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Arriving in the Bahamas: A Welcome Home Surprise!

Good morning beautiful people! How are you doing today? I hope you are well!

I am coming at you today feeling super grateful for the past couple days we spent in the Bahamas. It was exactly what we needed, and it couldn’t have come at a better time with Michael having to work so much recently! The weather was HOT HOT HOT and the sun was sooooo amazing. It really was hotter than in May when we went, and the sun never stopped shining it’s heat on us. It was amazing. However, now we are back home and it is currently too cold to fingers really don’t even want to work to type this up, I’m literally having a hard time with it. Haha. It is super cold in our apartment and I must admit I did NOT want to get up from my bed this morning. I will totally miss the heat and sunshine, and today is going to be nothing short from a miserable day outside: rain, cold, GROSS. What a nice welcome home that is, mother nature. I think it hinting to us to move out of here! HA! Joking. 

But what I really came here for was to not complain, but to share our AMAZING vacation with you all! I will have a few posts for you, and I promise not to bore you too much with the same old things from before (since this was our fourth time at the same resort).

Before I begin, I must say, all of these posts about our vacation is MY own opinions/experiences, and are in no way endorsed by Sandals or anything…they are simply just our own reviews!

We stayed at Sandals Royal Bahamian once again, but decided we must explore and go to other Sandals resorts in the future. However, I must be real for a second, I LOVE the Bahamas. It isn’t too far away, the weather is perfect, and the fruit (well, all the food) is phenomenal. I’m sure all of the other Sandals resorts are nothing short of amazing too, but you know, change is a little scary for me….buttttt I think it is time (well, overdue) to branch out and experience somewhere new! We were thinking Jamaica, but are open to others too. If you traveled to a Sandals resort, please share your experiences with me…both good or bad.

As you know, we booked our little vacation a week prior on the Sandals website, which didn’t get us any “last minute deals” or whatever you might be thinking (haha), and after booking, I dialed up Sandals and spoke to someone about our requests prior to arriving. The lady on the phone was super helpful and instructed me to call the next morning (since it was 9pm) and ask to be directed to the Butler Services seeing as we were arriving so soon to put our requests in directly with the butlers. So, the next morning, I called them back up and spoke to a gentleman in the Butler Department to put in our requests about the butler we wanted (Johnie B…of course!), my dietary restrictions (vegan/gluten free), our flight information, and that we would prefer the Rolls Royce private car transfer to/from the airport. With Sandals, you can make all of our Butler Preferences online, and even though I had done that, I wanted to call and speak with someone directly just to make sure they heard our requests. *I recommend doing this, especially if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies! Of course you can just tell them when you arrive, but having them be well prepared before your arrival will be much easier for both you and your butlers/the staff.

Wednesday night had finally arrived and we were packed, and ready to wake up super early to head out to the airport! However, I set my alarm for 3:30am (we had to leave at 4:30am), but somehow my dreams took over and I MISSED IT…like not setting the snooze, and not setting another alarm….and woke up in panic at 4:15am. AHH!! I had to miss my super early workout, and not even shower before going to the airport. Thank the Lord we were pretty much all set with our luggage and all packed for the most part, but I did forget a couple things. I DO NOT like rushing in the morning. I like to take my time, get in a workout, shower, and relax my thoughts for a little bit…especially before a flight. But, I guess it just worked, because I was running on adrenaline and was wide awake, ready to get on that plane ride! We actually took a flight from Worcester, Ma. that morning to JFK, since Worcester is like 20 minutes from us (which was so so much easier for us, we didn’t need to hire a car service to take us, like we do for Boston, and we only had to leave like an hour and a half prior to our flight time, unlike with Boston it is up to like 3 hours prior), and the first flight was super easy and quick.

Worcester to JFK was only about 30 minutes, and it felt like I blinked and we landed. We had a pretty long layover in JFK, about 3 and a half hours, so we braved the chaos (literal chaos!! We have never been to JFK airport before, and were very much shocked with the PEOPLE, the craziness, and ALL THE BIRDS flying around), ate some breakfast, walked around a bunch, and bought a couple new books to read. I ended up buying the devotional I’ve had my eye on for about a month: The Confident Woman Devotional, and the second book of the Crazy Rich Asian’s series: China Rich Girlfriend. I have to admit, I only read Crazy Rich Girlfriend in the airports and on the plane rides and not during our trip at all, but I read my devotionals each morning of course. We made it to Nassau, Bahamas from JFK after a 2 hour and 20 minute flight (not bad!!) with smiles on our faces and ready to PARTAYYY and relax!

