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Our Second Day in the Bahamas: Dining at the same restaurant all day & The night I saw my first shooting star!

Good morning beautiful people! Happy Friday to you! Guess what?!?! The weekend is here!!! I’m so happy…this week felt like the longest week ever. I mean, I guess every week after a vacation feels like it, but to tell you the truth it really feels like we didn’t even go on vacation. Was that just this past weekend? Like what? It is all a blur now!

Besides my week going by at a super slow pace, it has been good! I’ve been able to spend the nights with Michael, which is always the best time ever. I had counseling yesterday and it was wonderful, as always. This morning I was on the struggggle bussss. It’s a dark, gloomy, chilly, and rainy day…whomp whomp. But I am not letting that get me down, since it is FRIDAY!

I am back today with another post about our quick getaway to the Bahamas! I am titling this post: Our Second Day in the Bahamas: Dining at the same restaurant all day & The night I saw my first shooting star! Missed any of the other ones? Find our arrival HERE, and our first night HERE.

Our second day in the Bahamas was absolutely wonderful. You know when you wake up in a tropical place where you can hear the waves crashing from your room? Yes. That is what it was like waking up on that first morning (okay, every morning) but really on the first one, I was so excited and just so happy to be waking up in the Bahamas.

As I type this up, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that we ate all three of our meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same restaurant this day. HAHA.

After our long (but good) first day of traveling and staying up past my bedtime (haha), I woke up a little after 8. Now, only on vacation do I sleep until that hour, so I was so excited to see the clock said 8 in the morning and not something like 6 am. Haha. Once Michael was up and ready to go, we headed outside to go to breakfast at Spices.

Spices is open for breakfast from 7:30-11:00, and offers a large breakfast buffet with a made to order omelette station. The second we sat down, we were greeted with delicious coffee and iced water. All of the employees on the Sandals property are kind, polite, and welcoming. Spices’ buffet has everything from eggs, potatoes, pancakes, french toast, made to order smoothies, fresh juice, assorted pastries, fresh fruit, and assorted breads. I loaded my plate up with fruit, and Michael got 2 over medium eggs, pancakes, potatoes, and a toasted bagel with cream cheese.

After breakfast, we walked around the resort before making our way to the pool to lay in the hot hot sunshine.

Another perk of having butlers: they reserve your pool chairs or beach chairs for you every morning so you don’t have to worry about getting a spot. You just tell your butlers where you want to be and they reserve them for you, usually with flowers, a sign, and sometimes pillows. We even got sunscreen one day so it looked like we had been there, because if you aren’t there before 10, sometimes your spots can be taken if people think you are not there.

We spent all morning at the pool and beach, and by the time noon came around, our butler arrived with a tray full of food. A pepperoni pizza for Michael and a fruit plate for me! The only thing was, I wasn’t hungry yet so I would just have a couple bites and put it away.

By the time 2ish came around, I was ready for some lunch. Michael and I headed over to Spices (again) for their lunch buffet. Spices is open for lunch from 12:30-2:30 pm and offers a large variety of food with made to order stations. I loaded my plate with salad, veggies, and fruit. Their fruit salad was sprinkled with shredded COCONUT!! I was in heaven, so I had to go back for seconds of the fruit.

After lunch, we went back to lay by the pool for the rest of the afternoon. By the time 5pm came around, we both felt like we needed to go back to our room for a little before getting ready for dinner.

When we got back to our room we had a surprise waiting from our amazing butlers: an amazing fruit plate for me (yum), and a freshly made bed all made up with a turtle towel animal, a note, and rose petals. How insanely sweet! These little touches were a big part of why we LOVE having butlers!

My dress this night was THIS dress from Lulus, and it looks like it is on sale now! Don’t forget I saved my outfit stories to my Instagram Highlights! 🙂

By the time we were going out for dinner, we caught the amazing sunset again. We had to stop and admire this gorgeousness!

We had dinner reservations at Spices, which we requested it because the entertainment team was putting on their Junkanoo party show on the patio out there that night, so it worked out perfectly! Once again, our table was decorated with rose petals…how nice!!

Our butler seated us and got us both drinks…a glass of champagne for me and Spices’ signature drink (something with pineapple, obviously) for Michael. Cheers!

Our butler (once again) got the chef to come out and talk to me about my dietary restrictions and what I wanted for my meal. The chef at Spices was Philip, who we actually had as a chef at Kimono’s (their hibachi restaurant) before. I felt like I was in very good hands as he said he would come up with something I was sure to enjoy. Our waitress brought over regular bread for Michael and gluten free bread for me. For my appetizer, I ordered the salad with the dressing on the side.

For my meal, the chef prepared a plate of grilled vegetables (zucchini, squash, broccoli), and steamed rice stuffed in grilled tomatoes. It was so good! I was actually really happy with Chef Philip because this was totally something I had not even thought of, and he listened to me when I said I didn’t want things seasoned/spicy, and I just wanted steamed rice….so he “spiced” it up a little, without actually spicing it up, if you get what I mean. Haha. For dessert, I got a plate of fruit…of course.

Michael ordered a salad and their jerk chicken wings for appetizers, and for his meal he ordered the jerk chicken which came with vegetables and rice. However, please be warned that their jerk chicken is NO JOKE and even Michael (who loves spicy and hot food) was having a hard time eating it because it was so extremely hot and spicy.

After dinner and after the Junkanoo party, we headed to the Piano Bar where Michael was double fisting Mr. Fluffy’s special…which was either rum, or whiskey…I don’t remember and I kept getting it wrong. Haha. Side note: I shared a bunch of Instagram videos from the Junkanoo party, so I think I’ll keep those saved in my Highlights if you want to go check them out! 🙂

We met some new friends from Texas (who are absolutely amazing, we had so so much fun with them!! They made our trip even more memorable!) and hung out with them for the rest of the night by the pool. We stayed out there past midnight and I saw my FIRST EVER shooting star! It was extremely magical, and I was screaming in excitement. I actually almost started crying because of how amazing it was! I know I know, can you believe I’ve never seen a shooting star in my 28 years of life? I can’t believe it either, but I can finally say I have seen one! 🙂 I made a wish and thanked the Lord for my beautiful life!

Stay tuned for more! Have a beautiful weekend, loves! Xoxo ♥♥

2 thoughts on “Our Second Day in the Bahamas: Dining at the same restaurant all day & The night I saw my first shooting star!

  1. I love both your dress and your cover up! So pretty! And the clouds in the sunset pictures are beautiful. I’m dying to get myself to the nearest beach now. Hope your Sunday has been restful!

    1. Thank you so much girly! The sunset in the Bahamas was absolutely breathtaking!! I want to go back now 🙁 haha. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! Xoxo

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