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Weekend Recap: Last weekend in September!

Good morning beauties! Happy Monday and Happy October 1st! I cannot believe we are in the month of October. How did that happen?! Before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ah! Now, you all know I love Christmas so much, but I would much rather hold onto summer a little longer than get into these cold temperatures.

The great news is we are FOUR weeks away from our next Disney vacation and I am kind of in a delusional state about it. I mean, we just went to the Bahamas for that quick little getaway, and to think we are going on a plane again soon seems surreal. Like, is this really happening so soon?! Eek! Also, I haven’t really been “training” for the Wine & Dine 10K…just running like normal on the treadmill, oops. To say I am nervous is an understatement, but I know it will be fine. hqdefault

I was totally jealous of all of those people on Instagram who went out to do lots of fall things this past weekend. Were you one of them? I was pretty much living through others’ pictures at apple farms and pumpkin patches. I really really hope Michael and I will be able to go apple picking soon…before the apples are gone. I LOVE apples. Like I could live off of just apples. When you ask me what my favorite food is, more likely than not I will say “fruit”…but more specifically, it is APPLES! Gala apples to be exact. Mmmmmm!

Even though I didn’t take part in any “fall like” activities this weekend, I did enjoy the last weekend in September nonetheless. I’m pausing my Bahamas recaps for today, but don’t you worry I will be back tomorrow with another post about it. 😉

Let’s back up a little bit!

Friday: I had to work until 4ish, but once I got out I went over to my sister’s house to hang out with my nephews and my sister for a little bit. I had to run a couple errands, and then I picked up a salad for dinner. I came on home to watch the past two episodes of Real Housewives of Dallas. Let me tell you….the shows piled up on our DVR and it was literally FULL! I couldn’t wait to dive in, and since Michael was working, I watched the drama unfold in Dallas. tenor

Saturday: I woke up Saturday morning to do a 20 minute ab workout, and then a 45 minute incline walk. I worked until mid afternoon and (surprise!) Michael was home at the same time as me…which never happens on Saturdays! He usually works a different shift and usually works until nighttime, but this Saturday was a different story! Because of this, we took advantage of this time and scheduled an appointment at the Apple store to get his phone fixed, so we headed to the mall. Once we got there, we couldn’t check into the Apple store just yet because we were like 45 minutes too early for his appointment, so we decided to walk around the mall and waste some time. Buttttt, when we walked out of the Apple store, these two guys were in front of us and one of them nonchalantly turned around and asked us if we believed in God. Of course we said yes in which served as his leeway into our minds I guess, as he asked us “Do you believe in God the Father?” We answered yes. Then he asked, “Do you believe in God the Mother?” Our answer to that one was a no. Now, please hear me out. I respect ALL religious beliefs and everything, but if we don’t have the same beliefs, I would not shove biblical scriptures down your throat and hope that you would believe my same beliefs. I say that because when we answered no to that question, the man got a little bit irritated (I don’t even know the right word) and pulled out his cell phone to show us some scripture verses (which, are different in my Bibles) showing how they have taken the word and came to believe that there is a Mother. I don’t even want to give this any more thought, but it still blows my mind because they just kept probing and after showing us a scripture would then ask “so do you believe there is a God the mother?” Each time we would say no. I really just wanted to walk away but I didn’t feel unsafe or anything since I was right there with Michael, holding onto his arm, and there were many many people around us since the mall was packed. Finally, Michael tried to end the conversation with “We have a strong relationship with God and respectfully do not agree with your beliefs.” So the one man who hardly said anything to us and was probably recording the whole thing on his cell phone (Michael thinks this was the other man’s mentor or something) said “Do you believe we have God the Father, God the mother, and God the Son?” In which I said no. We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I have no issue with sharing my religious beliefs, but unlike these men, I was not trying to change them. When I answered his question, this got both of them a little more irritated (or whatever) and so we just kind of started to walk away as one of them asked if we wanted to join their bible study group to learn more about this belief of having a mother. We kindly declined, but then they asked again. At this point, I kind of tugged at Michael’s arm and we just walked away. I was very creeped out guys. Like, I have had similar experiences happen before, I have had people ring my doorbell to talk about God, but usually they do not FORCE it on you to want to change your beliefs and change you over to their religion. I don’t even know what it was, but they weren’t even like kind or anything. Still, to this second, I can’t help but this about it and be totally creeped out again it.