Big side note: I did WONDERFUL on the flights to JFK and to Nassau, it was the returning flights that were NOT so much fun and I was kind of having a hard time, but we made it home safely. Without going into much about it, because this is a HAPPY post…our flight from the Bahamas to Ft. Lauderdale had NO AIR, like the air was broken, legit. I don’t really know why JetBlue would allow a plane to fly with a broken air condition? But I guess they do that. The flight itself was bumpy and just kind of yucky, especially since there was no air. It was only a 45 minute flight so it wasn’t that bad, but once we landed and were at the gate….enter: PANIC ATTACK. You know when you are finally at the gate and most of the people are waiting in the aisle to exit the plane, so there is NO WHERE TO GO because the aisle is crammed? Well, someone was going to GET SICK on the plane while the aisle was jam packed with people before the gate opened, and a flight attendant yelled “Please make a way! She is going to get sick!!” Now, Michael and I were both still sitting down, but the second I heard that, I crouched down below my seat, blocked my ears, shut my eyes (both are my instant reactions when someone around me is going to be sick), started praying, and reeeeally just hoped and prayed to the Lord that she would make it to the bathroom so no one (especially me) would see or hear her. Luckily Michael was blocking me (I take the window seat always) and put his back against me to shield me from seeing anything, but I was a mess. Literally I was shaking and sweating and just not so good. God Bless Michael. Seriously. Even though he doesn’t understand at all my panic with someone getting sick/anything with throw up, he tries to comfort me the best way he can. Okay, on with this post, because I am getting shaky thinking of it again.

Anyways, like I was saying, once we landed in Nassau we zipped through Customs (literally, no one in line), got our luggage, and headed on over to the Sandals desk inside the airport. We checked in and waited until our private car arrived. We always feel like celebrities whenever we step outside of that airport, being ushered over to the gorgeous Rolls Royce car, not even having to open your own doors, windows, or anything. Let the spoiling begin…AMAZING!!!

The drive from the Nassau airport to the Sandals resort is only about 15 minutes, and with the winding roads (think: lots and lots of rotaries)..mostly along the BEAUTIFUL ocean water, you are there in no time! Our driver was great, his name was Keyno (I’m not sure if the spelling is correct), and had us laughing and having a great time already! He stopped on the side of the ocean water, put my window down, and let me take in the water. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Like, sooooooo amazing.

The second we arrived at the resort, Johnie B. (our butler) was standing outside waiting for us, and ushered us into the Butler Lounge (where they have a cookie jar and a bowl of apples…win, win for both me and Michael) to get us all checked in and then brought us to our AMAZING room! Our room type this time was the Windsor One Bedroom Butler Royal Suite with partial oceanview, and was phenomenal! Just like last time (and the times before), we had a living room, bar area, dining table, separate bedroom, and large bathroom with a soaking tub. I loved our room, and we could see the AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL ocean water from our balcony. I only took Instagram story videos of our room, so if you have Instagram be sure to check on my page (I’ll put it on my Highlights), or if not…check out my post when we went in May. Johnie B. left us a beautiful “Welcome Home” surprise in our bedroom and filled the soaking tub up with bubbles and rose petals! SO NICE!!!!

It was absolutely the most perfect start to our getaway!! Stay tuned for more exciting posts about our spontaneous trip!! 🙂

Have a beautiful day, loves! Xoxo


2 thoughts on “Arriving in the Bahamas: A Welcome Home Surprise!

  1. What an AMAZING Trip! I am a tad jealous BUT I know you both needed this getaway! Do you think you would consider going to Sandals in Barbados? I have been to Barbados before and it’s gorgeous there!

    1. Oh girl, it really was amazing!! We would love to go to Barbados! I’m just kind of weird about longer flights (obviously) hahaha. But that is so great to know you loved it there, I will keep that in mind! 🙂

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