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Our third day in the Bahamas: Vegan dinner fail and a night out to Baha Mar!

Hey hey! Happy Wednesday! Hump day is finally here, thank God! This week feels like it has been the longest week ever. Shouldn’t it be Friday already?!

I meant for this post to publish yesterday, but when I opened up WordPress on my laptop to upload pictures and then finally publish, the website wouldn’t load. Sooooo, I have been having some not so good luck with this whole technology thing since last week. Hopefully my laptop cooperates more nicely and does what it is supposed to do so I can get to blogging normally!

Yesterday was a dreary, rainy day which was totally depressing and made the day feel like it was two days in one. I must admit I kept falling back asleep in the morning, especially with the sound of the rain outside and the darkness…but once 6:30 came around I rolled out of bed and got my workout on. I was (still am today) so sore. I started my workout yesterday with some stretching and then a 3.5 mile run.

Today was another repeat of yesterday; I did not want to get up and out of bed. I kept waking up a bunch since Michael’s alarm went off early. I finally talked myself into getting up at 6:20 and got ready for a workout. I started with 20 minutes of abs and arms, and then got on the treadmill for a 40 minute run/incline walk. I pretty much ran for 5 minutes, walked for 5 minutes, and continued that for the 40 minutes.

I’m back today with a recap from our Bahamas getaway! Missed any of the other ones? Find our arrival HERE, our first night HERE, and our second day HERE.

I’m calling this one: Vegan dinner fail and a night out to Baha Mar! 

Since the night before we didn’t get to bed until after 1am, I slept in once again. It’s weird, because I didn’t feel pressured at all to get to the (amazing) penthouse fitness center since we were there for a short time…I just did some ab exercises in our room and stretched/did some yoga when I woke up in the mornings. I usually went in our separate living room area, opened up the curtains to our balcony sliding doors, stepped outside for a couple minutes to take in the gorgeousness, and got a little workout in before showering and getting ready for the day. Once Michael was up, we headed over to Spices for their breakfast buffet.

The options for breakfast were either the buffet at Spices, breakfast at Bacarat, or room service. We opted each day for the buffet because I love a buffet! Like the day before, I filled my plate with fruit, and Michael filled his with all the things like pancakes, two over medium eggs, sausage, etc. Funny story: The first morning they had a basket out with bananas, but everyday after that there were none, so everyday I asked an employee (the same one, might I add) if he could find me a banana. Praise the Lord for that kind gentleman! Every time I asked him he said “I don’t think we have any, but if we do I will find one.” and each day he came back with a banana in hand! I literally clapped every time like a child. What? I like bananas! 

After breakfast, it was time for the pool and the beach all day long. We really lucked out with BEAUTIFUL weather every day. When we went in May it was more like very cloudy every single day and not really sunny outside (the water even was a different color because the sunshine was shining on it compared to back in May when it was just cloudy), but this time the sun was burning hot and we actually felt relieved when a cloud came over the sun for a “break” while laying out. Haha. I loved it.

Of course, like every day, our butler came around at noon time with a tray filled with food for us. A fruit plate for me and a pizza for Michael. I had a couple bites of fruit and went back to getting my tan on/going in the pool. Michael was all about laying (well I’m sure he just wanted to take a nap) but all I wanted to do was go in the pool or go to the beach! He actually called me a fish….even though I hate swimming. Haha. I just loved being in the water. Oh, and since I didn’t mention this yet, another butler perk: not only do they reserve your pool/beach chairs for you every morning, they bring out a cooler filled with waters/beers/sodas/whatever you want them to put in it…which we requested waters each day. This was VERY appreciated because we didn’t have to do it ourselves. 

We went into the ocean (if you know me, you know I don’t really like to GO into the ocean. It’s pretty, I like looking at it, or putting my feet in, but I would much rather be in a pool. It freaks me out if I am actually IN there because I don’t know if something is going to come and get me, haha)…like up to our necks in the ocean for quite a while until I stepped on something and the top of my foot felt like a burning/stinging/hurting sensation and then I FREAKED OUT running, flailing my arms, rushing out of the ocean. Let’s just say we didn’t really go into the ocean after that…only like put our feet in. I think I got stung by a jelly fish or something. But I don’t really know what that feels like, so I may or may not be making it up. However, there was a red line on the top of my foot seconds after feeling this burning/stinging sensation. It hurt for the day, but then by nighttime it went away.

Since (again) I didn’t really eat much of the fruit plate because I wasnt that hungry, by the time 2pm rolled around I was ready for some lunch! We went to Spices again for their lunch buffet where I filled my plate with salad, veggies, & fruit, and Michael got a cheeseburger (they had made to order stations), pickles, and a piece of fried chicken.

We went back to the pool until about 5ish came around, when we both were sunned-out for the day and headed back to our room to relax and get ready for the night. I wore THIS dress from Lulu’s, and I was so extremely comfortable in it. The only bad thing about it was that you could kind of see my breast petals through it, but whatever I just went with it.

Our butler escorted us to dinner, but not before we took some pictures with the gorgeous sunset.

We had dinner reservations at Kimono’s…if you read our past experiences at Sandals Royal Bahamian, you know that we love this restaurant and usually have a blast dining there. This time dining at Kimono’s wasn’t really the best, but we still had a good time.

When we were seated, the waitress took our drink, appetizer, and dessert order, but beforehand asked if anyone had any allergies or dietary restrictions. Of course, I raised my hand and said I am vegan, so I don’t eat meat, eggs. or dairy. She wrote it down and spoke to the chef also. For my appetizer I got their Kimonos salad with the dressing on the side as Michael got their gyoza (I don’t even know how to pronounce this, we call them pot!).

