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Currently: 10/24/18

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday! We have made it to the middle of the week, that means we are that much closer to the weekend!

As you may know,  I’ve been reading blogs for over 10 years, and have always loved to read “current” posts by bloggers, so I figured I would switch it up and do some of my own “currently” blog posts each week. What do you think? Do you want to see more of these? 



Current Book(s): I just started The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson today, my Pastor who counsels me requested that I read it, so I downloaded it last night and started this morning.5179WCJDcZL._SY346_.jpg

I am (was?) also trying to read You Are A Badass. Okay, I admit, I got through 88% of the book and kind of exited out of it….I guess my feelings from the first time I tried to read it are still true. But, if you read it and loved it and got something out of it that is great for you and I am happy for you! It is just not for me.

Current Work Out: This morning my body was real sore and my hip was bothering me (ugh. Go away.) so I stretched for a couple minutes before getting into a 10 minute ab circuit, followed by a 2 mile run, and then finished with a quick cardio circuit. Yup I was all over the place, but when I was running I just wasn’t feeling it and then the second I got off the treadmill I was motivated to just go crazy and keep going. So, that is what I did. It was just a quick and easy circuit to get my jitters out: 15 squats, 15 lunges (each side), 15 burpees, 15 mountain climbers, and then a 60 second plank because I always squeeze those in whenever I can…and repeated this circuit that 3 times.

Current Drink: Water, and coffee.img_1490-2

Current Music: Sirius XM The Message. I listen to this station every morning while typing up blog posts, doing some Bible reading and my devotional, and while getting ready. But, while working out every morning I listen to either of these Pandora stations (depends on how I’m feeling and what type of mood I’m in: Pitbull, Drake, or Christian Workout Station. This morning was Drake.

Current Outfit: Right now, I’m in my workout clothes as I’m typing this up (which is always the t-shirt I wore the night before, a sports bra, and some shorts). I will change after I shower into some sweat pants and a sweatshirt for when I’m drinking my coffee (I want to be all comfy cozy while drinking coffee) , and then change again before work in leggings, a Victoria’s Secret PINK t-shirt, and my Ugg boots.

Current Favorite Show: I literally cannot just pick one, but you all know I watch Live with Kelly and Ryan every single week day morning, and then either catch up on my favorite Bravo shows (really loving Real Housewives of Dallas right now) if Michael is working when I get out of work later that night, or Michael and I catch up on our favorites together. Last night we watched How To Get Away With Murder (so good), Magnum P.I., and a little of Shark Tank before bed. We definitely have LOTS of favorite shows.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Watching too much tv these days…clearly, my whole weekend my whole weekend was pretty much spent watching tv. I would definitely call this a guilty pleasure right now. Haha.

Current Nail Color: Sparkly white!!img_1468-1

Current Dream: Okay, I have to tell you, I had the weirdest dream last night about monkeys. I kid you not. They were chasing after me when I was at a carnival (what the heck?), I was screaming and running as fast as possible but they never caught up to me. Luckily I woke up not too far into that dream. But anyways, what I am DAY dreaming about (because we all know I am good at that) is winning that huge lottery. I texted Michael this morning telling him we aren’t billionaires, YET. How amazing would that be to win ALL THAT money!?! I guess someone in South Carolina won, so if that is you, congratulations and I hope you do good with most of that money and share with those in need! I mean, just think of all of the children and families you could help with that kind of money…while still getting to play with most of it too! Anyways, that dream is over because obviously we did not win. Back to real life now…

Current Needs: I need to start packing! I have everything out and ready to go, but you know I like waiting until the last minute to actually pack…but I am hoping to pack it all up by Friday! (Fingers crossed that actually happens, I don’t want to have to do it this weekend!) 

Current Excitement: Leaving for Disney World on Monday!!! We are 5 days away now!!!img_8236

Tell me some of yours!

Have a beautiful Wednesday, loves! Xoxo

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