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Weekend Recap: A whole lot of TV watching

Hellllooo! Happy Tuesday! I hope your weekend was amazing and you are having a great start to your week.

The weekend sure does go by fast. I’m totally not ready for the week to start again, since Tuesday’s are technically my Monday’s. But this week should (hopefully) be different because we leave for Disney in now LESS THAN ONE WEEK! 6 days to be exact!! I expect this week to be busy trying to get everything ready and get everything PACKED before the weekend. (Please remind me to do this, people.)

I had every intention to have a blog post up yesterday, and actually typed most of this post and hit the publish button in the morning yesterday, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I don’t have any pictures to share with you, and I pretty much had a low key, normal weekend that wasn’t all that exciting and like all of the fun fall activities I see everyone else doing on social media. I had insecurities about publishing MY OWN blog post. How silly is that? I had thoughts that my blog post wasn’t good because I didn’t have any fun fall pictures AT ALL, and I thought that no one will read this, no one will like to read this, blah blah blah. Ummm, ew. Let’s be real here for a second. I really should not care if “no one is reading my blog” and if “no one will like this post”. Because I had to remind myself that this is MY BLOG. It’s so easy for me to get stuck in the mentality of the mean old comparison trap, and I am here today to KICK THAT monster to the curb and share what little I have to share with you all. Because I know those thoughts were false, and I know that I am better than that. So, instead of thinking to myself that ” my weekend was not good enough” or “fun enough”, I am shutting those thoughts out and focusing on all of the things I did do, because I am super thankful for every day of my life and love every second of it. And, we all know the mean old comparison trap can ease it’s ugly face into any part of our thoughts; whether it be comparing lives, comparing weekends, comparing bodies, or comparing anything at all…we must remember that it is a lie and to NOT listen to it. So, here I am…picture less, boring, old me fighting against those mean thoughts and publishing this not so stellar blog post, despite having no pictures. Side note: if you want to see pictures, or hear my annoying voice, check out my Instagram 😉

Also, I promise I will have tons of pictures after our Disney trip.

Let’s play catch up!

Friday: Friday morning was pretty rough, friends. I kept snoozing and I just didn’t want to get up. I was so cold, it was so dark outside (I mean, right now it is almost 8am and still not light outside, what’s up with that?) and I just felt so comfy in bed. But once 6:45 came around, I knew I needed to get myself out of bed and start the day. I reeeeeeally wasn’t feeling a workout, but of course, since I knew I would be a grump all day if I didn’t get in any kind of workout, I did a 30 minute circuit and called it a day. What I did have motivation for was to clean our apartment. So, I vacuumed, dusted, and just straightened the place up…for the most part. (We have a room that is straight up from a horror movie because it is like a tornado hit it with ALL THE THINGS. It causes me anxiety and I hate it so much. Like I can’t even begin to explain the horror of it. I blame Michael because he jus piles all of his clothes on the floor.)

Anyways, I went to Target on my lunch break and did a happy dance in there when I saw that my favorite dressing was fully stocked. So, since I didn’t want to be out of that magical stuff I bought FOUR! I should be good for a couple months, and I told myself I can not wait until I am completely out again…I must buy some before those four run out. Maybe every time I go to Target I will just buy one if they have it. Haha.

When I got out of work I went over to my sister’s house for some play time with my nephews since Michael was working until later that night. I then ran some errands and came back home to catch up on some of my Bravo shows. It was a wild Friday night, I tell ya.

Saturday: I started the morning with a 3.5 mile run, and all was great in the world until I had to take the trash out because it was overflowing over the trash can (ew) and the bag completely RIPPED and did not come out of the actual trash can. So, imagine me just trying to rip the bag out of the trash can and then boom. ALL OF THE TRASH was all over our kitchen floor. It was a disaster. I had to pick up all of the trash and put it in a new trash bag and felt so bad for myself I could have cried. Ugh. What an awful time.

It literally just felt like everything was going wrong in that moment. Michael called me to tell me he was working the next day, all day, which was supposed to be his day off too. But instead of really letting it all get to me, I decided I WAS HAPPY. This was not going to ruin my weekend! I hopped in the car and went to Dunkin’ to get a coffee for myself and some goodies for my nephews since I went over there on my way to work that morning.

