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Thursday Thoughts (TOL #57): Must not spend anymore money on shopping!

Hey hey! Happy Thursday to you! I hope you are already having a wonderful day and are feeling grateful for this day!

I’m so glad it is finally Thursday, because I totally kept thinking yesterday was Thursday for some reason. It was like I was trying to convince myself that is was Thursday, when I secretly knew it wasn’t. Oh well, it is Thursday and you know what that means….we leave in 4 days! AH!!

In normal Thursday fashion around here, today’s blog post is a round of some Thursday Thoughts! Because you all know I love no other than to spill my random thoughts with you all on here.


  • This morning I was not in the mood for the treadmill. Like I literally looked at it like it was disgusting…even though I just had “planned” to do the treadmill only this morning. But instead of forcing myself to do something I really didn’t want to do in that moment, I did a 30 minute circuit and finally didn’t feel so harshly about getting on that treadmill of mine. (Haha.) I ran for 30 minutes and then did a quick 60 second plank.
  • Michael and I went on an unexpected shopping trip Tuesday afternoon after work. I  wanted to go to Famous Footwear for maybe some new sneakers, and ended up getting a new pair of Nike’s to wear in Disney, and then we went to Marshall’s. I have a love/hate relationship with that store. Whenever I go in, there are kind of sketchy people (super judgey I know, I’m sorry) and I never seem to find anything good so I end up just walking around the store aimlessly. I don’t really know why, but I would rather shop at TJ Maxx, but that is just me. Anyways, I found a Michael Kors lightweight jacket with a hood and knew I had to have it. I have a black lightweight jacket from a couple years ago and it is just looking old and ratty, so I am glad I found a new one because I actually had been wanting to get a new one. So, this ‘unexpected shopping outing’ cost me over $100…when I probably shouldn’t be spending any money right now since we are going to Disney so soon and you know I will want to buy all the things there. But, new sneakers are a must for Disney, and a new jacket is definitely a need when living here in Massachusetts. Right? 
  • Speaking of shopping, I reeeeeally want to shop today. Like in stores, online, you name it…I want to do it. But once again, I must remind myself not to because I will regret it once we are in Disney and I so badly want to buy everything that I like there. The struggle is real. Especially since last week I bought new shirts and stuff from Victoria’s Secret (again, something I didn’t really need, but wanted.) Must not spend anymore money on shopping!! Send help!
  • We watched an episode of F.B.I. before bed, but Michael so kindly reminded me that I didn’t like that show, especially before bed. I didn’t think anything of that and put it on since I thought I liked the show…which I do, but it really is a little too much before bed. We watched the second episode and I guess my childish heart couldn’t take it before bed, so I kind of just didn’t watch that much. Actually, there are a bunch of shows like that where Michael (and I) know that I can’t watch before bed. Haha.
  • I’m so excited for Disney, obviously. I will have lots of Disney blog posts I’m planning on writing when we get back, so stay tuned for those! I had a few readers email and message me about some Disney blog posts they would like to read, so I am going to work on getting those published when we return! Also, I must add, thank you for reaching out to me if you ever have! I appreciate each and every one of you, and it still comes to a shock for me that someone actually reads my blog. Ha.
  • Last night Michael and I laughed so much. Like, I don’t even think anything was funny we just had the sillies. It was awesome. You know when you laugh so hard your tummy hurts and you are basically crying? Yup. That was me. I love when that happens. It should happen more..it is so good to laugh!
  • I posted a poll on my Instagram stories yesterday, and it seems like there are actually other people out there like me on the topic of putting gas in your car. Okay, so I usually get gas/have Michael put gas in my car BEFORE my gas light goes on, like when I know the gas light is close to actually turning on. But Michael thinks it is crazy for me to not wait until the gas light comes on. I mean, I want to be prepared and what if I am not near a gas station that pumps gas for you (there is only one here in my town, and I HATE PUMPING GAS FOR MYSELF) or what if I am not with Michael so then I am stranded with no gas?! When it actually does turn on, I am in a massive panic and think I will run out of gas no matter how short of a drive I have to get to the gas station. So now that you know my reasoning behind my madness, do you understand why I don’t wait until that gas light turns on?  Since I get gas before the light actually turns on, I am avoiding panic. What about you, do you put gas in your car BEFORE the light actually comes on? Or do you wait until that gas light turns on to actually put gas in your car? 
  • Alright, I think that is enough randomness for today! I will be back tomorrow! 😉

Have a beautiful day! Xoxo ♥♥

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