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Weekend Recap: The hunt to find bathing suits

Good morning! Happy Monday! It’s a new week, and I am super excited this week is here because that means we are going away very soon!! Happy dance!!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun and fall-like? It was kind of on the hotter side here so it didn’t really feel like fall to me, but you all know I’d rather have hot weather than anything else, especially chilly weather! My weekend was pretty much the same as always, I didn’t really do anything that great. But I did get to hangout with Michael yesterday, which is always good. This whole cold thing that I am fighting better stay far away because I really don’t have time for that since we leave so soon for our mini getaway! YAY!

Friday: I had work until late afternoon, then headed to Target. I was hoping that I could find a couple new bathing suits, but all of their small sizes were gone and only seemed to have large and x-large sizes left on the racks…bummer. I just want a few new bathing suits for our trip! Is that too much to ask? I am seriously on a hunt to find them, and I don’t want to go too far to find them! Please help!?! I figured that it would be a challenge though since all fall clothes are out now. Once I was home, I was able to spend the night with Michael, which I was so happy that he only worked until 3…usually on Friday’s he takes overtime and works until 11pm, but he took it the day before and then made up for it the next day when working 24 hours (omg, he is such a hard worker, love you boo), so I soaked it up. We watched Jersey Shore and a couple of the other shows we had on our DVR. giphy-downsized.gif

Saturday: I started my morning with a 20 minute circuit workout, and then a 40 minute run. After my workout, I went into crazy cleaning lady mode and cleaned our place up so that way I don’t really have that much cleaning to do before we leave. (You know I hate coming home from vacation to a dirty house, especially after getting housekeeping daily in our hotel room. I can’t be alone, do you feel this way too? Do you go all crazy cleaning lady mode before a trip too?!) I had to work until mid afternoon and then went over to my sister’s house to hangout for a little bit before I left to run some errands. By 6 I was back home to watch some of the Bravo shows that had been piling up on our DVR for the past two weeks! I watched the last two episodes of Real Housewives of Dallas, and the last two episodes of Shahs of Sunset…all while working out during the commercials. Don’t worry, I wasn’t just sitting on the couch being a lazy butt all night binge watching tv, guys.tumblr_o3on6jTP0C1qds5ako1_500.gif

Sunday: The morning started with a 15 minute ab workout and a 40 minute incline walk. Michael had been working 24 hours, literally, so I was super thankful that he still planned on coming to church with me even though he only got home in the morning at 7:15 and took a (very small) nap before we left for service. After church, I figured he would nap, so I went to the mall while he stayed home. I really wanted to get a couple new dresses or something for our trip, just in case one of the dresses I ordered from Lulus doesn’t work. So, I went to Express and even though their summer selections were very limited, I ended up finding a jumpsuit and romper for our trip. I also bought a new (super soft) sweatshirt and a pair of new black leggings. I can never have enough leggings because they are ALL I WEAR. I wonder if people think I have the same exact pair on day after day?! I promise I don’t, I have a billion pairs. Ha! I came home after that and spent the afternoon watching football with Michael. We actually watched football for the rest of the day and night…because the games never end. One game ends and I think we can watch something else but nope! There is another game on the second one is over. Overall, I had a wonderful Sunday relaxing with him!

This morning: I got out of bed a couple minutes later than usual today, even though I woke up early. Michael got called into work (boo) and I got my workout on. I started with a 30 minute ab & arm workout, followed by a 30 minute run/incline walk. During those 30 minutes, it was 10 minutes of sprints, 10 minutes of running, and 10 minutes of walking. It was a good one! I am getting my nails done this morning, and I think I might get eyelash extensions again sometime this week before we leave. I miss them, but I know I don’t miss not being able to scrub my eyes when I wash my face. But wearing mascara is SO annoying to me! Seriously. I end up getting it all over my face and hands every single morning no matter what I do. It’s pretty funny, I’m sure if Michael saw me do it he would be laughing his butt off.Little-girl-makeup-face.gif

I MUST get all of my stuff together today (and Michael’s) to pack!! I don’t want to be crying in panic on Wednesday because I procrastinated the packing (like always). It’s super easy to pack for tropical vacations though, all you need are bathing suits and outfits (dresses, rompers, jumpsuits) for nighttime. Easy peasy! You would think so, but I find packing still challenging no matter what. I still have a few things I need to get (like bathing suits, if I could ever find them), travel size things, and snacks!

I apologize once again for the lack of pictures, I reallllly have to remember to take more pictures!! I’ll be sure to take lots of them during our getaway, don’t you worry!

Before hitting publish, I just want to wish you a fabulous new week. Remember, you have the power to determine if it is going to be a good week or a bad week!! Make it a great one with a positive mindset and don’t let the little things get to you so much! I am declaring today, and everyday this week a GREAT DAY!!

Have a beautiful Monday! Xoxo ♥♥

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