. These words were said to me, and in the time I thought “no way, I want to wear that dress”, but man were they true… “Maybe it was for the best. You might have been too overdressed in that dress.” With pretty hair, I left the salon still dress-less, but came home to deconstruct my closet.

I ended up settling on wearing a short black dress with slits in the arm sleeves that I bought from Lulu’s and wore previously when Michael and I went to Foxwoods. It worked, and I felt good in it, and I probably would have been overdressed in the other dress. So it all worked out…even though in the middle of the crying and panicked moments I thought it wouldn’t work out. Side note: Always wear something from Lulu’s. ALWAYS. Remind me next time to just keep ordering from them, because they always come through.

The wedding was adorable! The bride and groom looked so extremely happy, in love, and just so precious! Congratulations to Andrea and Chad! May you have a lifetime of love and happiness! Thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you!

Sunday: I woke up at 5 ready to go for the day, but totally did not want to get up yet. I did, however, get up to go to the bathroom and my legs were extremely sore like I couldn’t even walk. So, I called Sunday my rest day and went back to sleep until 7. Did you read that? 7am!! I did some reading, and got ready for the (chilly) day. Michael and I went to church, which was great. It was so chilly outside, like only 50 degrees!! BRR! It’s officially time to bring out my favorite…my Ugg boots! Yup. I definitely wore those babies yesterday. Michael went to jujitsu training right when we got home from church, so I did some reading and some work, and then headed over to my sister’s house to play with my nephews for a while. Once Michael got home from jujitsu, it was time for football until we went to the grocery store (when the Patriots game was over) to pick up some of the essentials. (Fruit, veggies, toilet paper, wraps, english muffins, and rice cakes….essentials, people!) Then again, it was time for football and snuggles. Because what else is Sunday for besides football and snuggles?! 😉

This morning: I woke up feeling like I am getting a cold. BOO. I’ve kind of felt like this all weekend, but have basically not paid any attention to it because I don’t have time for that. It must be the season change because it was just 90 degrees and now it is 50 degrees. Gross. Despite feeling yucky, I was up at 6 and got my workout on! I ran 4 miles on my treadmill and then did 15 minutes of a full body circuit. After my workout, I was in the cleaning mood and cleaned a whole bunch before doing some reading.

As I am finishing this post up, I just received both packages from Rent The Runway this morning with my dresses for the wedding that was on Saturday. It is Monday. I am extremely disappointed with Rent The Runway’s services and how they handled everything. It was seriously a waste of my time, money, and energy. 

Anyways, today is going to be a chilly day, and I guess it is going to rain also. Michael has an appointment in Boston this afternoon, so I am going to go with him to that. This morning will include taking a trip to the store to drop off these dress packages to ship back, and running a few errands. You know I love Monday’s since they are another day off from work for me! Yay!

I hope you have a fabulous day! Xoxo

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  1. Sounds like you need to call Rent the Runway and speak with whatever leadership individual you can in order to get your funds returned to your credit card OR you need to contact your Credit Card company to contest the charges. I do not think that the service or product you received is acceptable.

    1. It absolutely is not acceptable!! I am going to call RTR today and ask to speak to someone about my issues.

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