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Thursday Thoughts (TOL #55): I totally fell asleep on a hospital waiting room couch.

Hellloooo!!!! Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a great week!!

I didn’t mean to go MIA on here for the past couple days, but like I had mentioned on my weekend recap post on Monday, I wasn’t going to blog on Tuesday, and I wasn’t up for it yesterday either since Tuesday had been a long day. Soooooo, here we are, on this glorious Thursday, and the good news is it is almost the weekend! And you know what that also means, it’s another round of Thinking Out Loud Thursday, where I share all about my random thoughts and what has been going on around here this week. Well, I guess every single post I publish is like that, but either way…here it is! Thinking-Out-Loud.jpg

Michael had a procedure done on Tuesday at Mass General Hospital, which I briefly mentioned on Monday. If you’ve been reading for a while, you may already know that I dislike doctors offices/hospitals/anything medical and become a nervous wreck at even the thought of anything medical, but Michael is the complete opposite and was a champ. My Dad came with us to the hospital on Tuesday, which I was so very thankful for. It was a long day and I know it wouldn’t have been as fun (well, as fun as it could be) without him there.

Before we left for the hospital I got in a quick workout. I ran 2 miles and did a circuit of 25 jumping jacks, 25 squats, 25 crunches, and 25 push ups…repeating that 4 times through. I knew it was going to be a long day of sitting around, so I wanted to get my body moving beforehand.

Instead of waiting in the waiting room for 6+ hours, we ventured out and walked around the city for a couple hours, which definitely helped break up the time. We walked the Freedom Trail, got Starbucks, walked around some more, and eventually found our way back to the hospital.

We ended up wandering around the burial grounds of Paul Revere, which was really eery to me and kinda creeped me out. I was shocked that most of the gravestones had no writing on it, but my smart husband told me yesterday that the stones were obviously old so the writing disappeared. If you followed me on my Instagram stories, you already know that I really felt like I was waiting for the Haunted Mansion ride in Disney World…hahaha.

Here’s a fact for ya: waiting in a waiting room makes time go by MUCH slower than if you are sitting outside. It was a gorgeous day outside on Tuesday, it felt like summer time with the temperatures in the 70’s and the sun shining, my Dad and I took full advantage and thanked the Lord that it hadn’t been like the rainy and chilly day we had before.

For most of the day I was running on adrenaline from being so anxious and surprisingly only felt tired around 5, when my Dad and I got coffees and took ourselves outside again because we were sitting in the waiting room for over an hour. Which obviously, an hour felt like 5 days. 

I was so overly stressed, nervous, anxious, then excited to know Michael had been out of surgery when we were waiting to see him afterwards, I think my energy was totally shot and my head was pounding and I felt overly exhausted. I actually had chills and was shaky too. So, I was THAT person you see in a waiting room at the hospital sleeping on a couch. And I even had my sunglasses on because of the bright lights. Yup. Judge me. I was spent.

You know you have a sweet husband when he just gets out of surgery and sits in a chair so you can lay in his (clean) hospital bed and fall asleep until he was discharged. If anyone would have told me that I would be able to fall asleep on a hospital waiting room couch and then hospital bed with the lights shining bright, and beeping noises all around, I would laugh at you and tell you “not I”!! But yes, that was me. I felt badly saying that I was tired and I had a headache because I was not the one in the hospital because of surgery, but Michael was back to his amazing self and asked if I was okay…like what? Me? No sir. Are YOU okay? Seriously the best. The man never ever complains or anything. We all know that if it were me that had surgery I would be basically dying. But nope, not him.

We got home from the hospital a little before midnight, but not before stopping at the store for pints of ice cream for Michael and then face planted in bed. Michael actually was a little sneaky man and told me he was running into the store to get ICE, but came out with 4 pints of ice CREAM. (He was supposed to only have clear liquids….) That little sneaky man!!! Haha.

I couldn’t sleep well that night (Tuesday), because I kept waking up to check on Michael, and slept in until 7:45am yesterday. I almost set an alarm that night before because I knew I wouldn’t wake up at my normal earlier time, but didn’t put pressure on myself to wake up and work out. So, for that, I woke up and declared the day as a rest day since the day before had been kind of draining.

Here’s a funny story: You tell a man (or better yet, the doctor tells him) that he cannot do anything physical, to rest and take it easy after surgery, and he will want to do ALL THE THINGS. Literally. I thought we would do nothing yesterday, but Michael had a different idea. He woke up and started CLEANING shortly after. Michael…CLEANING. WHAT? So, I went into work for an hour and then came back home to Michael’s list of things that we had to do yesterday. Ummm…a list? Of things to do? What? So, off we went to do a bunch of things, until I think he realized that resting was a better idea than doing all the things. But, it was so gorgeous outside, it was good to get him out of the house and into the sunshiny, summery weather!

The rest of the day was spent watching a bunch of our shows that had been piling up on our DVR and just rested.

This morning I woke up to a very crampy stomach and kind of feeling lousy…thanks, not so nice lady friend. I swear, it always shows up with a vengeance at a bad time. Ladies, do you feel me? Sometimes being a girl is not so fun. But anyways, I got my butt out of bed and onto my treadmill for a 3 mile run, and finished with 10 minutes of planks.

The weather is back to being cold and rainy. It’s so very weird to have summer like weather in October, but I am not complaining at all. I wish it would stay around all year! How awesome would that be?

Before hitting the publish button, I have to say thank you for the love and prayers for my husband Michael this week. It was (is still) greatly appreciated. ♥♥

Have a beautiful and blessed day!! Xoxo

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