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Our first night in the Bahamas: Dinner, and relaxing under the stars

Good morning! Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a great week!

I must admit, I am totally dragging this week. I didn’t even want to get up yesterday morning, and only woke up (after waking up several times and going back to sleep) at 7:15. OH MY GOSH! And to top that off, I didn’t even workout in the morning yesterday. But today, I woke up at my normal time and worked out. Buttt I really didn’t sleep well. Last night, our carbon monoxide alarm kept beeping at 1am, which was soooooo annoying to us. Michael was nervous about it at first, but then realized we have a couple other of those alarms in our apartment and those were fine, so it was just the batteries. After a couple more beeps, he shut the thing off (since of course we don’t have new batteries at home, I’m taking a mental note to ALWAYS have new batteries for times like these). Talk about being scared when waking up to loud, ear piercing beeps from the alarm. I managed to go back to sleep no problem after that, but I am still feeling super tired this morning. Remember that little cold thing that I was fighting before we left for our vacation? Well, I think it is coming back or whatever. Probably from traveling and definitely from the change in weather.

My workout this morning was a 20 minute full body circuit and then a 3 mile run/1 mile incline walk. It felt SO GOOD to get back to working out!

Okay so Tuesday was the grossest day ever with pouring rain and the COLD weather. I was absolutely freezing and wore a jacket all day. Yesterday was a weird and very humid day, and today is back to feeling chilly. But I guess that is New England for you. Freezing one day, then back to warm the next. So not good for staying healthy.

Something weird was going on with my blog yesterday and with my laptop, every time I tried to upload pictures on here it would freeze and then my laptop would just shut off, which is why I didn’t have this post up yesterday because I had every intention of having this published by yesterday morning. Technology is not my friend, so I just figured to let it be for the day and try again today. It is still being aggravating, because this has taken me an hour to try to just upload pictures…ah!! Talk about annoying! But, hey…at least I will have this post up and published today!

After leaving you hanging with my first post about our time in the Bahamas, I am back today with another!

Our first day was absolutely amazing, as all the days were. I loved being able to still have a (mostly) full day in the Bahamas for our first day even though we traveled, because sometimes our day is cut really short, but this time we were there early enough to fully enjoy!

To continue on with our first day, after we arrived in our room, I unpacked our stuff and put everything away, and then we threw our bathing suits on to head to the pool and beach for the afternoon!

We stayed out there until I think about 5ish, and went back to our room to get ready for our dinner reservations. Oh, by the way, a perk of having butlers: they make all of your dinner reservations for you, escort you to restaurants, and seat you at your tables. (As with many other things.)

My outfit the first night was a super cute romper from Express. Side note: I saved my outfit stories to my Instagram highlights, just in case you want to check those out.

Pretty much every night, we caught the AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL sunset on our way to dinner and just had to have a mini photoshoot out there before heading to the restaurant. It was literally breathtaking.

Dinner our first night was at Casanova Italian Ristorante. Casanova serves Northern Italian dishes with a colorful ambience. The menu has a bunch of options from seafood, to pasta. They also offer a large antipasto buffet with salads, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and breads. I LOVE their antipasto buffet and could just eat that for my meal.

Our butler, Johnie B., escorted us to dinner and sat us at our beautiful table. The butlers did an absolutely amazing job with wow-ing us this vacation with rose petals and flower petals all over our dinner tables, making it super romantic for us. I GREATLY appreciated these little touches.

I ordered a glass of champagne, and Michael ordered their signature drink, which was (I think) limoncello. Cheers!

Now, I HAVE to tell you all about MY amazing experience at every single restuarant. Like I had mentioned in my first post about our trip, I had called Sandals’ Butler Department prior to our arrival to make our requests and inform them that I am vegan/gluten free. This made it easier for our butlers and the staff to be well prepared about my dietary accomodations. However, we had Johnie B. when we went in May so he was very well prepared for my pickyness (lol), and he was ON TOP of his game the whole entire time…he also made our other butlers aware of this too, so they were prepared also. Anyways, our butler got the chef at every single restaurant for me to talk to about my meals, in which I was SO extremely appreciative for this because when we just went in May they had not done this (which was fine), and I thought this thing only happened in Disney World (lol). The chef at Casanova came out and discussed my meal with me and asked me what I would like, what I don’t eat, etc. I pretty much just told her (and every other chef) that I would love a dish with vegetables…no butter. After our discussion, she left, our butler excused himself, and it was time to enjoy ourselves! I helped myself to the antipasto bar and filled my plate with salad, grilled squash, grilled zucchini, grilled peppers, and bruschetta. OMG, so good.

For my meal, the chef prepared some grilled zucchini, topped with steamed vegetables, over pesto sauce. I wasn’t so thrilled about the pesto sauce, but I ate around it. I was honestly full from my first plate of the salad anyways. Michael ordered the lasagna, and fettucine alfredo.

Our dinner was very good! We left the restaurant feeling happy and full. Side note: the first time we ever went to Sandals (for our honeymoon) it felt so weird to just leave the table when you were done eating since it is all inclusive. Like you didn’t have to talk to your waiter again, you just got up and left. However, I do like to wait until we see the waiter again to say a quick thank you and have a good night, just to be kind, but for the most part when you are finished, you leave, but don’t forget to thank your waiter! Actually, it still feels weird to me. Haha!

After dinner, Michael and I walked around the resort and (of course) took some pictures.

Eventually, we found a cozy spot on a couch outside near the fire pits where we were being serenaded by the “One Man Band”…who was extremely phenomenal with singing and playing the piano keyboard. We had a WONDERFUL time soaking up the moment. If you caught any of my Instagram stories that first night, you might remember me being a sappy lady and saying how blessed my life is and how it was the most perfect night: looking up at the stars, laying with my husband, all while being serenaded. Pure heaven! But of course, since we woke up at 4:15 that morning for traveling, I was super tired by the time midnight rolled around and I was pretty much falling asleep out there. Haha. Michael realized it was time to go up to our room for bed.

When we got back to our room, we were reminded once again how amazing our butlers are (Johnie. B in particular)…he left us room service! I was always given a delicious fruit plate and Michael a turkey club and cheeseburger. 🙂 I was never able to snap pictures of Michael’s plates because he dove in before I could (haha), but I took pictures of my beautiful fruit plate! img_0629-2

Stay tuned for more fun! 🙂

Have a beautiful day! Xoxo ♥♥

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