Now, here’s the (sort of) downfall, the chef we had wasn’t really up to speed with what “vegan” meant. I asked him before he started cooking if he could make some of the rice without butter and egg for me, and same with the vegetables. So he did that, but as he was cooking the vegetables and rice he started putting the chicken on the grill and used the SAME COOKING TOOLS to cut the raw chicken as he was using to cook the rice and veggies, and was cooking it directly next to the vegetables and rice. I was cringing inside and someone next to us asked “aren’t you vegan? You don’t eat meat.” Major face palm right there. I (very kindly) said to the chef “I don’t eat meat.” He was like “I know.” But continued. Ahhh. Luckily he put some rice on my plate that was on the opposite side of the grill as the chicken, but still….it was the same spatula that touched the raw chicken. Same goes for the vegetables, but still, yuckkkkkk. The chef also cooked some noodles for me , but my stomach was already turned from the chicken so the noodles just looked like a pile worms to me. I just sipped on my champagne until he was finished cooking so that I wouldn’t think about it so much 😉

The chef did some tricks and put on a show for us, which was fun. While he was cooking the egg (when my food was off the grill, thankfully), he tossed one into Michael’s mouth and Michael caught it! Yeah boo! I put this all on my Instagram stories if you happened to be watching when we were there. It was awesome!

Besides that little vegan fail on the chef’s part, the food wasn’t bad at all. I usually love hibachi, but I think the whole cooking my food with the same spatula as the raw chicken, and cooking the veggies and rice on the grill directly next to the raw chicken made it not so appetizing. Butttttt, for our desserts I got a fruit salad and Michael got the guava pudding.

We had a fun time overall. I just hope during our next time dining at Kimono’s, the chef will be more conscious of me being a vegan. (Previous experiences the chefs were conscious of my dietary requests, and had no problem cooking the rice and veggies first without starting the meat until some of the rice and veggies were on my plate.) 

After dinner, we met up with new friends and took the bus to head on over to Baha Mar!

If you remember from our trip in May, we went to Baha Mar during that trip too, but I must say this time was more fun since it was a Saturday night. Overall, the guys wanted to gamble, as us girls wanted to have a fun time, and we all wanted to hit up the nightclub later on that night. I’m sure you remember me writing about how gorgeous it is inside Baha Mar from that last post! Those chandeliers are so pretty!

We went in some of the shops (my first stop: Tiffany & Co….but unfortunately they didn’t have the ring I so want, Michael lucked out), and then we all went to the bar. There is a really nice bar called Monkey Bar inside SLS Baha Mar. It was poppin’ with a DJ and packed with gorgeous looking people!

After getting a drink for each of us, we decided to wander around the casino until the guys were set on gambling and us girls went back to the bar for another drink. Now, you probably know by now that I don’t really drink…only occasionally, and when I do drink I get sick of said drink really fast and just all around hate the feeling of being “drunk”. But, I ordered soda water with raspberry vodka and didn’t get sick of it (win!). It’s actually pretty funny that I love Sandals and love how it is all inclusive, but I don’t really partake in the whole “start drinking at 10:30am and continue all day” thing…more likely than not you will see me without a drink, or a water. (Especially when we are in the sunshine, gotta stay hydrated! Not dehydrated with alcohol!)

Anyways, while the guys were gambling and us girls went back to the bar, a group of guys came up to us and was pretty much surrounding us, so we talked to them. I obviously don’t ever go out without my husband, so to say I was uncomfortable is way more than correct. Even though we were talking about our husband’s, and clearly we had our wedding rings on, they didn’t really seem to care and kept asking “What kind of husband’s leave their wives?” like they deserted us or something. Haha. I think I was nervous/obviously uncomfortable because I sucked my drink down in a couple minutes and was just ready to get out of there. Granted, those guys were nice and didn’t seem too creepy or anything, but still, I am crazy and thought of all these scenarios in my head. Hahahaha. If you watched any of my Instagram stories from this night, I kind of talked about how our husband’s let us go to the bar without them (no big deal, I know), and didn’t seem to care when we told them about these other guys. Hahaha.

We ended up going back to our hubby’s once we paid for our drinks, but since they were on fire with winning, us girls went to Bond Nightclub without them to just check it out. I had heard there was a nightclub inside Baha Mar last time we were there, so I really wanted to go since I just wanted to dance! (The club is open Thursday-Saturday, I just checked!) Earlier that day, I had emailed the nightclub and I got a response from Jason, who is the Director of VIP Services of Bond Nightclub. When we got to the club I introduced myself to him and he let us in. (I even got a picture with him, check it out below!) Obviously, I couldn’t really get good pictures inside the club because it was crowded, and dark. But, we had a great time shaking our booties. Bond Nightclub itself is sort of small (not too small though), the music was good, and people weren’t spilling their drinks all over us (only Michael, thanks boo) like at other clubs. The drinks were a bit pricey ($20 each) but they were strong, so I felt like the price was good. Honestly, it was such a great time!

We definitely will go back to Bond when we are in the Bahamas. We had lots of fun with our new friends!!

We made it back to Sandals after 2am (crazy, right?!), and I was so excited to get in our decorated bed! *I’ll say it over and over again, getting the butler service is absolutely worth every penny, guys! 


Have a beautiful day, loves! Xoxo ♥♥

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