I shared this experience on my Instagram stories because I was just totally weirded out, but once we were in the Apple store waiting for Michael’s phone to get looked at, I called my Mom to tell her all about what just happened. She told me that she saw something on Facebook explaining everything that just happened to us, and how two men were walking around malls asking people to join their bible study but it was really a human trafficking scheme. OH MY GOSH. That is so scary, and I am just so thankful I was with Michael and we were able to get away from those guys.

Anyways, Michael’s phone screen completely cracked while we were in the Bahamas. The story is absolutely crazy because the screen literally cracked from the HOT HOT Bahamian sunshine. Like I am not even joking. We were laying out by the pool, then went to get some lunch, and the next thing we knew Michael looked at his phone and saw that the screen was very cracked! He didn’t even do anything to cause that, other than put it in the hot hot sunshine…which is common I guess because when we told the Apple employee she said that could happen due to the phone overheating. Yikes!

Unfortunately, Michael couldn’t get his phone screen fixed as we were there because they needed to order the part for it, but side note: GET APPLE CARE if you don’t already have it! He only had to pay $29 for this screen fixing compared to the $169 (I think?) if he didn’t have Apple Care.

After the mall, we picked up dinner and then came home to watch a couple of our shows we had on DVR…S.W.A.T. and How To Get Away With Murder!! I had NO idea HTGAWM was back, like I totally didn’t see any commercials or anything. What!! Where have I been?! As always, it left me speechless, and breathless. Haha.

Later on, we watched a movie. I was pumped we had rented Gotti from RedBox. I am so so interested in that kind of stuff, and totally loved the movie. John Travolta was amazing (but maybe I am biased because I love him in all movies). If you are like me and totally love all things mob/mafia/gangster stories, watch this. I didn’t even fall asleep half way through like I normally do when we watch movies. 😉Gotti

Sunday: Sunday morning I woke up late, on purpose. 6:15am came and of course like always, my eyes opened, but I let myself go back to sleep until I woke up again at 7am!! Did you read that?! This girl let herself sleep past the normal time. I claimed Sunday as a rest day, even though you know I hate taking rest days, but I just felt like I needed it. Once I was up, I stretched, read my devotions, and got ready for church. Michael and I were so ready to get back to church since we hadn’t gone last week because we were in the Bahamas. It’s funny because I know we just started going back to church at the end of June, but it is like just our normal thing now. Sunday comes around and we go to church, Michael goes to jujitsu, and then (if he is not working) we watch football all day long. And I love it! However, this Sunday was a little different since Michael had to work. (Boo.) After we got home from service, Michael headed to jujitsu (and then went straight to work after) as I went to the grocery store, and then over to my sister’s house for some play time. Once I got home from their house, I caught up on some more Bravo Shows for what felt like most of the afternoon. I swear, I felt like the laziest person on the planet because I watched two episodes of Shah’s of Sunset and half of a Real Housewives of Orange County episode. Talk about a laaaaazzzzyyyy butt. Haha.giphy.gif

I finally got off the couch and went to Target to get my favorite dressing (guys, I use this EVERY SINGLE DAY in my salads) but almost died when I saw they were ALL OUT! Ahhh!!!! I actually left Target with NOTHING. After I saw they didn’t have dressing, I basically had goggles on to block out all the things and walked right out to my car. I call that a WIN!

I went over to my parent’s house a little after since everyone was there. I had a great time playing with the boys, running up and down my parent’s little hill in their backyard, and having a dance party in their basement. It felt SO GREAT to play. If you are feeling any type of way, grab your child (or your niece, nephew, whomever) and go play!!

Later on, I picked up a salad for dinner and came home to watch (of course) another Real Housewives of Orange County episode and then switched on over to 90 Day Fiancé until I fell asleep around 10ish.

This morning: I started the day with a 30 minute full body circuit, followed by 10 minutes of sprints, 20 minute of running, and then finished with 10 minutes of incline walking. It was a GREAT workout! Once Michael was awake, we went to (finally) get an inspection sticker on my car because we were THREE months late! Oh my gosh! Can you believe it? My sticker still had a 7 on it, and I am just thanking Jesus I didn’t get pulled over because you know this girl would have been in tears. Haha.

Later today I have a hair appointment (YAY!) and in a little bit I am going back to Target with my sister and Enzo. I’m sure this Target run won’t be as cheap as yesterday, but we will see. 😉

Have a phenomenal first day of October!!! Xoxo ♥♥

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