I worked until mid afternoon and came home to get ready for our friend’s housewarming party we were going to. It was a great time hanging out with friends! It was pretty chilly outside (hello, it is no longer fall, but winter) and since I am cold pretty much all the time…I was numb. Apparently I didn’t think we would be outside, which is why I just wore some heel booties and not my Ugg boots, but I had a scarf and kept trying to trick myself into thinking that I was not cold, and that I was in fact sweating in the hot sun or in a warm tanning bed. It didn’t work, but I tried my best.

Once we got home, we caught up on a couple shows we had on DVR and eventually went to bed.

Sunday: My Sunday morning started with a 30 minute full body circuit before getting ready for the day. Michael and I went to church and then he had to go to work once we got home. So, my Sunday pretty much was consumed with watching tv, doing laundry, sneaking in some mini commercial workouts, and watching some more tv. The horror: I had no more DVR’d Bravo shows to watch (omg, can you believe it?) so instead of just watching old episodes of Married to Medicine that were on all day long, I tuned into the latest season of Teen Mom OG. I actually haven’t watched this show in years, and never really liked the show that much. But I really was curious about Cory and Cheyenne’s relationship, and I was curious to see Bristol’s story too. After one episode, I was totally sucked in and watched all three episodes of it that were On Demand. Haha. I must say that I did get up during commercials and did some mini commercial workouts every time. I also did some laundry, so that kept me from being a total lazy butt. But that didn’t stop me from THINKING I was a lazy butt. You see, I struggle too. 

Later in the afternoon, I went to my parent’s house for about an hour to hangout with my family. After that I picked up some dinner: a chicken wrap for Michael for when he got home from work later that night, and a salad for me, obviously…and then went to the grocery store for a couple things. Because obviously I cannot stay away from the grocery store for more than one day, tell me you have this same issue too. I always need something, and my fruit and veggie stash never run out at the same time.

Once I got home, I tuned back into shows On Demand and figured it was a great idea to eat dinner and watch Model Squad. Only to feel AWFULLY HORRIBLE about myself because these girls are tremendously gorgeous and just so perfect. I pretty much didn’t just sit on the couch and watch that show (I only watched about 1 and a half episodes), I got my butt up and worked out while watching. So, I guess it was some great motivation for sure.

Monday: I started the day with a 20 minute ab circuit, and then a 3 mile incline walk/run. I actually kind of got super bored with just walking, so I ran 1.5 miles in between and then went back to incline walking. I had a nail appointment late morning, and pretty much watched TV until my appointment (you see the pattern here, too much TV.). Steve Harvey had someone on who escaped an alleged kidnapping from a ride share mix-up…MY FEAR!! Side note: I absolutely hated using Uber’s when we went to New York. I got super scared every single time we got in a car, but since I was with Michael I wasn’t really that scared since he made sure it was always legit until I got in the car, but still. I know (more now than ever) you won’t ever find me getting into an Uber by myself. I’d rather walk.

Anyways, I went to my nail appointment and switched things up! Can you believe it? I got pretty bored with the pink and white ombre, so I got all white with sparkles! They are super cute!

Once I got home from my nail appointment I must admit I totally got sucked into Catfish. (Omg. More TV.) Whenever I watch an episode of Catfish that is on TV, I can never stop and I feel like I must binge watch them all. I pretty much watched all afternoon long, and when Michael got home from jujitsu he joined me in the binge watch. I guess it has been a weekend of TV watching and being totally lazy. A little later in the day, we finally pried our eyes off the tv screen and went to the grocery store.

We got home, ate dinner, and Michael went to yet again another jujitsu class and so I tuned into the Hallmark Channel because a night of Hallmark movie watching was long overdue. (Also, I cannot wait until they start airing their Christmas movies!! It’s soon!!) 

This morning: I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I was real jumpy this morning and woke up in panic at 4am, 5am, and 6am. By 6 I got up, but that is totally not a good way to wake up, like you are late for something or missed something. I started my workout with a 30 minute HIIT circuit and then a 20 minute incline walk/20 minute run (40 minutes total). It’s a great day: when I got my Dunkin’ coffee I ordered a large (like always), but was given an X-large by mistake. I think it was a sign that I needed to drink more coffee today. Haha. I was supposed to be getting my lashes filled today, but thankfully I rescheduled that to Saturday so they will be fresh for vacation.

What did you do this past weekend? 

I hope you have a wonderful day! Xoxo ♥♥

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